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Ethel Ackman

It may seem naive to think that you are capable of changing your own reality, and it is at this precise moment that you begin to create the perception that limits you. So, you can also change your own reality, but if you're a student you need to find website, where you can ask do my essay and where writers will do it for cheap and for fast! 

It would be much more inspiring if you first thought that with time, effort and conviction, your dreams can become reality. The range of possibilities is extended from the moment we believe in our ability to do everything we want. There are many people who 
let themselves get carried away by the general current, renouncing those illusions that once were their driving force. That the person himself becomes aware of it requires a whole process.

For this, it is necessary a training from the conscience to be able to see and resolve what was what diverted him from his own illusion. This is where the sense of executive coaching comes in and the accompaniment throughout the process by a professional coach, who has the ability to, through questions and observation, help us to see that wide range without the short-sightedness to which we are accustomed.

And are dreams so important?

What do you think? If for a moment you let yourself feel and try to remember some of the things you dreamed about one day and have not reached, how do you feel?

Illusions, dreams are the engines of life. Approaching in the course of time the things that we have wished at some point is to gain momentum, to continue motivated to continue on the path that we decided to choose one day.

And if it is not the way we wanted, we can always decide to change it to take the reins of our desires and turn them into reality.

The satisfaction of our life depends on the achievement of our dreams and for that, our personal power is fundamental to find the meaning of what we decide to be and do. What to expect?

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Sarah ledger

The Scholarship Essay is the perfect opportunity for you to prove to the admissions committee that you deserve to be accepted to their school. It also gives you the opportunity to showcase your personal characteristics and what you are most proud of. Your scholarship essay needs to convince the admissions committee, but you can help them by giving them a compelling, and logical argument. There are many different tips for writing scholarship essays out there on the internet, so do some research before you start writing. You will want to gather as much information as you can to properly prepare your essay for the admissions committee. This will save you time and money when you write your essay and it will make your essay more impressive. Another way to write good essay is to order it online from essaybomber.

You need to understand the scholarship that you are applying for. The scholarship should be one that you have been interested in for years. It does not have to be the top scholarship that you have ever applied for. Just make sure that it has a high ranking on a list of scholarships that you are considering.

Once you have a list of scholarships to choose from, the next step is to write an essay for each one. It is always best to write one essay for each scholarship. The reason for this is because some admissions officers will want to see a few essays and will want to narrow down the essays they read and possibly only accept the best ones. By writing more than one essay you are proving that you have a thorough understanding of the topic. If the school you are applying to does not require you to submit multiple essays, then you will save yourself time and money.

Good grammar and spelling should be the key ingredients for getting accepted into any college. Remember that this is not about being clever, but it is about convincing the admissions committee. You are writing to convince the admissions officer that you are capable of handling academic tasks and responsibilities. A clear, concise, well-organized, and well-written essay is a great way to do this.

Another important aspect to writing an essay is having a complete academic knowledge of the subject matter. You should know how to do research so that you will be able to provide the admissions officers with a complete picture of the curriculum and course that you are taking at the school that you are applying to. Most schools use a standardized test in high school in order to determine how well you know the material being taught in school. If you can show the admissions officer that you have a solid foundation in the subject matter that you are writing about, then you will be more likely to get into a better college than if you do not have the right background.

Remember that even if your essay seems like an essay that you will never use again, your admission process could still be affected by it. Remember that an acceptance letter can change a person's entire future. If you do not impress your admissions officer, then this may result in the school kicking you out of school.

Before you begin writing, remember to take a deep breath and relax and be yourself. The essay is meant to impress and it is important to let go of all of the pretenses and fill the room with enthusiasm!

It is also a good idea to make your topic as interesting as possible. Do not just write about your experience in school and how much you learned. Instead, find some interesting subjects that are outside of your field of study and talk about them in a way that shows that you have a thorough understanding of the topic. In other words, you want your reader to feel that you are an expert on the subject.

Your tone should be very positive and confident. Never mention how lucky you are to have a scholarship or state that you are desperate to get in. This will only hurt your chances at getting an acceptance into the school.

Hopefully, you will not need any scholarship assistance when it comes to writing your essay but it is a good idea to take advantage of resources that are available to help you. and that include essay writing tips and samples.

Samuel Wellington

A research paper has been developed to summarize many bits of information into a single document that can be used in a classroom setting or at an academic conference. It is also often used as a personal report for someone to whom you are giving the project.  


A research paper, like all other documents, contains specific information to support your point of view on the subject matter. The purpose of a research paper however is to gather different facts, opinions, and ideas about a particular topic from various sources, then explain the information in your writing. This process is a good way to make sure that you are only presenting accurate and relevant facts.

There are many different types of research papers. Some of the most common include essays, dissertations, dissertation proposals, as well as research papers in academic conferences. One reason why so many people give these papers to their professors is because it provides them with a chance to share their ideas and research with many other people. There are other benefits that come from having this type of document as well, such as a record of your work, or proof that you understand what you have written.

There are many reasons that people choose to create this type of document, but the most popular are to present specific information that is not found anywhere else. One example is research that is done by scientists that are published in journals and books. These books and journals have detailed information that is often hard to find elsewhere. When you present such information in your research paper, this will demonstrate your ability to collect and present such information in a clear and organized fashion.

In order to write the best research papers possible, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. While the topic is very important, you also need to take into consideration the style of writing in which you plan to use.

For instance, when you are writing a dissertation, you should organize the main points, the body, and finally the conclusion into a logical sequence. You should also think about what you want to convey in your paper, such as the overall conclusion or what is important to you. You need to present each argument in its own section so that readers do not get lost in the text. You should also think about how you will end your paper.

Writing research papers is a skill that can be learned. There are many resources available on the Internet for you to learn these skills and more. However, if you are still looking for help, then the best way to learn this skill is through a teacher.

By practicing your writing skills, you will get better with your research papers over time. This will help you become more efficient, especially when it comes to creating and writing your first research papers. This skill is important in every type of writing, so take the time to learn how to write a good one.

The main part of the research paper is the introduction, which will outline the topic, give some background information, and the purpose for writing the paper. The body of the research paper will provide the actual arguments, supporting the points that were presented in the introduction. Finally, the conclusion describes the conclusion of the paper and provides the conclusion as well.

While writing your final conclusion is not as important as the rest of the paper, make sure that it is complete. It needs to have a conclusion that offers readers a complete picture of the arguments that were made. The conclusion should summarize the main points that were presented in the body of the paper and provide the final conclusion that you had in mind.

There are many different aspects that need to be considered when writing a paper. Your writing style should fit with your target audience, so that they understand your writing. Asking your teacher for help will also help you understand how to do this. Research papers will be read not only by your professor but also by other students.

When you are done with your research papers, try to have your classmates review your paper to ensure that it is sound. You can also ask your professors for feedback. This will help make your paper unique and interesting to those who read it.

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Robin Schneider

Exposition composing has become the backbone of guidance. That you don't should be an ace creator to have the option to exceed expectations inside this undertaking. The issue with most of people is that they reveal exposition creating to be excessively precarious. So as to make things somewhat simpler, I have recorded the ten driving techniques for exposition composing which I would prescribe to anybody who'd truly prefer to be an achievement. 

In the first place, the absolute first proposal is to consistently deliver your articles like you're at a people talking capacity. Individuals are going to see your sythesis and you will expect something outside of it In the occasion you attempt to compose like you're in a homeroom, they genuinely will guess that you are certifiably not a definite incredible creator. After you compose simply like you're in a spot, people feel that you're doing this since you are a wonderful essayist. This is only an incredible way to begin in article composing in addition to it will likewise permit you to perceive what you're doing wrong. 

Besides, after you have only a tad of thought of what it is you're talking around, make a smidgen concerning this. Don't just make note of musings on a piece of paper. Utilize these contemplations inside a synopsis for your composition to guarantee that you can utilize them during the full doc. 

Third, with regards to article composing, at that point you have to guarantee you agree to your theme into a tee. You should have the option to follow everything step. In the occasion you stray from the point in any capacity, at that point you have to know howto make it right. 

Fourth, keep your creating fast and into this stage. You should not should meander the correct way all through your paper. Ensure that you don't utilize a ton of unneeded words or you'll end up withdrawing yourself stuck that you can't escape from. 

Fifth, when it has to do with exposition composing, you should remain sorted out. On the off chance that you experience an article due tomorrow, at that point you certainly truly don't have to get it blended upward. You should guarantee you know about pretty much every component of it so you may care for each and every part while organized appropriately. This assists with forestalling a lot of flaws. 

Seventh, keep up the entirety of your activity out together. This is the most basic things you could unquestionably do. On the off chance that you have a lot of occupation that must be accomplished, at that point you certainly should guarantee you don't drop something like this in transit. 

Ultimately, to wrap things up, the past thing you should remember will be to compose your piece with exactness. You shouldn't attempt to accommodate your speculation with one another and make your exposition rapidly. The most ideal approach to compose an article is to set a mess of thought into it and afterward be tolerant as you're making. 

You will discover only two significant issues you have to recall at whatever point you are composing an article composing. Regardless, be sure that you are precise and that you adhere to your own timetable. If you neglect to make a sentimental date to form your organization, at that point you have to put it away for a resulting time. Besides, be sure that you keep up the portrayal of your article together so you may promptly make modifications as your reasoning changes. 

Since you completely handle the essentials of how precisely to compose a generally excellent paper, it's an ideal opportunity to see a few instances of how extraordinary article composing. You can locate various types of articles, so you have heaps of exceptional subjects to browse. In any case, in the occasion you might want to transform into great exposition writer, at that point you should adhere to one unique style of article composing. 

As an occasion, in the event that you were composing an organization article, at that point you should basically be making expositions on books and books on books. In like manner on the off chance that you were composing an archive article, at that point you should create expositions over a particular issue. You need to make papers about whatever which you're learned concerning, so be certain that you are doing some examination on such point before making your essaywriting. 

At long last, ensure you produce a posting of this exposition first. In the occasion you have not composed an article previously, at that point you may conceivably be on edge customessaymarket. That is completely conventional, yet that is alright as you won't have the option to begin and soon you get an unrivaled thought with respect to the theme. The second you experience some thought with respect to the subject, at that point it is the perfect opportunity to start making.

Delila Burley

Christianity has always faced two mysteries - incarnation and atonement. In incarnation, Christians believe that God and man became one when Jesus Christ came to earth as a man. Atonement, on the other hand, means that the death of Jesus Christ gave Christians a fresh start with God. Additionally, some people, for example Saint Anselm and C. S. Lewis, sought their explanations to understand the necessity of incarnation using the description given by atonement. This has come to be known as satisfaction theory of atonement. This satisfaction theory of atonement has come as an improvement of an older theory called ransom theory of atonement. Therefore, atonement and incarnation are important aspects of Christianity, and it is important that every Christian understands the important link connecting the two. This paper examines the relationship between incarnation and atonement, giving a deeper focus on Anselms satisfaction theory of atonement.

To understand the relationship between incarnation and atonement while giving a deeper focus on Anselms satisfaction theory of atonement, the definitions on incarnation and atonement need first to be presented. By definition, incarnation means that a Christians redemption is dependent on the reality that Jesus Christ came to earth as a man. Through the coming of Jesus to earth as a man, the gap between man and God was reduced. Christ chose to live in the world as a man and overcame sin by living faithfully. The continual obedience of Christ to his Father led to his eventual death on the cross as a redemption of human beings from the sins of the world. The redemption of Christians is dependent upon their continual union with Jesus. Incarnation is a Christian teaching based on the New Testament. It represents the faith that Christians have that Jesus who was the second part of the Holy Trinity, who became both God and man through the birth of Jesus. John 1:14 states that the Word of God became human flesh, and dwelt on earth (King James Bible Version Online). Therefore, Christs incarnation as man is the foundation of Christianity.

On the other hand, atonement is a theory that explains how man reconciled with God. Christianity describes atonement as how their sins are forgiven through Christs death and resurrection. According to Weaver, atonement explains how and why Christians believe that the death of Jesus resulted in the salvation of sinful humanity. Through His selfless act, Jesus Christ ensured that God and man reconciled. Therefore, atonement is Gods act of reconciliation with a man. In John 3:16, it is written that For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, showing that this provision of reconciliation was made available by the Love of God for man (King James Bible Version Online). Additionally, Paul writes of Him who gave not his son but who delivered him for the whole world (Romans 8:32). Since God is an all-powerful God, then other means, by which to forgive man, would have been available, but instead, God chose to sacrifice his only son. By providing this sacrifice, God magnified himself even further and enhanced how people viewed salvation. Sin is a rebellion of Gods laws, and therefore, God must react against sin. However, through the death of Jesus on the cross, God demonstrated his love for man. Therefore, for atonement to be possible, man must be obedient to God and be propitiated for there to be reconciliation and redemption with God.

Various theories have been developed to describe atonement. One of these theories is known as satisfaction theory of atonement. This theory was developed by Anselm of Canterbury. Anselm took a position that sin brought an imbalance in the universe. Whenever sin has been committed, then a good act should be done to balance the scales in the universe. Thus, instead of punishing humans for their sins, God through Jesus Christ became man and paid the price on the cross. The work of Jesus Christ was to narrow the drift that occurred between Gods relationship with a man when human beings went contrary to the wishes of God. Anselm additionally states that since the will of God is usually irrational, humans should be confident that God does what he does for a specific reason, even if there is no rational explanation for it. This theory speaks of how the death of Christ has been satisfactory in redeeming mans transgressions. According to Anselm, sin takes away the honor that man should give to God. The death of Christ brings back Gods honor through this selfless act of obedience. Since his death was more than Christ was supposed to give, the honor he gave was more than he was supposed to give. Therefore, since Christ willingly gave more than he was supposed to, then his surplus was what paid for the deficit that created the rift between man and God. Hence, the death of Christ is presented as a substitution since he gives His Father the honor in the place of man.

From the above description of Anselms satisfaction theory of atonement, it can be seen that atonement and incarnation are the foundations of Christianity. Christians believe that Jesus Christ had died on the cross for their sins to be forgiven on the cross. Through his death, Jesus Christ was able to fulfill the sacrificial system outlined in the old covenant, to reconcile the world with God, and he changed mans life forever. For Christians, atonement theories are used to hang on and validate their beliefs for themselves. Anselm states that sin is defrauding God of what is due to him and that one who pays his due does not commit sin. Anselm had the objection of whether it was right for God to put away sin by compassion alone without payment for the honor taken away from him. He argued that it was not right for sin to go unpunished for this would mean that it be passed by and not dealt with. Anselm stated that it was not fitting for God to pass over anything in his kingdom without dealing with it. He argued that if sin were simply passed by, there would be no difference between the guilty and not guilty. Hence, it would be inconsistent for God to prevent man from doing what only He could do, and revenge belonged to Him.

Anselm also touched on the meaning that the death of Christ gave to human salvation. He stated that it was a gift that Jesus freely gave, and one cannot say that he did not deserve a reward for such a deed. God would have rewarded his son Jesus Christ for the act of selflessness sacrifice, but what was he to give him? He was the son of God, and everything available to the father was available to the son; in essence, he owned everything. Nonetheless, the reward had to be given; otherwise, the suffering of Jesus would have been in vain. Thus, the reward was to be given to someone else and who was more befitting of the reward than those, for whose sake he had become a man. Human beings were to be the heirs to the sons inheritance; it was given to them as the gift, and the gift was is salvation.

Another question answered by Anselm is whether satisfaction should be proportionate to the guilt and if the man was in a position to achieve it himself. He asked what a human could give to God as payment for his sins and repentance, a broken heart, a contrite heart, self-denial, various bodily sufferings, and repentance. These, in essence, are things that a human being owes to God whether or not he has sinned (Luke17:10); thus, they cannot be payment for a debt. Anselm also argued that no being apart from God could make atonement, by which man was saved because according to him, with God having started the work of man, it was only right for him despite the fall of man into sin to complete it. Anselm continued that God could not do this unless he was paid a price greater than the whole universe for mans sins. It was not possible for anyone to give God a gift more valuable than the one given to him; thus, only he could make his satisfaction.

A relationship exists between incarnation and atonement. In both cases, mutual importance and interdependence of revelation and reconciliation in Christs work and life are seen. Jesus Christ came to the world to make God known as well as restore the humanity through reconciliation and atonement. However, the only way that humanity can be reconciled is by seeing the true face of God. Through the resurrection of Christ, mans sins are forgiven, and a man knows about God. Through the resurrection, humanity knows of God the Father through the Son; humans have a complete reconciliation. Therefore, reconciliation and the revelation of God are inseparable. More to say, both completed through the rising of Christ.

In conclusion, incarnation and atonement represent an important aspect of a Christians belief. Through atonement and incarnation, humans have had a chance to reconnect with God through repentance and forgiveness. Anselms satisfaction theory of atonement speaks of how Christs death has been an important tool of redeeming the transgressions of man in the eyes of God, thus honoring God again. Therefore, the death of Christ plays an important part in the reconciliation of man with God. Through reconciliation, the relationship between man and God was made right again. This would not have been possible without Gods ultimate sacrifice by giving his own son to live as a man. Therefore, reconciliation and Christs death are the core foundations of Christianity.

Viola Roberts is a dreamy and romantic person. She likes writing poetry. Also, she is a freelance writer at a This company has every possibility to complete any orders. 
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Viola Roberts

Obesity as a Social Problem

Nutrition is a process of food consumption that has an effect on everybody’s health. Good nutrition is the pledge for good health. It consists of a balanced diet and regular physical activity. It helps everybody to maintain a stable weight and receive energy. Poor nutrition can cause a substantial number of health problems such as reduced productivity and immunity, bad mental and physical development, increased propensity to various diseases. Besides all the above-mentioned, there is another more common effect of the poor nutrition called obesity. This essay will deal with the general overview of such social problem as obesity and its possible preventative measures.

Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder in the developed countries. It can be defined as a sickly condition characterized by excess of fat in the human body. The accumulation of fat is caused by the imbalance between energy consumption and its costs. Middle-aged people are the most prone to obesity; however, it can occur at any age. In most cases, the diagnosis is obvious from the appearance of the patient, but the degree of obesity can be set when determining the weight and height.

In many countries, the problem of obesity is getting worse among adults and children. America is not only the richest country in the world but also one of the most progressive ones; however, as everyone can notice, this country is not the healthiest one. More than 300.000 people die each year from the diseases caused by obesity, which is a little smaller than the statistics of deaths from the diseases related to smoking tobacco. Nearly 70 percent of the Americans are obese and overweight. For the past twenty years, the number of obese children (6-11 years old) has become twice as large as in the previous years. The amount of obese teens is three times as large as in the previous years. Thus, nearly one third of the American pupils suffer from obesity. Men with waists of more than 1 meter and women with waists over 88 inches are considered obese.

People who are obese often suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels in the blood, and heart diseases.

The excess weight can cause depression and low self-esteem. Moreover, it causes discomfort.

The consequences of obesity are cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, hypertension, hormonal disorders, cancer, podagra and arthritis.

If the weight begins to exceed the rate of more than 10 %, the probability of stroke, coronary artery disease and other heart diseases starts to increase as well. The blood pressure, level of cholesterol and glucose are increased because the cells are unable to cleave it.

Being overweight, and especially obese, complicates the work of breathing. The chance of occurring of the acquisition syndrome, apnea (stopping breathing during sleep), is increasing. Snoring, fatigue and pain in the heart are developed.

Fast food is extremely dangerous for the younger generation whose bodies are still developing. An unbalanced fast food diet causes various disturbances in the endocrine and immune systems, which, in turn, affects the physical and mental development of a child.

Children are not able to give an objective assessment of the large-scale detrimental impact that fast food has on their health. Today’s young visitors, who will tomorrow have their own money in their pockets, will come back again and again and, more importantly, will bring their children there. If children eat fast food very often, it will make them depressed. Rachel Lewis states,

Eating foods rich in antioxidants, such as fruit and vegetables, and healthy fats, such as cold-water fish and nuts, leads to positive energy and moods – both of which derive from positive brain function. A diet high in fast food lacks these nutritional benefits, increasing the risk of depression.

Fast food provokes many diseases in children. The number of children, who suffer from rickets and scurvy, is constantly increasing. The reason for this is unbalanced diet. Semis and fast food, which are very popular among children nowadays, do not provide a growing organism with essential nutrients. Children’s bones become soft because of the lack of calcium and vitamin D, and, as a result, rickets develops. Due to the deficit of vitamin C, children suffer from scurvy. Although the range of food has increased during the last 100 years, the diet of some people is still as poor as before. Fast food leads to the development of asthma and eczema in children. In the case of eating three or more servings of fast food per week, the risk of severe asthma is increasing by 40% in teenagers and by 27% in 6-7-year-olds. Fast food is responsible for the occurrence of eczema and rhinitis, as well. However, eating three or more fruits per week reduces these symptoms by 14%. Fast food accelerates puberty in children. The addiction of the younger generation to junk food leads to the fact that doctors presently diagnose the initial stages of obesity in children, and early puberty is sometimes observed at the age of 6 or 7. Modern girls reach sexual maturity when they are 10 years old, which is 18 months earlier than their mothers, and almost two years earlier than their grandparents. A leading cause of early puberty is an increased development of leptin in the adipose tissue. Lowering the age of puberty will lead to a splash in the number of teenage pregnancy. Fast food causes psychological addiction in children. According to Lewis, “The artificial taste of junk food is thought to be addictive and children used to spicy junk food may have trouble adjusting their palates to relatively blander healthy foods.” If a child’s diet consists of burgers, chips, sausages, and cakes, the brain will transform so that the withdrawal pains will begin without the greasy, sugary, and salty foods.

Analyzing the information mentioned above, it is clear that the problem of obesity is very important for health care administrators to study, because the situation with obesity is not taken under control and is getting worse and worse.

In order to solve this problem, its main reasons have to be determined. Poor nutrition is one of them. According to Paul Rozin and Andrew B. Geier, “In the modern developed world, our food environment has been turned upside down” ("The Chronicle Review"). The major part of the American pupils has lunch or dinner at fast food restaurants. Their food menu is not balanced; therefore, they put at risk their health, because instead of cooking normal food, the Americans buy in supermarkets manufactured, processed, packaged, and refined products (such food is also named as junk food). Due to the technological advances, people have come to the mass production of food that can be kept longer and tastes better. However, such food contains too much sugar, refined oil, and a number of ingredients, the names of which people cannot even pronounce. As a result, the diet is lacking substances that accelerate fat burning.

The production of junk food has a considerable impact on the environment, economy, and culture, locally, nationally, and globally. Such products as chips, sodas, fast food, sausages, margarine, mayonnaise, fancy cakes, chocolate bars, and chewing candies are very harmful to people’s health. Junk food affects the development of the human organism, lowers its defenses, and may be the cause of many diseases. Here are some facts about junk food. According to Junk Food Statistics:

· More than 140 billion dollars are spent in the United States on fast food each year.

· Extensive medical studies conducted on nutrition and health reveal junk food statistics showing that foods with the greatest contribution to weight gain are potato chips, sugary drinks, French fries, fried foods, red processed meats, sweets and butter.

· Seventy-two million people in the United States are obese. That’s 33% of adults and 16% of children. Another 33% of adults are overweight.

· If the current junk food and fast food trends continue, resulting in continuing weight gain, statistics show that 100% of Americans will be overweight by 2048. 

All these facts are the result of junk food consumption. Thus, fast food influences both children and adults by worsening the health and causing obesity.

Visiting fast food restaurants (McDonald’s, pizzerias and others) contributes to overeating because the proposed standard portions are already too large, and all sorts of marketing tricks, such as “double,” “premium” and other enlarged portions, lead to the fact that visitors eat up much more than they want.

An interesting experiment was carried out in the film Super Size Me. It is a documentary film about a man, who was eating at the fast food restaurants three times a day every day. He has to eat every meal from McDonald’s menu at least once. During 30 days, the main character Morgan does not go in for sport. The medical examination is carried out regularly in order to determine what impact has such “diet” on the body. As a result, Morgan gained 11.1 kg; thus, increasing his body weight by 13%. He experienced sexual dysfunction, mood swings, and liver damage. The extra weight which was gained within 30 days was lost in 14 months.

This film is a bright example of obesity that was gained thanks to the poor nutrition. There is a profound explanation of the motives behind the Americans eating unhealthy food. On the one hand, part of the population is just accustomed to such food. On the other hand, the rest of the population eats fast food, because it is quite cheap. Healthy food, such as fruit and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, and dairy are more expensive than dinner at McDonald’s.

Another relevant reason is television. It is known that teenagers spend quarter of their life watching television: children starting from the age of 5 lose approximately 7 hours a day sitting in front of TV. While watching it, they do not pay attention on how much they eat; even those who go on a diet always fail to follow it while watching TV.

One more reason for obesity is the fact that some American families have low incomes. As a result, they do not have the possibility to buy healthy food (fruit and vegetables) as they cost more money. The article “Don’t Blame the Eater” is a bright example. David Zinczenko says,

I grew up as a typical mid-1980's latchkey kid. My parents were split up, my dad off trying to rebuild his life, my mom working long hours to make the monthly bills. Lunch and dinner, for me, was a daily choice between McDonald's, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Pizza Hut. 

Solution to the Problem

While talking about obesity, there are some solutions that currently or potentially exist to combat this problem and reduce the epidemic of obesity, especially among lower socio-economic groups.

If a person wants to reduce extra weight with the help of radical diets, he or she simply stimulates the appetite. As a result, it will lead to excessive eating. In 90-95% of those who tried to treat the obesity the initial body weight restored after six months. As a matter of fact, obesity requires the correction of nutrition. Such products as sugar, jam, candies, pastry should be excluded from the daily ratio. It is also necessary to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates which are transformed into fat, especially those of animal origin that are contained in meat and dairy foods.

For people who are prone to overweight it is contraindicated to eat margarine, fatty and processed cheese, mayonnaise, hot dogs, sandwiches (combining fats with carbohydrates), especially those, which are served in McDonald’s restaurants. It is rather better eating vegetables and fruits (preferably unsweetened), ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, horseradish (if there are no problems with the pancreas) and fish. Among beverages, the best are natural juices without additives of sugar. Boiled and baked potatoes stimulate lipolysis, while fried potatoes contribute to the weight gain.

Smells of vanilla, lemon and orange are very useful, because they reduce the appetite and food neurosis (due to these measures, staff confectioners usually not only love sweets, but eat little because of poor appetite). Most valuable food in the susceptibility to obesity is sauerkraut (this product has antihelmintic action), seaweed, and cranberries. In addition, onions and garlic are fat burners. The intensity of metabolism in cells and, therefore, fat burning increases an hour after eating onions and garlic. For better weight loss, it is advisable to drink 30 minutes before meals or half an hour afterwards.

Practical Aspects of the Solution

All these pieces of advice are very helpful in combating obesity. However, these solutions are not very suitable for lower socio-economic groups as all products mentioned above are expensive. A person can get a full meal on the dollar menu at a fast food outlet for the cost of a couple of fruit. Therefore, it will be cheaper if people with a low income go shopping in huge supermarkets. According to Gearhart, Gruber, and Vanata, “The benefit of larger supermarkets is their ability to offer food at lower prices than smaller grocery or convenience stores.”

Most Americans have their private houses. Thus, the great idea for the poor is to grow vegetables and fruits in the garden by themselves. As a result, this will not only save money, but also promote leading of an active lifestyle. Thus, people with low income will “kill two birds with one stone.”

It is better to eat 5-6 times a day, but with small portions, avoiding filling the stomach, when there is no feeling of hunger, and eating slowly without hurrying. Drinking a considerable amount of water will detoxify one’s organism. Doctors counsel the patients to drink 2 to 2.5 liters of water a day. Moreover, nowadays, water is not expensive compared with fruits and vegetables. One more advice suggestion should be taken into the consideration. A great majority of doctors recommend “making friends with scales”. This issue is primarily a psychological and purely individual one.

“Weigh yourself at least once a week. Consequently, this will help you measure how much extra flab you have lost by doing simple activities or workout. In case you are being inactive and not eating healthy, you will be aware of the weight gain at an early stage. In the end, this will prevent your weight gain from being too much to reduce” (“How to Prevent Obesity”).

Proposed Solution

The solutions to this social problem are multi-prolonged. Thus, everybody who suffers from this health problem may use the following tips, which would be the most effective in overcoming obesity.

To get rid of obesity, one should take into consideration the following tips as they are the most effective ones among all the described above. Moreover, everyone can keep them as they are suitable for any person, not depending on the income or other aspects.

1. They say that the better way to reach something is to follow somebody’s acts. Healthy nutrition right from breakfast as well as regular exercises have to be an essential part of every family’s life. Living in such a family, children always try to follow these rules and get the chance to be saved from obesity.

2. To stay slim and healthy, one has to get rid of sugar. There are a lot of alternatives that can easily replace it: honey, agave nectar, or maple syrup. The thing is that these sweeteners can hardly be stored as fat by the body. Besides, they have almost the same taste as sugar that is why the replacement will not be difficult at all.

3. There is no way to lose weight for those who do not want to be on a diet. Although obesity is a common problem, the diet should be prescribed personally by a doctor and cannot include more than 25 % of dietary fat. To make the diet more effective, one has to give up fried food.

4. A great way to prevent obesity is to walk at least 30 minutes a day. Modern technologies have made our life not only easier, but more passive as well. Sometimes, we are supposed to push them from us in order to stay healthy. If people want to prevent obesity, they should always prefer walking to using any kind of transport.

5. Since the day you start taking care of your health, vegetables and fruits have to become your best friends. It is hard to find someone who gained weight because of eating too many vegetables or fruits. There is no diet that excludes them, that is why one can always get rid of hunger whenever he or she wants by eating an apple or any other fruit.

6. Eating schedule is a highly significant thing. A human body is always worrying about the future: it never stops storing fat in order to keep you from starving. Although, if a person takes meals according to some schedule, his or her body gets used to it and understands that there is no need to accumulate energy. Moreover, to eat five small meals is much better choice than to take two or three large meals.

Obesity is a growing global issue. Being obese leads to a substantial number of health problems that have an effect on the people’s life. This nutritional disorder contributes to other problems, such as heart diseases, gallbladder diseases, respiratory problems, depression, some cancers, etc. Thus, this issue is of a paramount significance and is in need of being immediately solved. The current essay describes the main measures that people have to take so that they can live a healthier and longer life.

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A look at the origins of the postmodernist movement should be included in essays on postmodernism as the origin of the movement provides insight into the movement itself.  Essays on postmodernism should then discuss the numerous fields affected by the postmodernist movement such as sociology, linguistics, art, architecture, music and literature, noting some of the famous names in these fields. Some of the key philosophers who have contributed to the postmodernist viewpoints should also be discussed in essays on postmodernism as well. Philosophers such as Martin Heidegger, Thomas Samuel Kuhn, Jean-Francois Lyotard, Jacques Derrida and Jean Baudrillard are just some of the brilliant minds responsible for some of the theories and concepts of postmodernism. Another important discussion to include in essays on postmodernism is a look at the theories and derivatives of the movement such as deconstruction, structuralism, post-structuralism and post postmodernism.  In addition, to help further clarify the concept, essays on postmodernism should explain how postmodernism differs from modernism.


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