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Angel Smith


The keyboard is a device that we use almost on a daily basis. The keyboard is considered an external device when we talk about desktops or laptops; however, you only can use a virtual screen-based keyboard when it comes to the full touch screen tablets. A considerable number of users are now using a tablet instead of a laptop as their daily driver for petty tasks. It can sometimes become a challenge to rely on the touch screen keyboard, especially if the work involves extensive typing.

It can be an excellent idea to use a Bluetooth keyboard paired with the tablet. We’re counting down the list of some of the best Bluetooth keyboard options out there. You can use these keyboards with a tablet, a smartphone, or even a laptop.

Arteck Universal Keyboard

Arteck checks all the boxes when it comes to the best-overall Bluetooth keyboard to purchase. The Artech has been the number one choice of customers on Amazon due to its features, affordable pricing with a long-lasting battery. The keyboard is super compatible and can be paired with almost any Bluetooth device, be it Android, Windows, or Mac.

Unlike several other keyboards that consume power from the tab/mobile, they are connected to, Artech features a lithium-ion battery of its own that is proven to be long-lasting.

You’ll find this keyboard to be ultra-slim and compact, giving it the edge when it comes to portability. However, it misses the feature of docking your device. You may want to use a vertical surface or any object to lean your tablet on while using this.

The box contents of this product include the keyboard, warranty card, welcome guide as well as a USB-charging cable. Arteck provides a 2-year warranty on this product.

OMOTON Bluetooth Keyboard

OOTRON’s version of the Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard is an absolute eye-catcher for its looks, and it provides a great deal of portability. While you have the option to connect the device to almost any Bluetooth 3.0 device (Android, Mac, and Windows), the keyboard’s design seems to be centered around Mac devices. It offers seamless connectivity to a broad spectrum of   Apple devices. It packs in a bunch of features like multiple language support, an amazing Bluetooth range of about 33 feet, along with 13 hotkeys that let you control music, volume, and screen brightness. This keyboard also has two AAA batteries, meaning it won’t consume your tablet’s power to run. The battery life is claimed to be over six months. The slim dimensions make it an excellent choice for people who travel frequently.

Microsoft’s Universal Foldable Keyboard

Microsoft has designed its Universal Foldable Keyboard, keeping portability in mind. In spite of being a Windows-centric keyboard, it works just fine with Mac or Android devices. It has the latest version of Bluetooth 4.0, which promises a greater range with higher power efficiency. The device is super compact, weighing over one pound. What sets this keyboard apart is the foldable mechanism adding an all-new dimension to portability. When folded, it becomes almost identical to a wallet’s size. The fold mechanism also works as a handy way to turn the device on and off. Unfolding the device will turn it on while folding it back will trigger a shutdown.

Anker Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

When it comes to compatibility, Anker’s Ultra-Slim version of its Bluetooth keyboard is a clear cut choice. The keyboard is efficiency optimized to work with all Android devices, iOS tabs/phones, Mac as well as Windows. Apart from its amazing compatibility, it also promises to be highly compatible with its weight, similar to a billiard ball. 

Keyboard layout, backlighting, and an ergonomic design are the major parameters to keep in mind while purchasing a Bluetooth keyboard. All the above-mentioned keyboards are worth your money.

Angel Smith


Your work can go haywire if you lose access to your Outlook email account. It can often be quite challenging to troubleshoot issues with the Outlook app because most of the time, the error-messages it displays are inaccurate or vague. However, many common problems might not require you to dig deep and can be solved in just a few steps. Here are the fixes to the most common issues with Outlook.

Checking For Updates

Make sure that the Outlook app and your Windows is updated to the latest version. This will help in ensuring that you’re getting regular bug fixes and feature updates. Ideally, they should get updated automatically, but it is a good idea to manually check for these updates when you face issues.

Head over to the settings and click on Update & Security, then select Check for Updates. Similarly, in the Outlook app, go to the File tab and select Office account. Then click on Update Options followed by Update Now.

Running in Safe Mode

If any 3rd party program or software is interrupting the app to work correctly, booting into safe mode and then launching the app is likely to resolve the issue. You should do this when the Outlook app stops responding while a message is being processed. For running the app in safe mode, you need to proceed by pressing Win + R for opening Run and then type in “Outlook.exe /safe” and hit enter.

Exit from Compatibility Mode  

The compatibility mode is designed by Windows to run apps on older versions of Windows. If you’re getting errors in starting up the app, it may be the case that the app is trying to run in compatibility mode which can sometimes create problems. You need to type in “Outlook.exe” in the start bar and after that, open the file location by right-clicking on it. When you’ve located the file, you need to check the properties of the file by right-clicking on it. Make sure that every option is unchecked in the compatibility tab, and then select Ok.

Repairing Office Suite

There are chances that you may have corrupt Office files in your system, which is causing the Outlook app to not function properly. Repairing Office is quite a simple procedure. You need to go to the settings and then select Apps. Find Microsoft Office from the app-list and then choose Modify. This will show up a window that will ask you how files are to be repaired. When the device is connected to a network, you should always go ahead with the online repair. The wizard will automatically look for the latest updates and then install them in your Office suite.

The most challenging part of the issues with Outlook is the detection of the source of these problems. The error messages lack accuracy and are often unhelpful. It’s a good idea to try each fix and then see what works for you.

Alessia Martine

The latest video game from the Mario franchise is Paper Mario: The Origami King. The game was released on 17th July 2020, and within a few weeks, it has managed to win the hearts of numerous gamers. A new puzzle trail has been added to the game. The Puzzle requires the gamers to locate four Desert Tower Eyes. Thus, in this article, we will help the players find all Desert Tower Eyes in Paper Mario: The Origami King.


Where to Find All 4 Desert Tower Eyes

Below we have individually briefed about all the 4 Desert Tower Eyes and where you can find them.

First Desert Eye

The Diamond Jewel- Gamers will find the first Desert Eye tower in the Northwest region of Paper Mario. Gamers must use the map to head towards this region, and once they reach there, they must find the inscription that says “finding your eyes would be a feat unless you look around my feet.” Afterward, players must access the first Desert Tower and head towards its basement. Then they must use Professor Toad to dig up the Diamond Jewel. Afterward, gamers need to put the Diamond Jewel in the proper location to accomplish the first Desert Tower Eye’s task.

Second Desert Eye

The Triangle Jewel- The second Desert tower is in the Scorching Sandpaper West. Players need to use the map to reach there, and once they have finally made it to Sandpaper West, they must start finding the inscription. The second tower’s inscription says that “Beneath the feet of Twins entwined in needles, there you will find the eye.” When gamers have succeeded in finding the inscription, they must visit Cacti that lies in the eastern section. Afterward, players need to use Professor Toad to dig up the Triangle Jewel. Gamers must put this jewel in the requisite location to complete the second Desert Tower Eye’s task.

Third Desert Eye

The Round Jewel- Players need to visit Sniff City, and once they successfully reach there, then they need to interact with Snifit. Once gamers have succeeded in interacting with the Snifit, they will be guided towards Scorching Sandpaper Far West. There, players will find the inscription that says “Eclipse the Sun above the lake, A buried eye is yours to take”. After reading this inscription, they must return to Sniff City. In Sniff City, players need to go to the green region that lies near the lake. Then, players need to place Mario in the water. There, gamers will find Round Jewel.

Fourth Desert Eye

The Square Jewel- Like the third Desert Eye, players must revisit Sniff City to visit the fourth tower. They need to speak to Snifit to obtain guidance to reach Scorching Sandpaper Far East. After that, players need to climb over the fourth Desert Tower to get the inscription. The clue of the fourth Desert Tower says that “An eye is there, by earth encased.” Once gamers have read it, they need to visit Scorching Sandpaper Minor now. Gamers need to analyze all the Boos and try to find the one using a Wave symbol. Once players succeed in doing that, they can go inside the fireplace where they will find the Square Jewel. Gamers need to put the Square Jewel in a proper location inside the tower to finish this task.

Gamers need to know that they will be rewarded with coins after completing this task. Thus, we suggest players invest the rewarded coins to obtain stat boosts. Gamers can play Paper Mario: The Origami King on Nintendo Switch.

Robert Hunt is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet, and new media. He writes for Norton security products at


ms office has led the working attribute of office premises to whole new extent. The promising software first came into existence into the early 90s and yet keeps on continuing. Microsoft constantly developed a new Office version. Hence, the latest Office tool is in the market with whole new mesmerizing tools, including more advanced MS-Word, Power point, and Excel.The downloading, installation, and activation of MS Office can be done easily through

Alessia Martine

Data recovery refers to a process of recovering lost or corrupted data from secondary storage devices, also known as external devices. The examples of the secondary devices are pen-drives, hard drives, etc. To run this process on any of the external devices, you need to install a data recovery software. There are different kinds of data recovery software available in the market with different features. Let us discuss some of the best data recovery software of 2020.


Cleverfiles Disk Drill Data Recovery 

It is a data recovery tool which is used to recover the data from several secondary storage devices. The UI of this tool is very clean and easy to use. It provides complete and secured data recovery. It works with almost all file systems. You can install this on both Windows and Mac.


EaseUS is one of the most popular and best data recovery tools. It has been available in the market from quite a long time ago. It allows you to recover the data completely along with many other unique features. It is very user-friendly and shares a very smooth UI. Some of its best features are disk management, backup methods, and many more. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar is another secured data recovery software that allows users to recover their lost data from the devices. It is also available for both Windows and Mac. It allows you to recover all types of files, including the media files as well. It’s the best feature that includes the recovery of data from a formatted drive, which is rare.

Kernel Data Recovery

Kernel is the most widely used data recovery tool available in the market. It shares a very easy and smooth UI. It is highly recommended for both professionals as well as beginners. It allows the user to recover the MS Office files also. It has a video repair tool to recover the damaged video completely.


DoYourData is another data recovery tool to retrieve deleted and corrupted data from a device. It is very user-friendly and can be installed on Windows and Mac. The key features of DoYourData are raw recovery, deleted file recovery, and many more.


PhotoRec is a data recovery software which is used to retrieve or recover lost and corrupted data from several devices. It helps in recovering CD, DVD, and many other video-related data. It can also recover images and hence is essential for professionals.


UNDELETE 360 is also a powerful data recovery software, which is mainly used to recover the deleted data from a computer, USB drives, and hard disks. Sometimes, you don’t want to delete some files, but by mistake, you may have deleted it. In that case, UNDELETE 360 is a very powerful software to retrieve your data even from the recycle bin of your computer.

Remo Recover

Remo Recover is another data recovery tool or software. It can also retrieve data from most of the devices. It has a very user-friendly interface, which makes it a very simple tool to use.


Recuva is a cheaper alternative to any other data recovery tool. It can be installed only on Windows operating systems but does not support macOS. It is also a powerful software for the recovery of data available in the market. It is easy to use and can retrieve almost all types of data.


Jihosoft is also another data recovery software available to install on the devices which run on the Android platform. It is most widely used on smartphones for the recovery of data. It can also be installed on Windows and Mac systems.

R Studio

R Studio is one of the best and most popular data recovery tools. It has many unique and advanced features. It shares a very user-friendly and multi-language interface, which makes it easy and smooth for the users to recover their lost files and data.

Paragon Software

It is another excellent data recovery software and is widely used over the world for the best data recovery experience. It helps in recovering data along with keeping the hardware risk free. Sometimes, while recovering the files, it may be possible that your files get crashed, but Paragon Software is an intelligent option that will keep your device safe.

Robert Hunt is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at



Every program comes up with useful features so you can complete almost any task. Be it minor daily tasks or big commercial tasks, you can do it all with this software, both for personal and business use. They too have comprehensive help catalogs built into the programs in case you face any problem. Therefore, the MS Office suite basically has everything you require for running your business. Whether it is small or big, all types of industries can use the Microsoft Office suite of software programs. Furthermore, businesses can use MS Word for creating memos and publications. Therefore, all sorts of people and corporations can use this software, and that is why it is considered to be the most popular suite of programs. Visit now and get the Microsoft Office suite.


Microsoft Office is one of the most commonly used personal productivity software in the market. Whether it is office, school, or college, you can find people using it everywhere. The software was first introduced in the year 1988. Using the software, you can easily create documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc. You can also create your company sales reports, budgets, and presentations using it. To quickly download the Microsoft Office, all you have to do is go to get the Office setup file.

Alessia Martine

Being a pet parent is not easy. While most of the furries love to cuddle and play, there are some that might not like you snuggling and playing with them. Some pet parents are always worried about their pets and what they are up to. If you can relate to this, then one thing you should get right now is the Whistle GO Explore GPS. It is a smart pet tracker that is GPS-enabled.


About The Product

To explain in simple words,  Whistle GO Explore is like a FitBit that works for dogs as well as cats. The product is the best location and health tracker for dogs and cats. It can track your pet all the time and check its health daily. The product is in the form of a band that is very much durable as well as waterproof. It has an excellent battery backup that will work without any disturbance for 20 days if charged fully. Other advanced features include food calculator, and night light, along with a tele-vet permit.

The two main factors, location, and health tracking are amazingly good and work really well. It was slightly more than what we expected it to be. The Whistle GO Explore app, which is a brilliant functioning app, sends you a wellness report every weekend that tells you everything starting from the average activity minutes, resting hours, kilometers walked, and total calories lost.

The best part is that it even tells you about how frequently your pet was scratching or licking so that you can also know about your pet’s skin and related issues. The app uses all these data and suggests a food and fitness plan according to the age, breed, and weight of your pet. The band connects you with your pet and lets you know almost everything about your pet. You can also collect these weekly reports and show them to your vet with the help of the app, whenever anything concerns you.

Surprisingly, the location tracking feature was pretty accurate, and it was not just a fake promise. You can even customize it accordingly; for example, you can mark some areas as safe zones within the GPS map of your space, and if anytime your pet leaves that area, you get a notification along with the location. This an outstanding feature if your pet is still small and adventurous. It is a genius pet tracker that actually does almost everything you need to do for your pet.

The only problem with this device is that it tries to save the battery by switching the tracker only every six minutes, which can or cannot be accurate at that time. You can modify the refresh rate, but that is at the cost of battery life. The trackers let you know about the weekly and daily visited locations. It also has a lost pet mode. When you activate it, the band sends you the location of your pet every 15 seconds.

Apart from tracking, the product can also turn itself into a night light. It can be effortlessly monitored with its app. When it comes to its durability and battery life, it is incredible. It won’t break or give you a poor performance no matter what. The battery does last for more than 20 days, and it is resistant to water.

However, the subscription is quite costly. The tracker costs $129.95, and the monthly fee is $9.95, which is very expensive. Thus, it is much of a luxury item as it is challenging to afford, even if it is your necessity.

Chloe Decker is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Microsoft products at


Angel Smith


Worried about your little kids continuously staring at those glazy lights of smartphones? Well, you might find your solution here. The Digital Wellbeing element of Android will let you know about your screen time daily with its app. This will also show you a list of those apps from which you get the maximum of notifications. The feature fragments your screen time into the apps you have spent most of your time on. There is a pie chart that shows you the related data. The parts divided in the circle show your screen time and below that, you will see the number of times you have unlocked your phone and the number of notifications you received in a day.

Enabling Digital Wellbeing on Your Android

You can use the Digital Wellbeing option on your Android phone from your phones’ settings.

1. Go to the ‘Settings’ option on your Android phone.

2. Scroll down to select ‘Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls’.

3. Choose the ‘Show your data’ option.

4. Move to the top right-hand side corner of the screen and select the three-dot menu.

5. Click on Manage your data option.

6. Turn on the switch beside the ‘Daily device usage’ option.

7. Now your Android phone will record, register, and analyze your app usage, number of notifications, and number of times you unlock your device.

8. If you want to access the feature through any shortcut icon, then choose the ‘Show icon in the app list’.

Monitoring Your Screen Timing

There are a number of tools and ways provided by Digital Wellbeing for helping you to lessen your time spent on mobile screens as well as distractions. It categorizes all into two: means to disconnect and decrease interruptions.

Set Timers on Apps

The best option to put a bar on the time you spend on screen is setting a timer for your maximum used apps so that you do not keep on spending unnecessary time scrolling Instagram or playing your favorite game rather than working, studying, or interacting with your family and friends. You are putting a limit on the amount of time you would spend on these apps every day when you set a timer. After your time limit is crossed, the setting will notify you and your app will be blocked from access. Now you will only be able to use it when the next day starts unless you manually switch the feature off. Follow these simple steps to set the app timer:

1. Go to your Dashboard.

2. A list of all the apps you use the most will show up on your screen. Select any app and it will show you your time spent on the app, total notifications received, and the number of times the app was accessed. Now, click on the hourglass icon that appears beside the app icon.

3. Set a time limit according to your need.

4. Hit the trash can icon that appears beside it, to remove the timer in the future.

Setting Bedtime Mode

This mode lets you cool down and rest after a hectic day. It puts your phone on silent and turns the screen to grayscale. This way it makes sure that you sleep on time without wasting time on social media. You can also put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode with its customizations. For that, click on Customize to turn on DnD mode when you go to sleep. There is an option to adjust your bedtime mode according to your time or enable it when you put your phone to charge before sleeping. In all these cases, you can assign your turn-on time and turn-off time.

Enabling Focus Mode

With the help of focus mode, you can stop all your apps temporarily. You can either do this manually or schedule it to work automatically. It lets you select your preferred time, or day(s). You also get the option to take a break between your work. This option will give you some time as a break to access your apps.

If we talk about the Reduce Interruptions option, it lets you restrict notifications from selected or all apps and puts your phone on DnD mode.

Using Parental Control to Manage the Screen Time of Your Kids

You can keep a check over the time your kids spend on phones if you have a default parent account on their phones. Begin systemizing parental controls within the settings page of Digital Wellbeing. For that, you will have to download the Family Link which is a Google app that requires both the parent and child to have an account on Google.

1. Head to the settings screen of ‘Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls’.

2. Select the ‘Set up parental controls’ option that appears at the bottom.

3. Now click on ‘Get started’ from the next screen.

4. Select ‘Parent’.

5. A prompt will appear asking you to install Google’s Family Link app. After installing,  move ahead with the prompts that appear on screen to complete the process.

Monitoring the Phone of Your Child

If you want to control the screen time on your child’s phone and other settings, link your email accounts first.

1. Open Settings on your child’s phone and go to the ‘Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls’ option.

2. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the option to set up parental controls, click on it.

3. Select ‘Get Started’.

4. Choose the ‘Child or Teen’ option.

5. Select the option to create or add an account if it is not already there. After adding an account, select the control option from the list and keep following the prompts.

Reducing screen time is not easy and all these tips can only work if you are determined. Especially in the case of Kids, it is difficult to do. Therefore, along with these techniques, you must inculcate the value of a healthy lifestyle in your kids.

Harry Williams is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Harry Williams has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

Angel Smith


When you think of famous RPG fantasy tabletop games, Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons are the first in your mind. While this automatically reflects how good these games are, it might also confuse you about which one you should choose.

Among all the fantasy games, over the years, Dungeons & Dragons have won many hearts. The game was released more than 40 years ago to offer players of the world the chance to witness their fantasy dreams with simple calculations and dice rolling.

During 2008, the game’s fourth edition started receiving very mixed reviews. That is when Paizo Publishings came out with Pathfinder, which is hugely founded on the third season of Dungeons & Dragons as this was the most successful season of the game. These two games have gained popularity over the years and have also released their sequels— Pathfinder Second Edition and Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. If you are starting with RPG games, then you might be confused between these two. Here is a classification of these two games which will help you decide which one you should go for.

Entry Of Pathfinder

The fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons made various changes into the game and its mechanics, which hugely disappointed the fans. For a long time, fans continued wishing for any update and revival of the older mechanics of the game, but it did not happen.

Leveraging the scenario, Pathfinder was released with similar mechanics as it was in 3.5 and eased many different aspects of the game, thereby incorporating massive customizations and complexity. This made Pathfinder a right combination of the complexity gamers wanted and the mechanics they wished for. In fact, it’s sale was even more than the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

This is because Pathfinders knew that fans like the previous mechanics more and incorporated that in their game. In fact, famous tabletop players loved and chose Pathfinder rather than the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, which is why even the new gamers looked forward towards Pathfinder. The game lets you choose from a big bunch of races, and offers fascinating skills, monsters and enemies.

New Editions Of Both The Games

Like Dungeons & Dragons edition four failed miserably, the makers started with the fifth edition to overcome the loss of failure. The makers developed the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons with straightforward mechanics for any gamer to catch up with it. They also changed the addition and subtraction system of ability checks into an advantages and disadvantages system. This way, the makers refined the game with simple mechanics without disappointing the players.

Dungeons & Dragons’ fifth edition is the first in its series that depends on the players’ united thinking capacity. It entirely depends upon the player if they want to use a grid and figurines or not. Hence the game is suitable for both beginners and veterans.

No doubt, Pathfinder is still the favorite of those who like simple gameplay and but higher complexity, but the fifth edition soon built a wholly new and vast kind of audience base. Hence, Paizo came up with the second edition of Pathfinder.  The second edition did not add some big new things but groomed the game’s existing factors. It focused singly on what players already loved in the game.

Making The Choice

Before making a choice, you first need to decide what your expectations are from the game. If you want imaginative gameplay with accessible content and rules, then go with Dungeons & Dragons’ fifth edition as it will suit you the best. On the other hand, if you want to be involved in a game with complexity and customization options, Pathfinder is right for you.

Both of these RPG games are fun and while new players mostly go for the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, old school tabletop game fans go for Pathfinder. Both these games involve calculations and math; therefore, you need to decide how much you can go on with the calculations while living your fantasy game world.

Cynthia Strickland is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.

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