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Kenneth Brand

A critical response paper is an important type of academic writing assignment in which a professor expects an analysis, interpretation, and synthesis of the reading assigned for critical response. The name of this paper may seem daunting to you, but like every other type of writing assignment, it is doable with just little practice and background knowledge. So, instead of avoiding the process of learning about this type of paper, push your limits a bit and see what an essay writer achieve.








For your help, I have come up with this post in which I will give you an extensive walkthrough of the entire process of writing a critical response paper. By the end of this article you will know exactly what to do to become a pro in these papers.


To make things easy for you, I have divided the entire process of writing such papers into easy yet simple 15 steps. So, even if you are a beginner essay writer, you will understand the process easily.


Critical Response Paper

Before I talk about the advanced level details of a critical response paper, let me first help you understand the basic concept of it. A critical reason paper is a form of paper in which the writer gives a reaction to creative content such as an article, movie, or song along with analysis that critically evaluates the piece and justifies the writer’s opinions or perceptions.

As the name of the paper signifies, this piece of writing should “critically” evaluate the creative content which means that both the flaws and the strengths must be identified. Besides, personal biases must be kept aside during the assessment.



15 Steps to Write a Critical Response Paper Like a Pro

Below are the steps that always helped me during my college days when I had to compose such papers. I always made sure to follow these steps when I had to Write my essay and the outcomes were always impressive. I hope you find these steps helpful as well.


Identify the purpose of the critical response paper

The first step in the prewriting stage is to identify the main reason behind writing this paper. Usually, the purpose is to explain and persuade the audience on a certain opinion regarding the topic.


Understand the audience

Next, the writer should identify the audience so he/she could understand its expectations for the paper and deliver accordingly. Without the knowledge of the audience, a student would never know whether what he or she is writing is correct or not. Usually, the audience is the teacher or/and the class fellows.


Choose a topic

This is another step of the prewriting stage. If your professor has not already assigned you the topic then in this step you choose an appropriate topic that suits your audience’s interests and meets their expectations. To find a good topic, you can always take help from a paper writing service. This service provides the best topic ideas that can help you exceed your teacher’s expectations and attain higher grades.


Conduct preliminary research  

Once your topic is finalized, conduct preliminary research and find sources that may help you during the writing process. Finding credible and relevant sources is crucial in building the worth of the paper and justifying the writer’s opinions


Content Selection

After conducting preliminary research, finalize the key elements of the topic that you want to focus on in your paper and then select the content from credible sources that your paper will highly rely on.


Annotated bibliography

This step is optional if your professor has not explicitly mentioned writing an annotated bibliography for all the sources you will be using in the paper. However, it is suggested that you write an annotated bibliography even when it is not mandated by your teacher as it will help you in developing a thorough insight on all key aspects of the topic.


Compose a thesis statement.

A thesis statement is mandatory for this kind of paper, and it is suggested that you compose a rough one before writing a rough draft or outline of your paper. Once the paper is written, compose a refined version then.


Weigh the evidence

To ensure the logical sequence of presentation of ideas, all the evidence must be weighed based on the tentative thesis statement.


Develop an outline

It is highly recommended to create an outline before writing the actual paper. Outlines make the entire writing process ten times easier as thoughts are already developed and just need to be expanded and logically organized.



This is the actual writing process. In this step, you prepare the rough draft of your critical response paper. It is suggested to not aim for excellence at this step.



The next step is to proofread the rough draft and look for possible mistakes in it. I am sure there will be tons of it.



Edit the mistakes in your paper that you highlighted during the proofreading stage.


Individual revision

Once the paper is fully written and edited, go through an individual revision process and improve the entire meaning and structure of the paper.


Collaborative revision

The next post-writing stage is to ask help from a third person to view your essay as self-criticism often does not catch errors due to biasedness.


Ask for feedback

The last step is to always look for feedback from your professor or peers. It helps you to understand your shortcomings and improve in future similar assignments.


You can also consult an essay writing service for assistance.




Kenneth Brand Jan 26 '22 · Tags: writing
Hope Michelson

In the modern time period, most people need to finish a number of assignments and projects in several fields regarding writing, including, SEO, healthcare, academic assignments, and many more. It is quite problematic for a number of learners to finish their projects, and they are experiencing many difficulties, however insufficient time is the biggest problem for them. There may be numerous causes of the incompletion of educational projects. The main thing is that learners need to investigate the total sector to accomplish the project, and you may already know, everyone needs to utilize an enormous time to check out the whole sector to complete their projects successfully. Several scholars don’t have enough robust writing abilities, due to which they didn't explain their thoughts that lead to bad marking or lower scores. Writing also plays an important role in the business field mainly because it assists people in various ways. It is essential to have superior writing skills in nearly every sector to express in an effective manner. With good writing skills, folks can experience several positive aspects in their sectors. 

Commonly, nobody has the very same writing ability, just as some are excellent in writing and a number of have very poor writing skills and face several difficulties, like punctuation, unclear sentences, plagiarism, and even more. These errors don’t put a superb impression that results in dissatisfaction. The main wish of each individual is to complete the assignment or projects efficiently and effectively, and writers are the very first thing that persons think to hire for finishing their tasks or assignments. Persons have quite a few selections of writers who can carry out their assignments speedier, although a number of writers don’t have enough great writing skills. Most individuals give priority to a professional writer while hiring a writer for finishing their tasks and assignments. With the assistance of a professional writer, one can experience several advantages and complete their assignments proficiently. No newbie writer can strive to compete with a professional writer as a professional writer includes a lot of abilities and can deliver several benefits. Expertise is the primary thing that someone can find in a professional writer, and he/she stays creative at all times. There are several kinds of writing that people can obtain with the assistance of a creative writer. Technical writing, creative writing online, and academic writing are some writing examples that folks require in their life. A professional writer knows all sorts of writing and can aid people in all industries. Folks who want to know more about creative writing online should check out this particular platform.If needed interested individuals can click here or visit our official website in order to know about Essay Writing.

With the help of a creative writer, folks can acquire greater writing for their projects, just as they don’t receive any faults in their projects or assignments. Folks can assume zero errors from a professional writer, for example, punctuation, passive voice misuse, spelling mistakes, unclear sentence, and much more. One will get superior writing for their tasks by getting in touch with an experienced writer. People can distribute their assignments on perfect time and don’t need to spend time checking out the complete sector. A professional writer does all the tasks on themselves, like exploring, clear doubts, and discuss with clients. In case individuals have some ideas to accomplish their tasks, then they can convey their ideas in their assignments in a good way through the help of the creative writer. Folks who hire the appropriate writer for their tasks shouldn’t need to worry about nearly anything. A professional writer has the ability to deliver plagiarized-free content to folks. You can obtain more information about a creative writer by heading to this site. 

Mary Violet

My experiences in the Navy Boot Camp are a testament to the fact that adversity plays a valuable role in making people stronger and better in the day-to-day life. Commonly, human beings tremble and shrink in adversity. Most of the people would prefer to pursue the pleasures of the world rather than experience physical and psychological traumas that come with life in the boot camps. There are overwhelming challenges that soldiers face in the camps in preparation for potentially severe and challenging times in the future. Adversity forms the basis of the engine of persistence from which one prepares himself or herself for worse or harsher conditions in life.

In the light of this, my life in the boot camp was marked by strenuous physical exercises that caused intolerable pain. In addition, the weather was not friendly thus making life harder and more difficult. The soldiers in charge of the training regime ensured that all the trainees were stretching beyond their physical and mental limits. For example, we were made to perform torturous physical exercises out in the cold regardless of the prevailing weather. As if that was not exhausting enough, we were all compelled to swim in the indoor pool and proceed on to march in the cold weather. All these experiences made me realize that I would deal perfectly with the challenges of life in normal situations. The more one succeeds in adverse conditions, the better he or she becomes both physically and mentally.

In addition, the inspection period proved to be hectic and demanding. All the uniforms were supposed to be ironed perfectly with the intention of eliminating all the creases. Additionally, the shoes had to be polished so that they could shine even from afar. Regardless of the effort put into preparation prior to the time of uniform inspection, our masters would always find fault with us. Failure to comply to the rules of the inspection landed many of us in trouble with the authorities. For that reason, we were subjected to physical punishments while doing the uniforms. The pain we endured over the duration of the punishment only served to make us better soldiers. For example, we learned essential life skills with regards to dressing immaculately.

More so, my time in the Navy boot camp denied me the opportunity to socialize with my loved ones. Staying away from home for many months can be distressing and disturbing. The memories of missing family members and friends almost made me quit the entire training. However, my new colleagues formed a kind of a new family. I easily made friends with my fellow trainees particularly because we shared similar challenging moments together. The indoor competitions provided us with a chance to build unity and unshakable friendship. More importantly, we learned the value of teamwork while handling the challenges that were present during training. Working together helped us to build strong bonds of friendship that would remain unbroken not only within the period of three months but also for the entire period of our life. Accordingly, I was able to build proverbial trust in my new friends as many people have done before me, thus cementing our new found friendship for the foreseeable future.

As the final point, the struggles and hardships that I experienced during the three-month training program in the Navy boot camps served to make me a better person and a dedicated professional. These experiences empowered me to tackle the challenges that I would encounter in my profession in the line of duty. Significantly, I learned to appreciate the value of adversities in life. They offered me an opportunity to excel and empathized the value of life to me. All in all, the arduous physical and mental experiences molded me into a dedicated professional and a noble human being. You can read more posts written by Mary read at

Mary Violet Aug 5 '21 · Tags: education, writing

By the time you reach the final paragraph of your essay, you have already worked so hard on your paper. So, you want to wrap it as soon as possible. An essay writing online help service will provide you a complete essay on any topic you wish for. Perhaps you have created a stunning introduction, researched the thesis, and uniquely presented your essay. So, should you care for a good assignment help

It is said that “All’s well that ends well.” Hence, the conclusion is that minor yet crucial part that you shouldn’t take for granted.

By definition, you can say a conclusion is a result or end part of the essay. A concluding statement can be your opinion, suggestion, judgment, or any logical reasoning or argument.

Don’t think writing a good conclusion is just wrapping up with few sentences. There is no specific formula or path, but you can keep some vital points in your mind.

Here are some factors to remember:

Take a brief look at your whole essay before the conclusion.

Take a half-day break after completing the writing part.

Elaborate to readers that the author has proved or finished what they set off to do.

Write how you have established your thesis statement with logic.

Always mention the closure of the topic.

You can throw a thoughtful question to your reader.

Mention something unique at the end of the paragraph

Leave a powerful quote or warning that influences your reader. plagiarism checker free

Short tricks to share:


You can end your essay by emphasizing the importance of your essay rewriter and give your reader some “food for thoughts.” Most of the writers use the “When and if” method. It looks more approaching and supportive to the reader.

Boost-up audience

To get a flawless concluding statement, you can amplify your main topic at the end. You can even make a comparison or raise some differences in a larger perspective. This technique will help for custom-writing readers to think further from a new view.


The last senescence is called a clincher sentence for your essay. This sentence should leave an intriguing thought to cherish. It is just like the previous hook you use in your introduction part.

Hopefully, this brief guide helps you to understand the significance of a good conclusion. Most of the cheap essay writing services provide various essay writing helps to students. Don’t hesitate to take help from them as well.


kimlarry Jul 13 '21 · Tags: writing

Difficulty can't present to you a brilliant grade. Shrewd work does. Indeed! In the event that you look for "My task journalists assignment help", you will become more acquainted with about shrewd tips and deceives on tasks. This is an unadulterated misinterpretation that no one but virtuoso can be the top understudies in class. You can diminish your investigation time and exertion to work on your general score. 

Pick simple themes  check free plagiarism checker

Go through the past task themes and prospectus. Keep a sound connection with junior. They can direct you by furnishing you with the last educational program of question law task help papers and tasks. It is straightforward which point conveys better checks and which themes are not fascinating for instructors. Presently, pick those subjects which are simplest yet bring incredible comments. 

In any school or school, you will have a bunch of obligatory essay writer subjects. 

Once in a while, understudies find the opportunity to pick their own case. In the event that you will probably procure passing marks with less exertion counsel task help administrations on the web. They can help you on picking simple task themes. You can even choose those points which are agreeable for you. 

Peruse additionally myassignmenthelp surveys 

Notice evaluating strategies 

This is the most ideal approach to sort out the reviewing strategy of your instructor. You should discover which subjects are best for financial matters schoolwork for cheap essay writing help instructors. Those themes can bring out a greater number of grades than remarkable points. As a rule, educators get dazzled when understudies pick their #1 subjects for tasks. 

Establish a decent connection with you 

As an understudy, your impression matters the most. In the event that you have an incredible affinity with your educator, they will consequently custom writing support you. That is normal human brain science. In this way, establish a positive connection during the classes. 

You should attempt to go to all the science task help addresses given by the instructors. To get your spotlight, ask questions with respect to your task subject. It will show your advantage in investigations just as your task. 

Taking notes on points  java assignment help

Persevering without splendid work isn't anything in the current scholarly educational program. Taking notes in class will lessen your understanding time. Perusing and understanding course book substance completely are tedious. While taking class notes in short structures can diminish your course book perusing. 

Understudies should zero in on their task's objective and plan as indicated by the cutoff time. In the event that you need to be a shrewd understudy follow these basic stunts to work on your


kimlarry Jul 8 '21 · Tags: writing

Whether you're a professional writer or just trying to find new ideas, finding where to find inspiration can be a chore. But have no fear - My Custom Essay advisors are here! The inspiration that can arise from simple things like the architecture of a restaurant can help inspire an entire design concept. On the flip side, looking for inspirational quotes can lead a person to places that can truly make them stop and smell the roses. In any case, finding where to find inspiration is as easy as logging on to a website with relevant information and a collection of quotes. You can then sift through your collection and find the one or two quotes that you find most inspiring.

Finding where to find inspiration in this area is similar to finding a hidden treasure. There are probably many architectural gems hidden in the city that you aren't aware of what other people have discovered. When you take the time to sift through architecture that you admire in order to locate hidden gems, you may find that there is a great deal of inspiration hidden in plain sight. Take the time to stop and take notice of the architecture around you in order to uncover the next great piece of art.

Natural Beauty: Looking for a place where to find inspiration in the natural world may also prove difficult. Where there are flowers, there are plants. Each of these contain beautiful creatures that inspire people to create works of art. Some people go to nature in search of inspiration, while others look for it in art forms. With art, you have the opportunity to be more direct and get to the heart of a particular painting. However, if you find a beautiful piece of flora or a charming animal from far away, you can always get in touch with nature and put a few drops of oil onto the painting in order to recreate a scene from far away.

Ryan Jun 30 '21 · Tags: inspiration, writing
Kurt Graham

Have you ever used copywriting to improve the selling power of your products and services?

Writing can be a very challenging task, but if you want your company's sales to take off, you need to improve this technique to attract customers in a stronger and more original way.

The copywriting technique is undoubtedly a powerful ally to lead a person to perform a certain action, whether it be subscribing to a newsletter, buying a product or sharing a post. Look at that.

What is copywriting?

There is no literal translation for the term copywriting , but, in general, it means writing in a strategic and persuasive way, so that the reader is led to perform a specific action.

By choosing words well and knowing the audience to be reached deeply, copywriting can improve your results, because the text “puts your finger on the wound” of the reader, making it possible for him to realize how much he needs the product / service you have. to offer.

If you are experience issues with content for your blog, you can try to seek help from a There are those who find copywriting text a little invasive, but it is worth remembering that it is a powerful sales strategy and needs to be persuasive, lead the reader to reflect on his current situation and be encouraged to want to put an end to "suffering".

Copywriting also affects the behavior of those who are used to writing for the digital world. This is because this sales strategy asks the writer to leave the comfort zone of traditional texts.

In addition to a structure full of mental triggers and reflective questions, the copywriting text brings in its content calls to action.

Instead of leaving the decision entirely to the client, the text clearly states what needs to be done, conditioning the reader to a particular action.

I heard from people working at service that unlike content marketing , which little by little provides the customer with information to make them feel safe in consuming a certain product or service, copywriting goes right to the point.

In fact, we can say that one complements the other. Content marketing provides the customer with information over a period of time and copywriting takes action to turn the customer's key around and take the desired action by the company in a shorter period of time.

More Recources:

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5 reasons for your company to blog today

Will working with a blog bring results?

Kurt Graham May 27 '21 · Tags: writing

The Skyscraper Technique

Allows you to recreate an article from the information you find during your research of trending topics.

This is a good way to help you create new and exciting articles when you do not know what to write next. For example: Your topic is travel. Research the newest travel regulations and create an article based off your expertise of what do you think will happen.

This is a good way to create new content and keep your readers engaged.

Write the Kind of Writing You Want to Read

When it comes to writing, there is one simple rule. Write articles that you would want to read. Choose subjects that you are interested in, so your articles will reflect your passion for the subject.

The type and quality of content you read dramatically influences the quality of your writing. For example: You won’t become a fiction writer by reading nonfiction and vice versa.

For example: I like to write about travel. I enjoy traveling, with my knowledge, experience, and expertise, it is best for me to write on this subject matter.

Always write on a subject that you are passionate about and have knowledge on. Never write about a subject that you do not have full knowledge of or you are at the beginning stages of learning. It will be difficult for you to write an article based on it.

When you choose your topics choose wisely. You want your audience to feel like you are the “go to person” when it comes to that particular subject matter.

Choosing a Topic

Choosing a topic to write about is the hardest thing when writing a blog post. You must really narrow down specifically the message you want your audience to know. You must keep them in mind at all times. You can also use best essay writing service reddit. They will help u so much.

I highly encourage you to find your niche. If you do not know what your niche is, it will be really hard to write.

1️⃣ Find a topic to write about:

⏺ For example: if you are a travel writer. Go to Google and search for the newest topics in travel. Once you have found the new topic. You can start to write about this topic from your expertise. I encourage you to keep up with the newest information on your niche so that you can keep writing new articles as it pertains to this.

2️⃣ Organize your talking points:

⏺ In school the best example I had was a 3.5 essay. This means 3 paragraphs of talking points with 5 sentences in each paragraph. This is a great style to follow when organizing your writing.

3️⃣ Write

⏺ Literally start writing your article. Write everything that comes to mind. Once you are done writing you can go back and edit. Focus solely on writing your article.

Follow me for more tips on how to write a blog. Remember I am offering free evaluations to help you write blog post now. If you need help DM or message below

Dalan Apr 29 '21 · Tags: writing, essay
Rob Feri

Even the most experienced writer at the beginning of work on a new work is sometimes visited by feelings of indecision and fear. But, as they say, it's not about the desire or the skill: just start writing. It doesn't matter where you start: the main thing is not to stop writing and, for the time being, don't worry about style and spelling. Make a preliminary outline of the main ideas of the my homework done  site and then move on to the structure of your future creation.


If you're writing on a computer, it's not difficult for you to swap sections of your writing, grouping them in different ways. If you prefer paper and pen, leave a space of one or two lines between theses so you can write something more later.


You can even take scissors and cut the sheet into strips to make it easier. Try to compose your future essay in the order in which your main idea develops. If you end up with the "golden three": the beginning (the introduction), the middle (the main part of the essay), and the end (the conclusion), then you've done everything right.

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Preparing to write an essay in English

Rob Feri Apr 12 '21 · Tags: help, writing
Wiki miki
There is no definitive way to classify the thesis or research, as there are several dimensions that must be considered to achieve a typification. Write Essay Today, however, makes a typology of the types of research systematizing the different dimensions of research and their possible combinations.
We have a big family of Write my essay today who have a vast understanding of the English language and rules related to it. All of them are holding higher degrees with distinctions in their respective fields. Our highly professional writers are experts in writing styles such as MLA, Harward, APA, etc. They know how to structure an essay or write my essay for me research paper by following the rules of the English Language.

The dimensionsconsidered are the following:

  • According to the source of data collection:it can be documentary or "live".

  • Depending on the extension:it can be a census (the entire population), case (an individual, group, community) or representative sample.

  • According to the control of variables:it can be experimental, quasi-experimental or non-experimental.

  • Depending on the number of variables:it can be simple (only one aspect of reality) or complex (consider several dimensions or aspects).

  • Depending on the level of measurement:it can be qualitative (nominal information) or quantitative (numerical data).

  • Depending on the level of analysis:it can be descriptive, explanatory or inferential.

  • According to the structuring:by the technique of obtaining data, which can be highly structured (multiple-choice survey, closed interview) or unstructured (open interview, unsystematized observation, open-ended questionnaire). There are intermediate structuring points.

  • Depending on the participation of the researcher:participant or non-participant.

  • Depending on the projective nature or not of the techniques:it can be non-projective (when the data is taken at its immediate value) or projective (when the data is interpreted by certain criteria).

  • Depending on the degree of interference:due to the characteristics of the data collection technique used, it can be high or low interference.

  • According to the temporal dimension to study:they can be historical or current.

  • Depending on the data recovery period:it can be transverse (when data is recovered from a single determined moment) or longitudinal (when data is recovered over a more or less prolonged period).

  • Depending on the temporal dimension of the data analysis: dynamic (when the evolution is analyzed, or a process) or static (when a single “frozen” moment is analyzed).

  • Depending on the objective:it is the most difficult to separate, but it can be basic (knowledge in itself) or applied (obtaining applicable information). Within the applied one, they can be divided into those of diagnosis, research, and development, action research.

With these fourteen dimensions, a very large number of combinations can be made. However, the author emphasizes that not all are relevant, and distinguishes ten as the most important or common, which are described below:

  1. Historical research

 From here certain options are derived in terms of other dimensions: in dimension 1, for example, typically work with documentary information, although it also fits to use live sources in case of oral history. As for dimension number 2, in principle, all possibilities fit. As for number 3, the possibility of experimental research is excluded, and typically it will work in a non-experimental way, although there are some possibilities of quasi-experimental. In dimensions 4, 5 and 6 all possibilities fit, from simple, quantitative and descriptive studies, to complex, qualitative and explanatory works. As regards the dimensions related to the variety of data collection techniques, we have the following: participation (dimension number 8) can only below, and the degree of interference also (dimension number 10). The structuring can be high or low, and will generally work in a non-projective way, although projective studies of historical figures have been done. We have already said that dimension 11 is what defines this type of research, and in terms of the following dimensions, in number 12 and 13 all possibilities fit, and in number 14 it will generally be basic research. The structuring can be high or low, and will generally work in a non-projective way, although projective studies of historical figures have been done. We have already said that dimension 11 is what defines this type of research, and in terms of the following dimensions, in number 12 and 13 all possibilities fit, and in number 14 it will generally be basic research. The structuring can be high or low, and will generally work in a non-projective way, although projective studies of historical figures have been done. We have already said that dimension 11 is what defines this type of research, and in terms of the following dimensions, in number 12 and 13 all possibilities fit, and in number 14 it will generally be basic research.

  1. Situational (ethnographic)

This type of research is typically characterized by being alive, in case, not experimental, complex, qualitative and explanatory. As for the techniques of obtaining data that it uses, they are typical of low structuring, of high participation, not projective and of important interference that it is about control. As for time, these are current investigations, which generally involve a relatively long time in obtaining data, and static or dynamic analyses can be done. As for the objective, they can be both basic and applied, and in the second case, they would generally be oriented to the type of diagnostic research and/or action research.

  1. Case study (not situational)

These are studies that coincide with the previous type number 2 in studying in-depth one or few cases, as opposed to studies that work with large samples or with the entire population, and the difference to Situational research is situated in the type of techniques used, which in this third type are more conventional, quantitative type.

  1. Comparative study

In a sense, we could say that these are several case studies carried out with the same approach to compare them with each other. Therefore, the characteristics of this type can be easily derived from the previous type or even from type number 2, which, as we have already seen, is a “qualitative” case study.

  1. Survey

This is, as we said, one of the best-known types. It is typically characterized by being alive, covering a considerable sample, or even the entire population, being non-experimental, simple, quantitative, descriptive and sometimes inferential, using highly structured techniques, with low participation, non-projective and considerable inference. The technique is used for current studies, it may include longitudinal data collection, but more frequently it is limited to cross-sectional obtaining, and in the analysis, it may be dynamic, but more frequently it is static. As for the objective, it can be used for basic research and also for applied research of a diagnostic or investigative type and development.

  1. Explanatory research (non-experimental)

This type is characterized by using live sources of information, it usually works with samples, as its name indicates it is non-experimental, so in these first three dimensions it resembles the survey. The differences to the previous type of research refer to the following dimensions: in this case, it is also quantitative research, but now more complex and explanatory. In the rest of the dimensions, this type also coincides quite with the find. Therefore, the differences are in dimensions 4, 5 and 6. It should be noted that this type is widely used in the most complex contemporary research.

  1. Experimental research

This is another of the best characterized classic types. The dimension that defines it is, as you can easily see, the number 3, As for the other dimensions, this type is characterized by working with sources of live information and carefully crafted samples. It generally handles a very small number of carefully measured variables and always intends to reach an explanatory level of analysis, which is considered the type of research that par excellence allows conclusions as to the causal relations between the variables. Therefore, it uses highly structured and low participation data collection techniques, is completely reluctant to use projective techniques and the degree of interference is necessarily considerable, One of the main concerns of this type of research is to reduce it. By their very nature, historical studies of this type cannot be made, data collection is generally transversal and the analysis is static. As for the objective, it may be basic or applied research of the research and development type.

  1. Diagnostic research (evaluation)

As its name implies, it is an investigation defined by dimension number 14, that is, by its objective of an applied nature. Regarding the other dimensions, the situation is presented as follows: sources of documentary or living information can be used, generally, it will work with small samples or cases, and non-experimental approaches will be used. In terms of dimensions 4 to 10, these will be current works, with cross-sectional data collection and rather static data analysis.

  1. Research and development

Again it is a type characterized by dimension 14, that is, by the objective, which is also applied. We have already said when explaining this dimension in what this type of research consists, which by its very nature usually has similar characteristics to those of the experimental works seen above.

  1. Action research

is also characterized by dimension number 14, and was also presented as the latter developed. Its characteristics closely resemble those of type number 2, that is, situational research, with logical variants.

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