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Noah Hill

Adverse possession means taking ownership of another person’s property in legal terms through the availability of the following elements; actual possession of real estate, open notorious, hostile, continuous and uninterrupted for the statutory period. The requirement of real estate acquired being actual relates to the trespasser, taking the property and behaving as the real owner. The element of open and notorious means the trespasser undertakes his actions, while the owner notices it without approval or objection. Hostile means the trespasser has full knowledge that the property he trespasses on has an owner. Hostility exists where the trespasser has the intention to claim possession and/or ownership of the neighbor’s property. Exclusive means the trespasser does not share the trespassed area with anyone, even with the owner. There is also the continuity element, where the trespasser has continuous use of the property over a period. In addition to the above-mentioned elements, there is also an aspect of payment of property taxes by the trespasser. These are also essential in passing the possession and possible ownership of the property to the trespasser. Easements are legal authority to use the property without having ownership of the property by the trespasser. In the case of Drake vs. Smerch, it is significant to note that the elements of adverse possession are met. The fact that Drake knew the driveway was largely on Smersh’s property, shows hostility and notorious nature of the acquisition. Drake’s suing for possession of the driveway via easement of prescription is acceptable, since he uses it as a pathway. The actions of Floyd Messey in building the driveway show actual intention and open notorious character to disregard the owner (the Wallen family). The fact that subsequent owners and trespassers have utilized the driveway without any objection and permission, shows there is continuity. The driveway was built to necessitate access to the cabin, which was an essential purpose. The purpose for access is essential to the cabin owner, which makes it a necessity. It shows Drake has a purpose for the driveway, which the prescription easement would put under necessity. This would be legally acceptable, compelling Smersh to let him continue using the driveway. The easement of necessity is absolute purpose to use the property, which is legitimate, for example, access to property. Such purpose would make the law bend in favor of Drake over Smersh. In the adverse possession cases, the element of open and notorious knowledge of trespassing from both the owner and trespasser depends on the different states, and how they deal with such cases. The prescription for easement is not strictly adhered to such issues as payment of taxes by the trespasser. Moreover, unlike adverse possession cases, the trespasser may not be the single user of the trespassed area in prescription cases. These are the key differences that adverse possession and easements have. The other entire requirements are similar and significant in both cases. Drake’s knowledge that the driveway was largely in Smersh’s property will not matter in ruling the case for easement. It is because there is a necessity that makes Drake use the driveway. The adverse possession policies are strictly guided by the laid civil regulations in different American states. The underlying policy in adverse possession cases is to find the fairer of the owner and trespasser, with many cases in favor of the owner. The law mainly prefers giving legal easement rights, as opposed to granting ownership to the trespasser. This is the condition where many of these adverse possession cases do not fulfill all the required elements needed for them to achieve favorable verdicts. Prescription easements exist in various forms, including written permissions, easement by necessity, and utility easements. Some of these easements are from the purpose, for which the trespasser encroached the property, such as the case of Drake vs. Smersh, discussed in this paper. Other easements that help trespasser acquire possession are through writing either agreement with utility companies that offer essential needs to the community or by agreement with a potential trespasser. There are three significant elements needed to acquire easement to use a property including hostility, openness and continuous use of the property for a period. The law tends to bend over to the trespassers of property, based on their need to trespass. The procedure and elements of adverse possession make it hard for an owner to lose his property, but may lose possession of certain areas. This is from the leniency by law to offer easements from the use of the trespassed property. Legally, the court looks at the intention and factual possession of the trespasser. It is significant to making the decision, as mentioned by Hoffmann J. in Moran Case, “that were it for the trespasser’s wish, he would have paid for the area in need to the property owner”. The owner’s lack to request for compensation makes the law courts bend towards the trespasser. In the real sense, the courts mainly fail to allow for adverse possession, but lean towards allowing for easements.

About the author: Noah Hill is a master in English philology and literature at California University. Noah is currently working as one of the best writers at the research paper topics for high schoolHe also studies feminine psychology.
Noah Hill Nov 21 '19 · Tags: writing

Do you want to become a professional author by writing a book but have no idea where to take your start?

You are at the absolutely right spot!

It is surprisingly easy these days to become a versatile published author, but still, you cannot force people to read or buy your book.

That is the main problem of authors nowadays, and it boosts the importance of using correct strategies while writing the content for your book.

Such strategies successfully grab the attention of the reader and keep them hooked while they are reading your book.

Read the article below and learn five brilliant tips that can help you at all costs in writing a marvelous book that you have always wanted.


1-  Know Your Reader


If you want people to think your book is actually worth buying, you need to completely understand and acknowledge your target audience.  


Ask yourself, who is going to buy this book, and why? What makes your book special than the rest of the authors? Why an individual will choose your book from the piles of other books?


Remember! You are not writing a book for everyone. If you want your book to be successful, choose a specific audience and community before you start writing.


Also, there is a fun fact that women buy books three times more than that of men, so remember that as well.


2-  Polish your writing skills


Can you win a marathon race without practicing and getting in shape? Of course, you can’t! Greater achievements require hard work and practice.

Similarly, you cannot simply start blindly writing your book without practicing writing and polishing your skills. If you start it without preparation, you are more likely to fail.

Make sure you are a pro in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and keeping the content in a flow. It is similar to a scenario when you decide that I have to write my essay.

Always remember! Emotions in your content are an essential key to hook your readers to buy your book.

You should be master in knowing, grabbing, and writing a content that touches the emotions of your target audience.

3-  Find Your Space

Remember! Writing is a kind of work which requires a peaceful mind; you cannot give your best in writing if you start writing it in disturb environment with a disturbed and stressed mind.

Make sure you are relaxed and try to find the most peaceful place that is available for you.

This invokes creativity beyond imagination, and you’ll witness it yourself.

4-  Plan your book

It will take a lot of time if you have no plan for your book, and you will constantly find yourself in the cloud of ambiguities.

Before you start writing, make it clear; how much pages your book will contain, how long will it be, what kind of formatting style is best for your book, what should be its title, what will be the color scheme and design of the cover page, how well your cover page defines the content that is inside and what will make your book of utmost importance to your target audience.

5-  Editing is everything


After proofreading and editing the entire book by yourself, make sure you hire a fresh pair of eyes to do this job.


This will refine your content and make it more pleasing for a reader to read.



Writing a book sure is a lengthy process, but it is not even close to “boring.” It becomes an addiction for a writer to write books one after the other.

It demands a high level of inventiveness, creativity, patience, and language skill. 

Just follow these five tips and ta-da! Enjoy writing your first book. In case you feel difficulty in writing you can consult a legitimate cheap essay writing service.

Have I missed anything? Do you think there are more easy tips that can help writing a book? Feel free to mention in the comment section below and let everyone know. We’ll love to hear from you. 

Sarah Colins

You might have heard of as well as used writing solutions. We are aware if they get great grades for homework that pupils appreciate it they did not need to sweat over. Those tasks aren't the only problems student confront in their own lives. Perhaps you have ever believed"Obtaining my assignments done is cool , but it would be a lot cooler if I could just pay someone to take my evaluation"? We bet you've got, so did we.

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Sarah Colins Sep 28 '19 · Tags: essay, writing
Ruby Nash

Men and women have different ways of communication. By means of communication techniques information and ideas pass from one person to another. Moreover, it is of great importance for human beings to interact and express their own feelings. There are a lot of differences in communication style of men and women. The ability to present arguments is distinctive feature of communication. Women tend to use rhetorical and informational questions in order to deliver their argument. In contrast, the contribution of women during arguments is not that strong. The body orientation of men and women is also very different during communication. Women always look at other things while communicating. They also like to maintain eye contact while they are in any form of conversation. In contrast, men do not maintain eye contact while communicating with each other. This presentation covers the area of gender and communication styles of both men and women. Understanding these differences will help to enhance effective and efficient communication.

The interaction style of men and women is different. According to different researches, women like to use the report style of communication. This style emphasizes on sameness during communication. Linguistic researchers claim that report style helps to establish close relationships between the people who are communicating. In contrast, men do not prefer such style while discussing issues. This type of communication is impersonal. However, it is very efficient in terms of the exchange of information. Men like to use this style of communication in order to maintain their status in the hierarchy. The process of taking turns while communicating is also different between genders. While discussing something, men like to interrupt women in order for them to convey their ideas. This is despite the fact that the woman might have been explaining her point. Men also tend to dominate in conversations. They take a lot of time explaining their own ideas and views. Some of the linguistic researchers argue that women are treated as children while talking in turns.

Question tags can also be used to explore the difference in communication style between men and women. Modal tags and affective tags can be used to illustrate this difference. People use modal tags to request for particular information. They are also used in order to confirm the information that the speaker may be uncertain about. Speakers use affective tags while expressing concern for the addressee. Men tend to use modal tags more often in comparison to the way that women use these tags. Some researchers on linguistics argue that men use modal tags since they are mostly insecure about their opinions. Affective tags are used in order to invite listeners to participate in a particular type of conversation. Men do not use these tags since they do not like engaging in some sort of conversations. However, women love such tags since they like to control the flow of conversations.

The use of silence can also be a tool to explore the difference in communication style between men and women. Men are considered to keep silence more while discussing certain topics, while women try everything possible to present their views during conversations. In most cases, men become silent when they have a critical issue that affects their own emotions. Men become silent when they process certain type of information and it is better to keep it in a secret rather than to share it with everyone.. As for the women, it is much easier for them to share their personal feelings. Some of the men argue that sharing their feelings makes them vulnerable.

Women tend to use modal verbs more frequently as it is considered more polite form of communication. Some of the modal verbs which women frequently use are “could” and “would.” It is common to hear from women requests such as “Could you pass me that pen?” Women also like to use qualifiers more comparing to men. Qualifiers help to avoid the authoritative tone in conversations. It is all because of the society which does not allow women to behave independently and boastfully.

One more distinctive feature is that women like to pay compliments unlike the men do. . Women always appreciate if they are given positive results or references on a particular issue. This is because they consider it as a form of politeness. Women also like offering unsolicited advice during communications. This is because they value sharing feelings with each other and offering emotional support whenever it is needed. Men mostly try to interrupt in order to take over a particular conversation. In contrast, women interrupt when they want to seek clarification about a particular issue under question.

Coming to foregone conclusion, the communication style between men and women is absolutely different. In certain cases men are more silent, however, in other cases they tend to interrupt in order to gain control of a particular conversation. Concerning women style of communication they tend to use qualifiers and modal verbs during communication as they show the level of politeness. If people understand the gender difference in communication, they will be able to know why men and women act differently during conversations. It will facilitate mutual understanding and cooperation during communication in the future.

Ruby Nash is a content writer on writers provide academic help for students in all academic fields. Likewise, Ruby likes writing, traveling and cooking. 
Ruby Nash Sep 27 '19 · Tags: essay, writing, gender
Victoria James

Many parents don't really give it a second thought, but an assignment book can play a major role in helping their child learn to be organized, in turn leading them to more timely work and potentially better grades. Sure, the daily schedule of a kindergartner may not seem too taxing at first, but give it another year or two. If you do not want to read the whole book then what you can do is you can hire someone from academic writing pro because they are professional and will complete your homework on time and you will be able to achieve higher grades in your class.

Once T-ball, dance or piano lessons, soccer and a host of other activities begin to come into play, your child's schedule can quickly become maxed out. And as you probably already know, it only seems to get worse as out children get older. What better time to teach your child the importance of prioritizing their school work and organizing it in such a way that insures that they will fulfill their homework assignments timely.

You may not realize it, but it seems to be human nature for most of us to want to complete check off lists. That may sound a bit silly, but I'm not kidding. Just take a look at many of the online or email solicitations you receive. Many of them will include a brief list of steps to take or items to complete in order to receive a certain benefit or procure a certain item. 

Researchers know that most people, once presented with a list of items to complete, will try to clear the entire list, even if they don't really see the need to do so. It's a bit like some people finishing what's on their plate, even long after they're full. We just seem to want to complete tasks, as a general rule.

Of course this holds true for our children, as well, and is why an assignment book is such an important tool in their learning process. An assignment book can be a simple notebook of paper, or one specifically designed for the task. Either will work. 

The books that are made to use as assignment books have already done some of the organizational work for you, but it's really a matter of budget and personal preference. 

The main thing is to get something sturdy enough to survive the daily to and from school activities of your child. You don't want something that is so sturdy and bulky that your child won't carry it with them, but you also don't want an assignment book that will fall apart within the first week.

Once you've procured your assignment book, you should spend a few minutes going over it with your son or daughter. Explain to them that this is their book, and that it is for them to use as they see fit. 

You don't want to come across as giving them more homework - they'll be getting enough of that from the teachers. But you do want to help them to understand how much easier their school assignments will be if they are using their assignment book to take notes and write down their teachers' instructions about their assignments, etc. 

You want them to learn to make a list of their assignments for each school day.

Once they've gotten in the habit of using their assignment book to record their assignments and to take notes, in no time at all you will find them referring to this personal checklist and just like us adults, working to clear off the daily requirements. 

You will also be able to review their assignment book whenever necessary to monitor their progress and to provide any needed prodding. It's also very important to constantly reinforce your child's using their assignment book, especially in the beginning. Make sure you review it each day when they return from school and complement them on any entries they've made, while at the same time encouraging them to use the book more, be more clear, or whatever else you notice may be lacking.

It may seem to be a simple step, but teaching your child the importance of using assignment books is vital to helping them to become more productive students as well as adults. Give them all of the tools that they will need to succeed, starting with a simple assignment: their very own assignment book.

Maria Denial

One common mistake that frequently most students commit is that they digress from an essay question. You may write a brilliant and carefully argued essay, and still get low marks, because your essay is not relevant to the question. Some essay writers make a strong start for their essaysRecommend Article, and all of a sudden deviate from their essay question, and there are also studentsPrint Articlewho make arguments for an essay that lead them to a wrong direction.

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If you look at essay examples of students, you will think that students deserve more grades for their essay writing task; however, teacher assigns them low grades, because they have failed to relate their essay question with the written text. Teacher is doing a right thing by lowering grades of such students, because misunderstanding an online assignment help question means misinterpreting an essay.


Mention below are some tips and tricks that will help you write a brilliant essay:


Essay Writing: Planning

One successful method to ensure you will stick to the question throughout your essay writing task is to make a clear and comprehensive plan before you begin writing, and then make sure you stick to the point. You should come up with four to five central points, and underneath each point, you should write down the arguments that you will use to convey to your audience. You should reach each section and ask yourself whether it answers the question directly. You should discard points that are irrelevant to your essay question, and make sure that you stick firmly to your plan.


Essay Writing: Referring Back to the Question

This tip and trick is about a simple method that can make a huge difference for your essay assignment. You must use a signpost when you begin a new essay paragraph or idea, which connects strongly to an essay question. You should not be afraid while referring back to the questions, because it will greatly enhance the sense of cohesion and relevance of your argument.


Essay Writing: Developing Your Argument

Students often start their essays with a clear introductory discussion that address the question, but when their essay develop to branch out in more detailed lines of debates, they fail to show that they are still focusing on the main point with which their questions are concerned. Students can keep focus on the main points of their essays if they successfully make relationships between the various parts of their essay arguments.


Essay Writing: Conclusions:

The most successful essays always have one thing in common that is, a strong and clear conclusion that provides a clear summary of an essay argument. Concluding paragraphs can be used by writers to prove why each paragraph of their essays is relevant to the question.


Last Tip and Trick

Are you writing an essay assignment? If yes, then you should constantly recapitulate yourself of an essay question. You should re-read your essay question if you want to keep on track, and make sure that your essay is relevant to the topic that you are focusing on.

Essay Writer

What to do, is to 2x-test each and every information and facts and statistics you a part of your essay. To be legitimate certainly one additional part of authoring a very good analytic essay. Make certain all of the suggestions have been in spot and you’ve cited all the resources for the data you applied competently.

Save Your Time and Deal with All your Assignments

All the producing responsibilities are stressful and time-consuming. Learners frequently get burned out on account of the a shortage of time as well as not being able to take care of every thing during the tight due dates. If you’re swept up involving a variety of jobs our company of skilled freelance writers are prepared to help you.

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Only freelance writers who have got broad experience of school posting and fantastic producing capabilities talk with us. The level of our succeed relies upon their expertise and attentiveness to details. They will follow your art and recommendations the level of an analytical essay your tutor seriously wants to get of you.


Our gurus are familiar with most of the simply writing practices and in what way to go your essay to a masterwork utilizing them. For people who have some queries you can purchase a small sample of the writers’ former actually works to guarantee we utilize only tremendous aces in artistic authoring.

Callie Lorenzo
A Guideline for Comparative Essay Outline
Comparative essay is based on comparison of two or more views, persons or events. The two subjects may have similar features or issues. You can compare their advantages and disadvantages and provide your view in favor or against the subjects. Comparative essays can also be written on a single subject by comparing its different aspects. You could be asked to write an essay about myself through which you will be asked to compare your strengths and weaknesses.
Whether you write English essays or Urdu essays, every essay has a predefined format or outline of the form: introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. In case of comparative essay outline the body hosts the comparison of two or more subjects with help of suitable examples. The comparative essays outline will give you a clear idea about the process of writing a comparative essay and will serve as great help when there is not much time to write an essay
Incorporate the following points for Comparative essays outline :
1. Selection of topic should be such that a comparison can be made between any two subjects related to that topic. A comparison needs to have a strong backing of research. Thus do a proper research and make sure you have a complete knowledge of the topic and the subjects to be discussed.
2. Next is the introduction, which describes the central theme of the essay so keep it short, precise and accurate. Define your objective of comparing the two subjects and state in short the points you are going to include, for the readers to understand your preference. End the introduction with a thesis statement which can also include a claim or a point you want to make about the topic.
3. While writing the body of the essay you must be perfectly clear of the purpose of writing this essay. In a comparative essay the body also has significance on the structure or the order in which you compare the subjects. Though there are some sample structures for a comparative essays outlineyou could use the one you are comfortable with but make sure the reader understand all the points.
Some of the commonly followed practices are as follows;
--One method you could follow is by comparing each aspect of the subjects together in a paragraph and continuing the same throughout the essay. For instance take a topic as “plasma TV versus LCD TV”. You could compare these two products for their features in one paragraph and drawbacks in the other.
--Second method is to handle each subject individually and compare them in separate paragraphs. This method is helpful when you are dealing with a topic having more than two subjects to compare. You can handle each subject one by one and describe them separately. For instance if you are asked to compare “different forms of music”, you could explain them individually as per their popularity over the generations. But while using this method you need to be careful and attentive as you may discuss different points for different subjects and may not offer equal time to all.
4. At the end conclude the essay with a brief and general summary of the discussed points and their similarities and differences.
Though this comparative essay outline will help you in writing an effective comparative essay, you can take help of a professional essay writing service like Write My Essay Pro (visit their site). They provide custom made essays and good research proposal example on your demand and have a money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the service.
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