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Regional exclusives are those pocket monsters that are locatable at a specific region of the globe. Since recently trading is also included to Pokemon GO and many regional Pokemon have been introduced in raid battles, completing Pokedex is turning out to be a hard to accomplish but doable task.

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Respawn has proven to be a successful franchise by introducing Apex Legends, a new battle royale style game which has bloomed and is widely accepted in the gaming community.

This smashing title is plausibly going to feature its first season in the coming month of March. The upcoming March update is expected to introduce players with new in-game content like new maps, characters, and many more items for players to interact.

 Although Respawn receives no such official confirmation recently sure-shot hints are dropped by the developers that new characters are under development for the title.

As per the data miners, they have managed to recover some asset files for the character named Prophet.

GamingINTEL, a data miner, suggested that a new character named Prophet is going to be introduced in Apex Legends. This new Character would have a special move called Precog to an act in the game.

Although no clear mechanics for this move is yet known, many fans and community members are speculating that this move could refer to Precognition.

Currently, it is all speculations, but possibly this move will allow the players to have a future site which would allow the player to have prior knowledge of where the last circle would form. Or maybe this move will let the player know about the possible locations where supply drops would fall.

It is entirely possible that Precog may have completely different mechanics and all the speculations end up in the dust, but it is for sure that such a move can change the dynamics of the game with prior knowledge of the future.

Respawn has not provided any official confirmation for the leaked characters yet, so it would be a no shocker if no such character is included for the title due to balance change issues or possibly any other character introduction.

The data miners have also leaked two more characters for the Apex Legends. The first one being Octane, who has the Stimpak move which can be used to boost the stats for the player and it is also expected to be included in the game in the March update.

The second character is Wattson who is expected to have an electric trap as his special move and is expected to have similar in-game mechanics as Caustic. But no confirm date is hinted for this character so it may have to stay behind the curtains for a while.

Let’s see how Respawn carries out their first season in the month of March and what more content and items will be introduced for Apex Legends.


Source :- https://mfoffice.org/apex-legends-new-character-prophet-leaked/

Karen Minton is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet andnew media. She writes for Norton security products at office.com/setup

pokémon GO trainer battles are going to experience some tweaks and changes in the stat boost. Although trainer battles have experienced a lot of changes in the past still Niantic is planning to tweak and change to in act better balance and improve on in-game interaction

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Billy Mark

Office 365 is equipped with a complete array of tools that helps businesses and individuals become more productive. To get this cloud-based suite, pay a visit to office.com/setup.


Here are the steps to download the office 365


·         Visit office.com/setup.

·     When the user is not logged on, they need to click on sign in located at the upper right corner of the webpage.

·         In the login page, enter the email, phone or Skype ID.

·         If you do not have an account, click on Create One! Link.

·         Enter a phone number or email. You may also create a brand-new email ID.

·         Follow all the formalities.

·         Log on to your new or old account.

·         Click on Install Office 365.

·         Select the version: 64-bit or 32-bit for Windows PC.

·         Select the language.

·         Go to More option and choose the apps, if you do not want all of them.

·         Click on the Install button.

·         Wait for the setup to get downloaded.

Wi-Fi speed is getting slow or Wi-Fi network isn’t good and has a sluggish Wi-Fi signal. If your Wi-Fi signal is weak or connection is slow, then you can resolve this issue by speeding up the Wi-Fi.Here are some general tips that you can use to boost your Wi-Fi.

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Logging out from Facebook Messenger is a confusing task for many users especially for the Android ones. Facebook didn’t provide the option to log out into Messenger app for Android. Android users have only the option of “Switch account” with this option they can switch between accounts. 

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Recently, several users have reported that they are not able to login into the Windows 10 OS, or many times users always need to restart their computer system numerous times for the problem related to the missing User and Password prompt on the Windows login screen. This no password prompt ion Windows login screen should be experienced by multiple users, and this is one of the older errors. Whenever this error occurs on your screen, it simply gets a wedge with the boot loop or credential you entered then the User and Password are not recognized by the Windows users.

Additionally, users have encountered new glitches which are associated with the login screen of your Windows computers. At the time users boot up their computer system, they experience that the user and password prompt not appears on their screen. This means no way to access their computer home screen. However, no matter how many multiple accounts are signed by affected devices and all of them are not loaded easily.

Nevertheless, there are various things you need to troubleshoot the missing user login at boot, including the temporary bypassing the problem by easily turning on the automated login, or by using the command prompt to boot the computer system, Opening Credentials Manager services and many others.

Below we mentioned few solutions to troubleshoot the No Password Prompt on Windows Login Screen. The steps are discussed below.

Steps to Fix No Password Prompt on Windows Login Screen

Before continuing the process, just make sure that you performed a full system scan, as sometimes, viruses or malware infections are affecting your system or enter in your system even without taking your permission. Follow the steps in ascending order to avoid trouble and unwanted errors. Here how to fix it:

Method-1: Using System in Safe Mode

1.Firstly, under the Login Screen, click and hold the ‘Shift’ key and press the ‘Restart’ tab.
2.When system completes rebooting, navigate to the ‘Troubleshoot’ window.
3.In the Troubleshoot window, click on the ‘Advanced Options’ tab.
4.Inside the ‘Advanced Options’ tab, press the ‘Startup Settings’ option to open it.
5.Tap the 5 number key on the keyboard or press the ‘enable Safe Mode with Networking’ option.
6.Now, the system will automatically restart after completing the process.
7.Finally, you can be able to use the system in safe mode.

Fix-2: Change Credential Manager Service to Automatic Mode

To fix this issue, you need to change your Automatic Credential service from manual to automatic. Here how to change it:

1.Press the Windows + R keys all together to open the Run command search box.
2.In the Run Search box, type in ‘Services’ and click on the ‘Enter’ to continue the process.
3.Next, scroll down the screen to search for the ‘Credential Manager’ option.
4.Then, right-click on the Credential Manager option and choose ‘Properties’ option.
5.In the Startup type section pick ‘Automatic’ option.
6.After that, click on the ‘Start’ option followed by Apply tab.
7.Finally, click on the OK tab to finish the process.

Source :- Guide to Fix No Password Prompt on Windows Login Screen

Karen Minton is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet andnew media. She writes for Norton security products at office.com/setup

Note that if you are using power saver mode in your system, then it will make your system work a bit slow. The power saver mode of your device makes your system work slow by making it save energy. By switching the power plan to Balance will make your system work better than earlier.

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Smart TV already comes with some selected apps for watching TV Shows, movies, and other content through the online streaming process. If you want to add more apps to your Smart TV, then you can directly download it from your TV Store.

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Everyone is curious to know about the most awaited 5G technology and how will it facilitate us. Most of know that is going to rock the internet speed and increase the downloading and uploading speed. We are also dying to know about the upcoming 5G devices and associated feature.

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