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You can use Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro, but not with your iPhone. After connecting the Apple Pencil with the iPad, you can markup screenshots, draw, sign documents and also write notes from the lock screen. Here’s how to use Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro.

How to Connect Apple Pencil with iPad Pro?

•    Go to the Settings option. It resembles a gray logo having two gears inside it.

•    Press on the Bluetooth option. You will get this option into the fourth column given in the settings window. In case it starts indicating “On” near the Bluetooth option, then this means that the Bluetooth option is already turned on and you do not have to turn it on again.

•    Press on the white switch given diagonally from Bluetooth. In case the switch symbol turns into a green color, then this means Bluetooth is enabled. In case the switch turns into white color, then this means Bluetooth is disabled. Ensure that the Bluetooth is enabled.

•    You have to remove the cap of the Apple pencil. You will see the cap on the button of the Apple Pencil, and below it, you will get the lightning connector to pair the Apple Pencil into the iPad, and you can also charge your Apple pencil by pairing it into the lightning connector.

•    Connect the Apple Pencil into the USB charging dock. You have to pair the Apple Pencil into the same dock which you use to connect the iPad charger.

•    Press on Pair button. After getting the Bluetooth connecting option on the display,  press on the Pair button. It is an option which help you to connect the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro. Once you have connected the Apple pencil, you can start using it in any supportable device.

How to Markup a Screenshot?

•    Click on the Home and Power button together. You will get the home button under the iPad’s display, and it resembles a round shape button. The power button is located on the upper right-hand side of the display.

•    You have to click both the buttons together so that you can capture a screenshot on your iPad.

•    The screenshot you have captured will start showing in the end left-hand side of the display.

•    Press the captured screenshot.

•    Choose a highlighter.

•    Choose a color.

•    Highlight the picture by using the Apple Pencil on the iPad.

•    Press on the Done button.

How to Write Notes from Lock Screen on iPad?

•    Click the Power button.

•    Press the display by using the Apple Pencil on iPad.

•    Now, you need to write notes from the lock screen.

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