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Koby Burhop

The goal of this WoW TBC guide is to provide an alternative to leveling via quests. As everyone is funneled into Hellfire Peninsula on launch day, you might want to find ways to avoid competing for mob tags, waiting for respawns, and dealing with World server crashes. To do so, we focus on leveling via dungeons. By the time you reach max level, you will have amassed a substantial amount of reputation with the various factions, unlocked a few heroic keys, and collected some Pre-Raid BiS gear. 


Walkthrough the Dark Portal to arrive in Outlands.


Run to Thrallmar (H) or Honor Hold (A) in Hellfire Peninsula, grab the flight path, and set your Hearthstone.


Dungeon: Blood Furnace

Mob Levels: 61-62

Boss Levels: 62-63

Full clear Blood Furnace until you reach level 61 and Honored reputation.


Run to Swamprat Post and Zabra'jin (H) or Telredor (A) in Zangarmarsh and grab the flight paths.


Run to Shattrath City in Terokkar Forest and grab the flight path.


Set your Hearthstone in the Scryers area.


Dungeon: Slave Pens

Mob Levels: 62-64

Boss Levels: 64

Full clear Slave Pens until you reach level 65.


Hearth to Shattrath City. Run to Stonebreaker Hold (H) or Allerian Stronghold (A) in Terokkar Forest and grab the flight path.


Dungeon: Mana Tombs

Mob Levels: 64-66

Boss Levels: 66

Full clear Mana Tombs until you reach level 66. Pick up and complete the quests right outside the dungeon portal.


Dungeon: Sethekk Halls

Mob Levels: 67-69

Boss Levels: 69

Full clear Sethekk Halls until you reach level 68.


Hearth to Shattrath City. Travel to Karazhan to begin the Attunement quest.


Travel to the Caverns of Time and complete the introductory quest.


Dungeon: Old Hillsbrad

Mob Levels: 66-68

Boss Levels: 68

Clear Old Hillsbrad once.


Hearth to Shattrath City. Fly to Stonebreaker Hold (H) or Allerian Stronghold (A) in Terokkar Forest.


Dungeon: Sethekk Halls

Mob Levels: 67-69

Boss Levels: 69

Full clear Sethekk Halls until you reach level 69.


Dungeon: Shadow Labyrinth

Mob Levels: 69-71

Boss Levels: 72

Farm Shadow Labyrinth until Revered. Loot the Key Fragment for the Karazhan Attunement.


Travel to Karazhan to turn in the Attunement quest and pick up the next step.


Hearth to Shattrath City. Fly to Zabra'jin (H) or Telredor (A) in Zangarmarsh.


Dungeon: The Steamvault

Mob Levels: 70

Boss Levels: 72

Farm The Steamvault until Revered. Loot the Key Fragment for the Karazhan Attunement.


Congratulations, you should be level 70 by now! Feel free to continue the Karazhan Attunement quest chain, learn flying, and gear up for your first raid and heroics. If you are interested in buying WoW TBC Gold, check out

Anderson frank

Knowing the names of internet service providers that are available in your area, the area where you want an internet connection, is one thing. However, knowing or rather selecting the right internet service provider is the fundamental aspect that all individuals and households need to get right. This aspect needs proper attention and care. The reason for this is that if the internet service provider that the individual or household had decided upon at the start of their venture turns out not the way that they had thought or envisioned. Then there is a chance, depending on the contract termination fees and contracts that the customer or consumer would decide to leave the service of that internet service provider for another internet service provider that would be offering more than their current one.


In our write-up today, we have decided to compare two of America’s top internet service providers against each other. These internet service providers are WOW! Internet and Spectrum Internet.

Spectrum Internet is the second largest internet service provider in the country whereas its counterpart, WOW! Internet is only available in a selected few states. The internet service provider, WOW! Internet comes in at a very lowly 6th place on a scale of internet service providers in terms of availability of internet services across the country. WOW! Internet-only offers services in some 10 states.


Spectrum Internet VS WOW! Internet: A Detailed, Side by Side Analysis

Spectrum Internet along with WOW! Internet offers plenty of amazing and eye-catching internet-only plans that brings to the table lots of variation in terms of internet download speeds. Along with that Spectrum Internet also has lots of other bundling options or packages that tend to attract many distinct types of customers.


Spectrum Internet VS WOW! Internet: Basic Information

Spectrum is America’s second-largest internet service provider hence is one of the country’s most employed service providers. This coupled with the fact that Spectrum also has some of the most amazing bundling opportunities in the country makes it one of the most attractive prospects in the country. Anyone could attain the proper setup information regarding Spectrum Internet by simply calling on the number, (844) 973 2922. The range in which the price for Spectrum Internet lies in the $49.99 – $109.99 a month.

WOW! Internet has one of the most efficient and spectacular setup processes and customer service results in the business. That being said, anyone can all on the number (844) 923 3486 and get the service set up information regarding WOW! Internet. The range in which the price for WOW! Internet lies in the $34.99 – $69.99 a month.


Spectrum Internet VS WOW! Internet: Internet Service Comparison




Internet Service Provider

Spectrum Internet

WOW! Internet

Internet Download Speed Range

100 Mbps – 940 Mbps

100 Mbps – 1000 Mbps

Prices per Month*

$49.99 a month – $109.99 a month

$34.99 a month – $69.99 a month

Type of Connection

Coaxial Cable Or Optical Fiber

Coaxial Cable, Fiber Optic, DSL Or Copper


As we can see from the above table that Spectrum does indeed cover almost all the internet download speeds that a person could think of getting. An internet download speed of more than 940 Mbps is just quite a lot excessive than what individuals or households may require. We also see that Spectrum Internet has a pricing strategy that is a lot more than its counterpart, WOW! Internet has to offer. If we compare both of the prices, then we see that there is quite a lot of difference between the two internet service providers.

Spectrum Internet VS WOW! Internet: Analysis of Distinct and Best Features




Internet Service Provider

Spectrum Internet

WOW! Internet

Are High Speed Internet Plans On Offer?



Is Unlimited Data Available?


Certain Plans

Do They Have Contract Free Plans?



Is A TV Service Available?



Is A Phone Service Available?




As you can see from the table above that Spectrum Internet is far ahead of its counterpart, WOW! Internet when it comes to providing a whole set of complete options to the potential customers or clients in general. What we need to see here that Spectrum Internet has an unlimited data option for its customers or consumers which is included in all of its plans, packages, and bundles. Whereas when it comes to WOW! Internet, the unlimited data plan is only available in some select or certain plans.

Spectrum Internet VS WOW! Internet: Who Has On Offer the Better Deal?

Spectrum Internet Deals

WOW! Internet Deals

$49.99 a month for 100 Mbps

$34.99 a month for 100 Mbps

$69.99 a month for 400 Mbps

$39.99 a month for 200 Mbps

$109.99 a month for 940 Mbps

$49.99 a month for 500 Mbps

$69.99 a month for 1,000 Mbps

From the table above it is quite evident that WOW! Internet has the cheaper options when it comes to pricing opportunities in internet plans and also has the greater variety.


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