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Donnell Dean

It’s the importance of a wedding band on the wedding day cannot be ignored. This might just appear as another finger ring but it has great importance for the bride and groom. By getting a wedding band for your partner you can make him or her very pleased on this amazing day. There is a wide range of arrangements that you might have done for the wedding day but at the same time you have just missed to pick the right wedding ring. If this is the case, then the time has come to buy gold wedding bandonline. G.W.Bands is the leading online supplier of the wedding bands that comes in unique designs and styles. Most importantly, these rings are made from gold like precious metal due to which they are still in demand.

Now you might be thinking that a gold wedding band is a costly thing. So how you can afford to get one? No worry! At this online store, you can get such a wedding ring in fair price. The gold is sourced ethically to make these rings. Womens gold wedding bandyou are going to explore here can really attract your lady’s attention instantly. on that precious occasion, when you help her wearing that wedding ring on her ring finger she is really going to feel excited.

Wedding is a special occasion in everyone’s life. And on this special occasion, the gold wedding band is the right choice for both the bride and groom. When both of them exchange the ring on their wedding day, this surely creates a special setting for the occasion. The wedding venue might be decorated in the best possible manner but the overall charm of the decoration for wedding will enhance when you offer your lady the best womens gold wedding band.

Donnell Dean

Given how the majority of our fashion trends abet existing social schisms, the story explaining how the ring figure came to be considered as such was of particular interest to me. Because there was a worldview of yesteryears that wore gender parity on its sleeves, irrespective of gender, the finger between the middle finger and the little finger is directly connected to one’s heart and is, therefore, one of the prime seats of amour. Unfortunately, the world of modern fashion has been lethargic to adopt such an ethos, one result of which is the chalked-out distinction between wedding rings and wedding bands.

It is curious therefore when brides flaunt their womens gold wedding bandwith equal confidence as their partners. And day by day, women are crossing over to this side in increasing numbers given how the segment offers them as many options as one can possibly think of. Once you put into perspective the amount of attention the latest additions like mens wedding bands Canadatungsten generated, you would realize why the flip side needs to be explored with equal gusto. With the option to custom-fit the wedding band which you fancy, women are becoming more comfortable with the idea of wearing one and thus adding individuality to ready-made customs. With lots of designs to choose from, the constituent elements of bands are never paltry in numbers too. Titanium, platinum, gold, silver, silicon, tungsten, palladium, you name it, it’s all there. There is no reason to be disbelief then wedding bands’ emergence as one of the latest symbols of unisex fashion.

Donnell Dean

I am very much aware of the risks involved in the venture which I am proposing. One powerful attack I am inviting is that if there is anything that popular fashion exposes about us modern consumers is that we are subjects who are ‘negatively defined’. To clarify, a negatively defined subjectivity feels a perpetual sense of lack and root for consumer items to fulfill this void in their selfhood. They think that man is always an unfinished project and the path to completion has a lot many things to do with the market.

And the second accusation which presumably would be brought against me is that by positing wedding bands or any fashion item for that matter as personal style statements I am essentially destroying the latter, denying it one of its fundamental characteristics, its self-modifying techniques. A third and no less interesting point can also be raised against me, that by equating personal style with jewelry items like womens gold wedding band, I am obfuscating the fact that fashion is always a social experience.

What would be my defense? I will answer the last issue first and then make my way upwards. This is partly because the last issue raised is very interesting the way I see it and partly because it is also the easiest one to dismantle. My defense would simply state that far from denying the social nature of fashion I actually embrace it and that is why I chipped in the word ‘statements’ while formulating the title. The word underscores a dialogue, a conversation that influences both parties in some way or another.

Moving on, the second accusation also doesn’t hold its ground for too long I think. Far from essential zing human personality, the affinity it shares with the ever-changing world of fashion consumables of various sorts actually allows its fundamental feature, change. Having incorporated vastly different options like womens gold wedding band and mens wedding bands Canadatungsten, the segment of wedding bands jewelry has become one veritable proof of that.

And as far as the first issue is concerned, that today’s subjects of consumerism are ‘negatively defined’ subjects who see themselves as unfinished projects and seek to attain self-actualization by subscribing to the consumerist ethos, I have to admit that I am in schism. On the one hand it is indisputably true that such fallacious thinking is reason enough for our present maladies. On the other hand it is also very much undeniable that many of the cherished aspects of our civilization came to pass because man wasn’t content with his lot. And we must not protest when such a disposition endorses as quotidian a choice as mens wedding bands Canada tungsten because you cannot simply throw out the dirty water to keep the healthy baby.

Donnell Dean

When you try to explore the origins of wedding jewelry, especially wedding bands, you will be quite amused to know all about it. You will understand how it was made and used in distinct regions and cultures across the globe.

A wedding is something prevalent in every culture worldwide. But there is a difference when it comes to the manner in which a bride or a groom wears a gold wedding band depending on the place you are in.

It is a global symbol of unity and love and it is designed using distinct materials and varies in sizes and shapes.

Nowadays it is not just womens gold wedding band that is in demand but men’s bands too. However, before we begin exploring the different wedding band traditions all over the world, it is important to understand its origin.

The Origin of Wedding Band

Most people would debate the birthplace of the wedding band in Egypt. But the tradition originated actually in the Neanderthal period. The barbaric creatures were more refined than we think. Neanderthals believed in tying items like grass, rushes, and twigs around the wrist of the bride or ankles instead of a gold wedding band or anklets. This was a way to express their loyalty, love, and friendship to their soul mate. They also thought that it would help them live longer. Soon after, other cultures started to create the traditions of wedding bands and womens gold wedding band became popular and there was a lot of demand for the same.

The Egyptians                              

After the invention of wedding rings by Neanderthals, the Egyptians started making their own variations using materials like hemp, leather, ivory, and bone. But the wedding band evolved later in the form of metal and it was called ring money. The law dictated then that when a woman receives such a ring, she could claim the possessions of her husband.

The Romans

As far as the Romans are concerned, their interpretation of the wedding band was more romantic. Well, this is not at all surprising considering their lifestyle. The precious metal of jewelry not only signified that a married lady had equal rights over the possessions of her husband but also had him to herself by unlocking the heart. This particular romantic belief explains the reason why the key is the main essence of a traditional wedding at those times.

Ancient Asian Civilization

Here the civilization was not as romantic when compared to the Romans during the wedding band traditions. But, for them, it was more of an official contract made between a woman and a man. It worked as proof that the couples are married legally. Over the years, the tradition and the importance of wedding bands evolved.

The author Donnell Dean beautifully explains the importance of the wedding tradition and why a gold wedding band is worn by married couples. Womens gold wedding band have been much in demand for many years and the author also explains the significance of wedding rings for the Egyptians, Romans, and Asians.

Donnell Dean

There are plenty of highly designed wedding ornaments available in the market. It is up to the people to choose the best one. This is the main reason, it should rightly meet all the aesthetic needs according to the own look that is going to stay with you forever.

When you are going to buy the gold wedding band, it is important to make that with a simple choice and in this way, it would be the right approach for making something more crucial with the help of the right kind of material that is being used to come across for better and smoother reasons.


When you have the best things to do in the process of gliding your style, it would be the right choice to come across and meet all the needs that are truly required to make a great choice. Therefore, it would be the best choice for making them more interesting with the help of crucial things that are really needed to come across and should meet all the looks that you always want to get from it. In this way, this will be really a great way forward to make all these things right in the connection with the better-designed women's gold wedding bandthat will aptly meet all the provisional things. These are some of the best things to keep in mind while getting them on the right track.

While choosing the right kind of things that are truly making something more crucial, it would be the best choice for making all these things on the right track and this is the main reason, it would be the right choice to invest in these outstanding wedding bands that are making something more interesting. While choosing them, one thing is to keep in mind that, always emphasize the right kind of material that is valuable and should attract maximum attention.

There are hundreds of thousands of gold wedding band designs available that will meet all your needs. One thing is for sure that, they all will rightly meet the secondary things that are mainly trendy and should elevate the look of the person who wears them.

Wedding bands remain forever with the person who loves to wear them and second thing is that the entire scenario will be rightly influenced by appropriately designed wedding bands. When you have the right kind of womens gold wedding band, it would be the best choice to make all these things possible without making something more crucial with the help of the right kind of things and this is the main reason for which, it would be the right choice to invest on right kind of wedding bands that are really playing a crucial role to make all these things perfect.

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