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Charli Thomas

Premium women clothing is a form of clothing made by high-end brands. These types of clothing are made by using high quality and expensive materials. If you wear premium clothing, it will help you improve your confidence and status. Many times, this designer clothing is bought to impress rather than worn on a daily basis.


Premium women clothing is custom-made using high-quality fabrics, so you won't have to worry about it comfort, but it is also a known fact that this premium clothing are quite expensive than normal clothing. Here, we discuss some key reasons, why a Premium women clothing is so expensive.


1. Better Materials & Quality


As we know, the high-end brands made the products using the best material and quality and hardly use any synthetic fibers in their clothing. While if buy from an average fashion brand, you can find several issues in the clothing such as cheap use of material, not comfortable, etc. On the other hand, the premium clothing brands use original organic and natural fibers such as silk, cotton, wool, and linen to ensure the comfort of their clients. They also gold and diamonds in order to make unique look, which further raises the price tag. 


2. Higher Cost of Labor


As the premium women clothing is custom-made, there is a large amount of labor fees involved in the cost of these clothing. The amount of people working on one design is also a factor. A large number of people work on the designer brand’s pipeline that needs high payment. Most designer brands offer quality materials on their products. It also means that they have much more staff to pay. 


3. Exclusivity


Each premium brands want uniqueness in their clothing, as that makes them stand higher than its competitors. The most common reason for high price of premium women clothing is the exclusivity of their brands, you can’t get the similar clothing at the same price, made from the same fabrics from another brand. They also use various marketing tactics like producing limited quantities to mark up the value.


Although exclusivity doesn’t just come with a specific amount of products, it can also show through the type of materials the luxury brands are using. If they are going to outsource a rare piece of jewelry for a clothing collection, it can mark up the price significantly.

4. Target Clients


Premium women clothing helps to show the status and wealth of women wearing it, and so the target clients of the premium clothing are the upper class or rich people who don’t think about the money, but give more importance to the brand and fashion trend.


Most designer clothing is found in high-end boutiques and malls with dedicated customers. These boutiques also sometimes double or triple the mark-up price of the garments compared to the original price. Most designers cost from a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars.



5. Branding & Advertising


Premium clothing brands spends a ton of money in the marketing of their brands. They use several A-lists celebrities in their advertisements, which further enhance the value of clothing. They target a small number of people that can pay for the prices of their products, then stick to them. Designs clothing thrives at the idea of giving their customers the best, luxurious experience they can have.



6. Business Model


The business model of premium brands is quite different from several fast fashion brands. They don’t charge the customer on the basis of cost to create the dress, but how much they are willing to pay for it. This premium clothing cost so much because there are still people that are willing to pay for them. Some non-luxury brands can even have a higher quality with lower prices compared to designers.




Many people become attractive to premium women clothing, because it is a notion that wearing premium clothing boost your confidence, status and recognition among people.  A lot of designer clothes also serve as collector’s items.


However, it’s still very hard for middle class people to buy these premium clothing, and somehow if they are able to buy it, it gives them a sense of accomplishments. Due to the advertisements done by premium clothing brands, people are now hooked to the idea of luxurious life as a sign of success.

Stuart Broad

Maintaining our body shape and weight is a constant struggle for all of us. The COVID pandemic had everyone succumb to their comfort foods and discontinue their exercise regimes, resulting in a weight gain that is not going away anytime soon. Even though the numerous types of diets and do-at-home workouts are available to aid you to shed those extra pounds it still requires effort and persistence. If you’re in a happy place with your weight then nobody should convince you otherwise as every woman is beautiful in their own way and not all of us need to be a perfect size 00. Women's clothingis an integral part of making any woman feel beautiful, confident, empowered and happy. What if I tell you that you can manipulate the clothing items to look amazing and slimmer!

Yes! Thedresses you wear can make you look slim, accentuate your natural curves and hug your body from the right places. It’s extremely crucial to understand your body type and embrace it happily. Don’t try to go against the tide, putting your efforts in the wrong direction, getting frustrated and heart broken when results are not achieved. So don’t worry if you’re a sexy hour-glass shaped woman or broad shoulder girl or petite overall, the right clothing items will save your day every time! In this article, I will reveal 6 such women clothing items that would instantly make you appear slimmer, sexier and sassier!

Women Clothing Items for the Perfect Slim Look

1.            Wear the Right Innerwear

Let’s start from the very basics, the innerwear like bra, panties and shapewear. If you have invested in the right innerwear, trust me your basics are done right and now you just need a few more tips and tricks to nail every look you want to create with your dresses.  Make sure that the bra you’re wearing is tight just the right amount. Whether you need a push-up bra, wired, padded, or non-wired it should hold your breasts firmly, no sagging or side bulging out. Same thing for the panty, it should cover the right areas, provide support and comfort. In the end, if you feel very self-awake you can seal everything in with a shapewear, neatly tucking inner all love-handles, stomach folds and buttocks. A good shapewear also allows the dressesto neatly fall through.

2.            V-Neck Tops and Dresses

V-neck tops and dresses are an ultimate hack when it comes to appearing slimmer with just the right clothes. A V-neck top or dresses give an elongated effect to your neck and torso. Moreover it also strengthens the shoulders line and balances the hips and thighs. A broader V neck is perfect when you have an hour shape figure as it draws away the attention from the hips to the neck and shoulder. On the other hand, wear a deeper V-neckline if you want to give more separation to your chest and provide more lift to it. You can wear a good push-up bra if your breasts are not voluminous. V-neck dresses and tops are perfect from any occasion as well, so invest in them.

3.            Wear Match Separates

One thing that is in vogue in women's clothing nowadays are match separates and one of the main reasons for its popularity is the way it makes your body appear slim and smart. Wearing one color from top to bottom gives a very uniform look that allows the eyes to go in a flow. On the other hand, if you wear two separate colors then, the eyes are drawn to separate areas, breaking the flow. Match separates allow you to have that elongated effect which makes the eye consider the whole body as one and not two so you appear slimmer, thinner and leaner.

4.            High Waisted Jeans and Athleisure

High-rise jeans, sweatpants and tights have been staple in every woman's wardrobe. There’s a very good reason why women love to wear high-waisted jeans and tights. The high-waisted jeans tucks in your tummy neatly, making it appear smooth and flat. Nothing can make you look slimmer than a flat stomach, trust me. High-rise jeans also make you look taller, slender and proper. You can find these high-rise jeans and tights in every color and style now so go find some comfy pairs for yourself.

5.            Wear Dresses True to Your Size or a Size Bigger

Squeezing in a size smaller doesn’t mean you look slimmer, in fact the tight clothing can pop out all the wrong bulges and flabs you don’t want anyone to see. If you want to create a slimmer effect with your dresses than buy clothes that are true to your size or I will suggest going one size bigger.

Ending lines

Accessories like shoes, jewelry, watches, sunglasses and bags also help a lot in creating the perfect illusion of a slim figure. Make sure you wear heels, dangling earring or studs, put the right hair accessories and other items to create the perfect look that draws the attention to the right place.



Designer Dream Collection
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Essential piece of clothing for a working woman. – Outerwear

A 9 to 5 job must no always be boring. You can add a spice of fashion in it stand out in your office. We are here to help you out in picking up the must-have clothes to make your wardrobe more fashionable.

1. Trousers: Its a must have in your wardrobe. They give you an elegant and professional look. We recommend you to have a couple of these that you can wear in rotation through-out the week. When you pick your trousers, just make sure there are no creases or pouches of fabric in front as it will not only be uncomfortable, but will also spoil your look.

Trousers by American Elm. Buy Now.

Get more trousers, palazzos here.

2.Formal & Semi-formal Shirt: match your flat pants with formal or semi-formal shirts to get the complete look. We recommend you to choose lighter colors as it looks more elegant & classy at a work place. also lovzme me brings to you formaltunics 

Shirt by SOIE. Buy Now.

Get more t- shirts here.

3. A chic dress: A formal or semi formal dress is always a yes when it comes to a working woman. It just not makes you stand out, but also comfortable.

Dress by SOIE. Buy Now.

Get more dresses here

4. Ethnic wear: A classy kurti with decent palazzos or leggings, or mat be nice pair of jeans – who wouldn’t like this styling? Get yourself a classy kurti to beat the extreme Indian weather.

Kurti by Grishti. Buy Now.

Get more kurtis here.

Bonus: Shapewear: We know wearing a shapewear everyday is just not good for health, but, for those important meetings, or corporate parties, having a nice shapewear is a good idea.


With the fag end of summer near, it is time to welcome the monsoon season – and what better way than to kick start your monsoon months in pomp and style like a diva!

While the rainy season can be a fun time full of adventurous holidays and getaway vacations, the monsoons in India, with its humidity and sticky weather, requires a special attention to the kind of clothes you wear. So, if you are about embark on a monsoon retreat, then worry not since we here at LovzMe are bringing to you our latest fashion trends and hacks with an amazing end of season sale to help you style your wardrobe fit for a superstar diva!

Here are some tips and tricks to be a savvy fashionista during the Monsoons:

  1. Say yes to Sunny and Bright

We all know how dull and dark the weather can get during monsoons and we may deny it all we want, but it does make us moody. The best way to chase away the blues is to start by spicing up your wardrobe with light, bright and warm shades which remind you of the good old sunny days!

LovzMe has an amazing collection of all things bright when it comes to the bright inner and outer wear. You can check out some bright hues as per brand, style, fabric and so on to ensure easy shopping.

Confused where to begin? Start with this really chic light blue floral kimono top right here!

  1. Cotton is the right fit for you!

Even though the summers have ended, the season to wear cotton and breathable material has not! While monsoon can be a beautiful time to enjoy the pitter patter of rain with hot tea, it can be hell if you aren’t wearing the right material to weather the humidity that comes after those rains.

LovzMe has some amazing options in trendy cotton based clothes at great affordable prices. The best feature of this site is that it lets you select items according to fabric choices, making shopping a relatively easy and simple task!

Check out this casual cotton red American – Elm t-shirt for women here  

  1. Stow away those jeans and pants

Like summers, monsoon is also definitely not the season to wear jeans or any full length pants. The humid weather makes everything stick to you making wearing such articles a hassle. So, the best thing would be to put away your jeans for another day when the weather and the occasion is favorable and pull out all your favourite shorts, capris and skirts to rock the rainy season like a diva!

My recommendation would be that the best way to begin is by investing in these really cool floral cotton shortslike 

  1. Select the right inner wear

Like your outerwear, your inner wear needs to be weather friendly too. It is advisable that you invest in lingerie which is made of a soft breathable material so that you can have fun without worrying too much about being uncomfortable.

We here at LovzMe pride ourselves in redefining the meaning of comfortable fashion, be a t – shirt or a bra. So, don’t hesitate to check out our huge haul on the most fashionable bras and underwear which are available in all sizes, shapes and colors.

More than that, we have an amazing end of season sale going on which makes the shopping experience all the more worthwhile. While the variety is endless when it comes to our collection, but I would definitely recommend investing in this bright aqua blue strapless bra which is a must have for sure!

  1. Choosing the comfiest nightwear and suits

Apart from your day dresses and clothes, your night suits and overall nightwear must also be equipped to handle the humidity that the monsoon season brings with it. Many people don’t really give much importance to night suits and nightwear thanks to the air conditioned environment we have all been living in, but it is important just the same.

Your comfort is of utmost importance to us here at LovzMe, which is why we have introduced a new line dedicated to nightwear only. It presents an amazing blend of comfort meets chic because we believe that you should be a monsoon diva, whether you are sleeping or waking!

The nightwear collection has some really nice array of options to go through, and you can narrow your search on the basis of fabric, brand, style, pattern and even according to the occasion. Our most popular nightwear is a comfy dark blue night dress Clovia which you can find here 

Say goodbye to all the boring clothes and welcome monsoon in style!

PS – Opt for cute printed umbrellas to protect you from the rain and keep you ahead of the trend.

paras Jul 25 '19 · Tags: women clothing

Pendants are the pretty inclusive of every woman and girl and the reason behind such kind of empathy for these trinkets is the millions of designs. Be it your any muted slip on a maxi dress or any kind of mini dress, or your latest ravishing sarees or a classic kurti from the corner of your wardrobe, pendants have that magic power to curb the maximum glances in no time. The pendants are available in magnificent patterns, attached with precious and semi precious stones. One can add extra embossing or carving and can pull on or off the chain’s length.

Can select the type of pendant according to the dress you are going to wear? Is it easy to select a dress according to the pendant type? Of course not! And thus we have a complete guide to help you out in this dilemma. 

Frocks Or Midis With Long Lockets

Frocks or midis are the most casual dresses, picked out by every woman and girl. They are comfortable and classic to wear all around the year and day. For this type of comfy and cosy dresses, you ought to choose a similar kind of pendant. Choose long lockets or online pendant sets to team up with midis.

With Denims – Sleek & Contrasting Pendants

Denim is like a forever hero of every woman’s life. Ever in confusion when heading out, these pairs are like the coolest resorts among the hottest or wet days. You need something contrasting to highlight the beauty of your neckpiece too. Check out with sleek and contrasting pendants to complete your denim date look..

High Neck Dresses – Short Pendants


It is not necessary at all to wear high neck dresses during winters or shivering days. One can wear them with light fabrics as well during humid or hot days.

Team up your latest high collar or neck dress with short or medium lengthTeam up your latest high collar or neck dress with short or medium length pendants. Make sure the pendant has an or more stone(s) to reflect the charming persona of yours. 

 Deep Neck Dresses – Choker Pendants

Here is the contrast of high neck dresses – deep neck dresses. Women are always found in utter confusion when they are asked to wear deep neck cleavage showing women clothing. Though this is the best time to show the beauty of your neckline! Pair up deep numbers with choker pendants and strut on the street with a high chin and red Louboutins.

Here is the contrast of high neck dresses – deep neck dresses. Women are always found in utter confusion when they are asked to wear deep neck cleavage showing woman clothing. Though this is the best time to show the beauty of your neckline! Pair up deep numbers with choker pendants and strut on the street with a high chin and red Louboutins. 

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