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Nils BeierMandy

Amazon Game Studios (AGS) est une division de la société de vente en ligne Amazon qui se concentre sur le développement de jeux vidéo.

The queue horror of the first days after the launch of New World has removed a little, but still many MMO fans can not play or are on servers that they really did not want. This week, Amazon Games wants to solve this problem through free character transfers.

Many players and players are currently waiting for the free character transfers for New World. To remove the long queues, developer Amazon Games opened dozens of servers in all regions. As a result, many have landed on servers, which they did not really want. In order to be able to play in the future with your friends and girlfriends, you should soon be able to change the server together with your character.

NEW WORLD: Character transfers come this week

In the patch notes, Amazon Games announced that they have already implemented the basics of the system into the game and they are likely to offer for this week the free character transfer. This means:

We have created the foundations for the upcoming character transfer service and implemented in the game, so you may already see elements of our preparations in the Ingame Shop. We continue to work on the completion of this feature and will give you more information about the week (if we are ready to publish the feature) functionality. (Source: Amazon Games).

An exact date when this feature will be available, there is not yet. If everything runs according to the plan at Amazon Games, it should be so far at the latest on the 10th of October.

Present players and players, which block server courts, Amazon Games will soon be aware of:


NEW WORLD: Amazon wants to throw AFK players from the server

Daniel Hartmann

Server, world set and region: Where can you change?

In the forums of New World already information about whether players can only make the transfer within their world set and whether they are allowed to change the server region. An employee of the New World Customer Service said that players are free to change the server , so there are no restrictions on a world set . In a different region you can not take your character, where you would then start from scratch and create a new character.

Specifically, this means that you can switch to a server in the world set Vanaheim Rho with your character from a server in the world set Vanaheim Kappa, but you want to change from the EU region to the US East region, you can not take your character.

The first character transfer will be free and should give players after the turbulent launch the opportunity to play on the server of their choice. Whether in the future in the future will be paid service for the shop , Amazon Games has not yet revealed.

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Lola Nickson

Nightingale’s Life

Florence Nightingale is one of the most respected people in nursing who made a significant contribution to the public health nursing and education programs. The world considers her the founder of the modern nursing. Nightingale was born in 1820 in an affluent Italian family and dedicated all her life to helping the needy and sick. February 7, 1837 is considered as the turning point in Florence’s life when she believed she heard the calling to serve the people through her compassion. This essay discusses some important events in Nightingale’s life.

The major achievement of Nightingale was transforming nursing into a noble profession for women. She established the first nursing school at the St. Thomas Hospital and campaigned tremendously for the improvement of the health standards. She also played a significant role in the Crimean War by taking care of the wounded soldiers where she acquired the name ‘the lady with the lamp.’

Florence also initiated the adoption of the female nurses to the military camps. Her efforts in nursing were recognized by Queen Victoria of England, and she received significant awards for her hospitality. Nightingale also received donations and funds from charitable organizations which enabled her to establish significant nursing schools. She used her outstanding education to write more than 200 books that critically examined the nursing caring theory. In 1907, she was the first female to be awarded the Order of Merit which was Britain’s highest civilian award.

Her agony started when she was diagnosed with a bacterial infection known as brucellosis. However, it did not stop her from continuing with her campaigns in the field of nursing. At her sick bed, Florence Nightingale wrote more than 13000 letters to increase awareness about unhygienic practices. Eventually, she encountered her demise on August 13, 1910, at the age of 90 years. Florence Nightingale was buried in Hampshire alongside the grave of her parents.

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