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Spotify is a trending service for streaming online music anywhere on your phone. Since Spotify runs by using the internet like other applications, for example, WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, etc. need internet, it is necessary to determine and manage the data usage. There are some factors responsible for data consumption.

Depending on the settings, Spotify uses the amount of data through our mobile phones. It is true that the data is used from the internet service you have and the usage of online streaming music on Spotify can really add up depending upon the time duration of use. It also relies on the quality of the music you are streaming online.

If you are focused on the over-consumption of data, then you can restrict the draining of data. The instructions will tell you the methods to prevent over-consumption of data by Spotify. First, you should know how much a song on Spotify consumes the data on an average.

Let’s see how to determine Spotify data usage

1. Launch the Spotify app on your mobile phone.
2. Now, tap Your Library.
3. Go to the Settings options and tap Music Quality.
4. This where you can determine the music quality and modify it to manage the data usage.

Audio Quality settings of Spotify are as follows

1. Normal quality is around 96 kbps.
2. High quality is around 160 Kbps.
3. Extreme quality is around 302 Kbps.
4. Automatic quality is Spotify’s default setting which is generally around 96 Kbps.

Spotify store cache of the song that you have listened earlier in order to save your data from searching and playing the same song next time. People ask about the data usage per month by Spotify. It also depends upon the music quality you are listening to. With calculations, a person listening to normal quality music for 30 minutes a day will use 0.5GB of data while the Extreme music quality will use 2.2GB in 30 minutes.

How to manage data usage in Spotify
Spotify offline facility
Well, you can listen to the offline as well, but Spotify doesn’t support it. The Spotify premium account holders are allowed to use the offline service. If you have a premium account, then you can save your data by opting for offline music facility.

Spotify Settings option
The Settings will let you adjust the music quality you are comfortable with in accordance with the data usage as well.
1. Launch the Spotify app.
2. Tap Your Library and go to Music Quality.
3. In this section, you will find the options to adjust quality.
4. Choose the Automatic or Normal music quality.
5. This will surely help to save your data.

Spotify is surely a huge platform for sharing and streaming music online, but the consumption of your internet data may be worrying you. But now, as you know the ways to save your data, you can listen to your favorite songs.


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Karen Minton is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Karen has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

James Thomas

Microsoft Office Suite is an integral part of Microsoft Windows with several services embedded in it. Microsoft Word is one of the apps in the Office Suite for creating documents. Microsoft Word also recognized as Word, has undergone several changes and has developed over time. Now, it has a setting activated by default for capitalizing the first letter of the sentences. The default setting for capitalizing the first word is really convenient since it saves our time from pressing the Caps Lock or Shift button from our keyboard.

Well, there are situations when MS Word is either not capitalizing or one wants to use small letters only. The inability to work in Word in your own way could be frustrating. Sometimes, we accidentally change the settings without knowing anything about it. But, Microsoft Word the lets the user bring changes in the settings with appropriate steps. By appropriate steps means that you will know what change will be in the functioning of Word.

Well, if it is annoying to see the first letter being capitalized or small, you can enable or disable the Word Capitalizing function in Microsoft Word. If you don’t know to dig into the settings of Microsoft Word, then don’t worry at all and follow the steps mentioned below to make the essential changes according to your needs. Let’s begin to dig into the settings of Word.

  1. Open Start menu and go to Microsoft Office.
  2. Open Microsoft Word in your system.
  3. Now, go to Office button at the extreme top left corner of the document.
  4. Click to open Office button and move to Word options at the bottom of the list.
  5. Click it to open the Word Options box.
  6. Select Proofing from the left pane.
  7. In the main pane, go to the AutoCorrect options
  8. Now, click AutoCorrect options
  9. An AutoCorrect box will open with various options.
  10. Now you can Check or Uncheck the options according to your need.
  11. If you want to use small letters, then uncheck the second option saying Capitalize first letter of sentences.
  12. If you want to capitalize the first letter of sentences, then select the option.
  13. Now, click Ok to save the save the changes.
  14. Now, click Ok again to save and close the Word Options window.

Your settings have been changed according to your choice. Start typing on Word and check if Word is functioning according to changes you have done. If not, then the settings are not saved accordingly. Hence, follow the same steps and change the settings deliberately.

James Thomas is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, James has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

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A write-protected pen drive means that you cannot add and remove any file from the USB drive. If you try it, an error message will pop up on the screen saying, “The disk is write protected.” In this scenario, you cannot even rename or delete a file from the USB drive. There is only one option left to make the pen drive reusable. Formatting the write protected pen drive is an effective way to resolve the error. There are various software products which are easy to download and access. But, you can use an antivirus or the inbuilt Command Prompt utility to check for malware. Let us see how to format a write-protected Pen Drive.

Formatting using the Command Prompt
  1. Attach your pen drive with the computer.
  2. In Start menu, type cmd.
  3. Click cmd in the search results to open Command Prompt.
  4. Now type diskpart in the command prompt and press Enter.
  5. Type list disk command and again press Enter.
  6. Now, type select disk 1 or select disk 2 and hit Enter.
  7. Type attributes disk clear readonly.
  8. Now, press Enter.
  9. Type Clean in command prompt.
  10. Again press Enter.
  11. Type create partition primary and press Enter.
  12. Type format fs=fat32  or format fs=ntfs and press Enter
  13. Now type exit and press Enter to close the command prompt.
Formatting using Registry Editor
  1. Press Windows Key + R to open Run
  2. Now type regedit in the program and press enter.
  4. Go to SYSTEM in the left panel.
  5. Scroll down to CurrentControlSet and move to Control.
  6. Now, click StorageDevicePolicies.
  7. If you don’t find the option, then right-click anywhere on the right pane.
  8. Select New and click Key.
  9. Now, type a name and double-click the folder.
  10. Again right-click anywhere in the right pane and go to New.
  11. Now, select DWORD
  12. Double click on the value under Data column.
  13. Change the value from 1 to 0 and click Ok.
  14. Now Exit the window and close Registry
  15. Now, go to my computer and right click on the USB drive.
  16. Select Format from the menu.
  17. Now, click Start to begin the formatting.

The process might be long, but it is a workaround which people have followed and claimed to be workable. Formatting a write-protected pen drive will no longer prevent you from using your device again.


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Karen Minton is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Karen has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as


Protecting your devices and data while surfing the internet is vital. Since the devices and platforms are interconnected, it is necessary to secure each and every device and network. Even if you have installed a reliable antivirus program, you must be vigilant while surfing the web. Here are some precautions you must take to stay safe while exploring the internet:

Do not click on links

Cyber attackers and hackers often send malicious links to unwary users via email. Did you ever get an email from an employment agency offering a package which looks a little ludicrous? If you click on the link provided in the mail, you will get directed to a website which seems genuine. However, in reality, this website is created to fool people and steal their credit card details. Sometimes, clicking on links may prompt a download. This download is laced with malicious codes and keylogging software.

Use a secure browsing software

Microsoft Edge is one of the most secure browsers. It blocks malicious websites. Google Chrome also blocks around 86 percent of malicious content. However, Microsoft Edge remains at the top. It will give you a warning if you are trying to access a suspicious website. You can then decide if you visit the site or not.

Similarly, when you download anything from a shady place, the download will get blocked. MS Edge is also very proficient at tackling zero-day vulnerabilities. Moreover, always use an updated internet browser.

Bolster the browser’s security

In order to make your browsing experience safer, you can customize the browser settings. Disable the autofill feature. Also, disable the cookies to secure your data. Also, you need to block pop-ups as most of them contain malicious links. To prevent attacks via the internet browser, you must configure its security settings smartly. Keep clearing your browsing history frequently. Also, set up security zones and try to disable JavaScript because it is not safe. Make sure that the Internet Zone Privacy is at maximum. Do not give permission to any website to track your location.

Check shortened URLs

Shortening links are useful when you want to adjust a long URL in a small space. However, shortened URLs are often used to mislead people and deceive them into clicking on malicious links.  Whenever you come across a shortened link, you should verify if it is safe or not. You can check it on Twitter. If the link is unsafe, then you will receive a warning. You can also use Bitly and see the original destination of the URL.

Do not download blindly

While downloading stuff from the web, be careful. Do not download from suspicious websites. Always go to the authentic and genuine website to download anything. Avoid downloading freeware as they often come with malicious codes. We often get lured by free mp3, free games, and other software and download it. But, this could be hazardous for the device as well as data. In mobile devices, never download any app from third-party stores.

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Karen Minton is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Karen has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

James Thomas

Out there in the coffee shops, restaurants, airplanes, hotels, public transports, and universities, what excites us the most is the public Wi-Fi hotspots. Without thinking even once, we connect and start the tip-tap. According to a survey, people are so addicted to public Wifi that they do not care if it can be detrimental to them. More than half of the people feel safe while using them and public hotspots are a hacker’s paradise. We can save ourselves from the damage by using some simple tips:

1- Don’t get confused between similar networks

You may see several systems that are almost similar but don’t share the same name. For example,  openterrace versus openterraces. Hackers may be trying scamming to get the personal information.

Don’t get confused and pick the wrong network, always go for the right one. Take time to choose the legitimate network.

2- Go for a secure network

When you got a free WiFi to log in, try to go for the locked ones, Networks that are locked are usually more secure than those that are not. In iPhone, if you choose an unsecured network, you will get a warning indicating ‘Security recommendations.’ Some networks don’t show the lock because they have “Walled Garden” security, you need to log in through a browser to get access to the internet. Hotspots with a transparent network and passwords are better than the unprotected ones.

3- Turn off the Sharing

You may share files and allow automatic login from other computers when you are home. But when you are on a public network, you need to turn off these things as anyone can easily access them. They don’t even need to be a hacker for this. Turn off your network discovery, turn off file and printer sharing.

4- Go for SSL and HTTPS

Most of the online retailers and financial institutions use SSL and HTTPS on their websites to make your connection more secure. They ensure a modicum of encrypted communications. Most of the websites also use HTTPS, is one of them. You can quickly tell if the site you are on uses HTTPS. Try getting the HTTPS Everywhere extension for Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

There are a lot of other things also which you can do like setting up a SOCKS proxy etc. But using some simple tips will be fruitful as well.

James Thomas is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, James has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

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John Smith

According to the report, Microsoft is now planning to launch a dark mode in its webmail service. Last year, the software giant launched an impermanent dark mode for Halloween, and now Microsoft has been started working on a new dark mode for the from the past few months. The company has started teasing new dark mode which will be available soon in the market.

An team member in a feedback post explained that the only reason for the delay is our persistence that they want to deliver the best Dark Mode of every leading email client. The sneak sample you saw last year at Halloween was an example as it required a lot more work which will be ready for the prime time. However, the Microsoft said that it has redesigned all codes and colors multiple times and it is in also the final draw out of launching the new theme in

According to the listings on the feedback website explained that a dark mode for the is one of the most extremely requested features for the Microsoft’s webmail service. Microsoft has first introduced almost six years ago as a replacement for its aging Hotmail web service and now it has around 400 million active users around the world.

Recently, Microsoft has been changing its webmail service since with the updated features, and some new design has started rolling out in the march.


John Smith

Issues related to the PowerPoint are rarely uttered about, but it doesn’t mean that the program is always free from issues. Earlier of this year, some users face a particular problem where the PowerPoint is the only concerned that is related to the Copy Paste was not working properly.

So here we provide you how you can easily fix this issue or solve this issue. Below we mention some steps which are very easy to follow and understand.

In fact, users claim that they have come across the following error whenever they try to post their data from Excel to PowerPoint.

We are sorry; something went wrong which might make the PowerPoint unstable. So please save your presentations and restart your PowerPoint program.

Here are few ways to get things under control, and now we are talking about a few of them. If using the right-click option does not help, then try using the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V keys and see if the problem is fixed if not then follow the below mention steps.

1- Restore System to an Earlier Time

Click on the Windows 10 Start button,

Type the word Control Panel on the search box.

Now, click on the Control Panel via the search results.

Click on the Recovery option

Click on the Open System Restore tab

Click on the Next option.

Select the restore point. There might be one or numerous; choose the one which is of the earlier date.

Finally, select Next option

Click on the Finish option.

Now, wait until your computer will restarts and then check it properly, PowerPoint is back to its normal self again or not, if not then follow the next step to fix this copy paste issue.

2- Repair Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is broken down in many more ways. So to Repair the Office is one of the best options if you are not really interested in reinstalling the complete software.

To repair the Microsoft Office you need to follow the following steps the steps are given below.

Click on the Windows Key + I to start the Settings app.

Select the Apps & Features option,

Scroll the list of applications until you have come across the Microsoft

Click on it, and then choose Modify option.

Click on the Quick Repair and Online Repair option.

Now, select the first option, and click on the Repair button.

Now, wait until the process is completed, after completion of process restarts your computer. This process will surely work, but still, you are not able to solve the issue then try the next step.

3- Disable all Add-Ins

There might be a reason if copy pastes not working is could be due to the installed add-ins on your device. So you will need to remove all of them and then try again.

Fire up PowerPoint on its regular mode,

Navigate to the File tab

Now, click on the Options

Click on the Add-Ins option

One dialog box will appear on the screen, make sure to change Manage drop-down option to the COM add-ins

Select Go option, to continue.

Now, clear the check box for all enabled COM add-ins,

Click on the OK button.

Finally, restart the software and try the copy-paste action once more.

4- Start PowerPoint in Safe Mode

It is not a permanent fix! If the user is not interested in going through all the hard work with the above-given options, then how about starting the PowerPoint in safe mode and also work from until the time presents itself to execute a permanent fix

To bring the PowerPoint into safe mode, follow the given steps

You need to close all the instances of the software

Right-click on the Windows 10 Start button,

Select and click on the Run option.

Type the word powerpoint /safe

Click on the OK button.

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John Smith

According to Atlantic Equities, Azure has replaced the Windows as Microsoft’s key enterprise offering and is set to the top $100 billion in revenue over the next decades.

Microsoft’s conversion into the cloud-based technology which opens up new, profitable markets for the software giant which gave its stock as an overweight rating, according to the Atlantic Equities.

The analyst James Cordwell recently said to clients in a post that the company’s organizational changes for the better capitalize on its cloud computing businesses which are known as Azure and is set to be a key profit driver. And the previously rating of the firm’s under another analyst was neutral.

Cordwell also wrote that Azure had replaced the Windows as the platform supporting Microsoft’s enterprise offering, and they predict, it is exceeding approximately $100 billion in revenue over the next decade. With the Office 365, now the Microsoft has established a very strong position in the software as a service market, and there remains the robust growth perspective as the greater convenience of the cloud delivery model which continues to drive the expansion in the user base, and the customers progressively upgrade from basic packages.

Cordwell’s targeted the Microsoft price almost $125 that represents 24 percent upside.

The competition in the cloud computing space is on the increase as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Azure compete for the dominance of the enterprising software business.

However, previously, appears to be rapidly found a foothold in the space and also eating into the Amazon’s stronghold, with the company’s all over a share of the market jumping to almost the 13 percent from 10 percent approximately one year ago, according to the findings from the Canalys and Synergy Research Group.

Cordwell said that when the Azure is not going to establish any of the monopoly position that the Windows enjoyed, so we believe that it is addressing a much larger market which still on the early stages of development. We model the Amazon Web Services and Azure which is reaching $185 billion and $115 billion revenue in 10 years’, implying the roughly 70 percent of the combined share of the market at that time.

The analyst also forecasts that the Redmond, it is a Washington-based company will report the fourth-quarter earnings per share of $1.09 and also full-year EPS of $3.87, only above agreement estimates which are provided by the FactSet.

In the latest report, Microsoft was posted revenue and earnings results that were easily topped the Wall Street estimates, and also raised its sales expectations for later in this year.

The Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood said that the company’s upcoming fiscal year 2019 would explain the continued revenue growth which is driven by the evolution to cloud services.

According to its earnings statement, in general Microsoft’s revenue rises 16 percent year over year in the quarter. It was one of the third quarter of the company’s 2018 fiscal year.

However, the shares of Microsoft fell 1.4 percent. And the stock is up more than 17 percent since last year and also up 41 percent over the past 12 months.

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John Smith

Do not know what something is called and your description is not wounding it for a search engine? But besides the Google Lens, now you can easily search by using the pictures on Bing search engine.

Recently, Microsoft launched a new function on Bing that allows the user to search an image on the web by using your phone camera. This AI-mechanical feature is available in the US and only on the Bing app for Android, iOS, and Microsoft Launcher. The company has also released out the feature for Microsoft Edge for Android, and will shortly be added on iOS devices as well as on the

Vince Leung, the product lead for Bing Images at Microsoft said that, while there have been paces for many years to get to this point easily. With the beginning of cloud computing, we can speed up our ability to make some sense out of the pixels.

How it Works?

When you see a stranger who is looking great in jeans, and if you want to know the brand name of that jeans, then you can click a photo of it by using the Bing app, and the search engine will recognize the object and then instantly provides you more information through the help of links. Anyone can use this feature for more things like architecture, plants and many others.

Now the AI-powered visual search has become a hot topic for the tech enormous for everyone. Last year, Google launched Google Lens, which allows you to search easily with your smartphone’s camera and it also features expanded reality.

One of the spokespeople of Microsoft said in an email statement that, Microsoft’s vision is that search is ubiquitous which is going beyond the search box and acclimatize to altering the information needs and technology habits. We believe that Visual Search is the bright future of search and it will continue to spend on latest technologies and techniques to facilitate scenarios that help our search customers. We are very excited about the competence in this space.

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