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A password reset disk helps you to reset the local password in your Windows. If you have forgotten the password of your account, then you will be unable to create a password reset disk. Prevent the situation before it happens for real as it might cause you to lose your data. Remember, if you create the reset disk password, it will only be for the local accounts. Resetting the Microsoft Account password using reset disk is not possible. With some simple steps and in a brief time, you can create a password reset disk in your Windows. All you need is a USB drive or an SD card plugged into your Windows system to create a password reset disk. The password reset disk, once created, works forever till eternity. Don’t wait for the day when you might need it, just create one right now.

How to create a password reset disk in Windows
  1. As mentioned above, plug in your USB drive or SD card. Do not remove the drive until the process is complete.
  2. Now, press Windows Key + S to open Search Bar.
  3. Type User Account in the search bar.
  4. Open the User Account and click Create a password reset disk.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click to open the Dropdown Menu.
  7. Select a device from the drop-down menu in which you want to create a password reset disk.
  8. Type your local account password.
  9. Now, click Next.
  10. Wait for the creation of a password.
  11. When the process is done, click Next
  12. Now click Finish to complete and close the process.
  13. The Password Reset Disk contains a single file named psw which has the backup version of the password. It will be on the disk which you chose during the process.

When you forget your password in future, you can recover it from the Password Reset Disk saved in the USB or SD card. Do not delete the file ever or you will never be able to recover or reset the password if forgotten.

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Karen Minton is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Karen has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as


You may wish to record your screen for various purposes. It could be for a video tutorial that you wish to share on YouTube, or to send your friend the killer moves you pulled off on the latest game. Whatever your reasons for recording the screen may be, they come very handy in many ways. Someone who knows how to explain steps and procedures over a recorded screen knows that screenshots pale in comparison to the efficacy with which you can explain these steps. Unfortunately, recording your screen can get really messy with having to install third-party apps and giving them control and access. However, if you have a Windows 10 device then you have hit the screen recording jackpot. Windows 10 has a built-in feature that allows you to record video clips up to 2 hours long!

Neatly tucked inside the Xbox app, Game DVR, originally meant to record videogame footage, can also record your device screen. Whether it is Microsoft Word or any internet browser, Game DVR will record the screen for you. Unfortunately, Game DVR has limited features considering that it can only record one window or app at a time.

Here are the steps to use Game DVR:
  • Open the Xbox app. Click on the Start menu, go to All Apps and click on Xbox. If this is the first time you are opening the app, it will require you to set up some settings.
  • Once the Xbox setup is complete, open the Game bar by using the shortcut keys (Windows key + G).
  • Check out the settings of Game bar by clicking on the Game Bar’s gear icon on the Xbox app. You can adjust the recording time, impose limits on the duration of the clips, and also feed a list of programs where you can turn on Game bar by default.
  • When you attempt to open the Game bar in any window or application, you will receive a pop-up asking you if you wish to open the Game bar, check the “Yes, this is a game” box. Check the box even if it isn’t a game since Game DVR also works on other applications.
  • Click on the circular red button to begin recording the screen. Remember that since Game DVR does not record the entire screen and instead it only records the app/window that is active, make sure that the what you wish to record is the active window.

Note: The Game DVR also does not record the mouse movements.

  • To stop the recording, once again press the shortcut to open Game bar (Win + G) and click on the Stop button.
  • The newly recorded video clip will be visible in the Xbox app. You can access it by clicking on the Xbox button located on the Game bar or by the Xbox app through the Start Menu. You will notice a series of features depicted by icons on the left-hand side of the Xbox app.
  • Click on the sixth icon (that is, a film strip in the background of an Xbox controller) to open the Game DVR menu.
  • You can see all your recorded videos here. You can even carry out basic editing such as renaming the clip, trimming it, etc.

Now that you can easily record your screen on your Windows 10 device, go ahead and get recording. Who knows, you may turn out to be the next Twitch sensation or YouTube’s Tutorial Guru!

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Karen Minton is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Karen has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as


Whenever we want to play music in our system, a much-known software name comes in our mind which is called Windows Media Player. Still, the Windows media player is one of the best tools for playing music and movies. But sometimes it does have its own share of problems which pop-up again and again. Some issues with the Windows Media Player are easily being fixed, but some are typical to solve.

Windows Media Player Unable to Play Files on Windows 10

Here we discuss the issue which affects the media files such as .3gp, .3g2, .mp4, .mov, and .adts. Just check it once, if any of these media files have a space in their path or file name, then you might experience the following error-

“Windows Media Player cannot play the file; the player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.”

Generally, this error occurs when the Internet Explorer encoded path to call the Create Process. Now, the Windows Media Player itself is not even capable of opening a URL-encoded path. Instead, it shows an error.

Steps to Windows Media Player Unable to play files on Windows 10

Firstly, you need to install the latest updates.

However, users are facing lots of problem with the Windows 10 usually due to their failure of updating their computer on a regular basis. To get all the latest updates, users can directly visit into the Microsoft update and install all the latest updates for your system. You might want to make sure that the Sound and other drivers along with the Codec files are successfully updated.

Sometimes, due to some other reasons, it doesn’t work, but below given tips should straighten things out, though it will surely require more work on the part of the users.

The Workarounds
  1. Whenever there are any spaces in the name of your media files or the path of the files, then you should remove them promptly, and that might help you in solving the issue.
  2. If your media files are not in a Windows Media Player playlist, then you need to go ahead and also create it.

For creating a playlist, you need to follow the given below steps:

  1. Firstly, you need to fire up the Windows Media Player software.
  2. Then, click on the button which signifies Playlist in the left panel.
  3. Finally, an option will appear on the screen which says “Click here to create a Playlist.”
  4. Do that, and then add your music to
  5. Alternatively, an unsaved list will appear on the left panel of your screen.
  6. Now, you just need to drag and drop your favorite music there. And finally, you will have a new playlist.

Congratulation! Your playlist has been successfully created.

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Recently, Google has updated its way to discover events in Search, and also adding some new features that both personalized results and also provide more key information about the events exactly in the search results.

So when you are searching for an event and click on it, an overview will appear on your screen which shows details like venue reviews, ticket cost, time, and also location. Moreover, you can also save the events only to revisit later, or also click through to buy tickets via various other vendors like StubHub and Ticketmaster.

However, all new update will cover all types of events, like local festivals, concerts, cooking classes, and also museum happenings. You have to Search with the terms like “free concert,” and a list will be returned which combined from a range of different sites.

Google is also providing tab called as “For You” which should deliver events that only based upon the interest of the user’s personal interests, including the categories like cooking, running, and photography. Google has also offered some tools for the organizers for marking up their event listings, so you should easily able to see giant happenings, but it should also include smaller meetups happening in the user’s neighborhood which is much like a local dancing class.

Google also stated in its post that all new events. The search would roll out over the upcoming few days for those who are in the US.


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