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afun88in123 Mar 1 '22 · Comments: 9
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afun88in123 Feb 22 '22 · Comments: 9
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afun88in123 Feb 21 '22 · Comments: 9
saromoto takashi

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saromoto takashi Feb 20 '21 · Comments: 9 · Tags: super

ISO Certification in Saudi Arabia plays a major role in the current market. Saudi Arabia is officially called as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which belongs to the list of one of the famous countries in Western Asia. Saudi Arabia covers most of the land region in Arabian Peninsula and it is called as the largest sovereign state in the Middle East. The industries in Saudi Arabia is most certainly certified with respective ISO certifications where the industry is having a trading expert partners such as India, Japan, China, United States Singapore, and Korea. The oil production industry in Saudi Arabia is well established sector for the business purpose and it is well known across the Global. The oil reserves in Saudi Arabia are owned by many large business magnets in the world. In order to ensure the quality of each organisation as up to International standards, every company generally chooses to implement ISO standards.

Despite the fact that Saudi Arabia is covered mostly with the desert land, the agricultural improvements in Saudi Arabia has taken a drastic change from past years. The organisation involved in this industry are also implemented with ISO 22000 standard in order to protect the food safety management system. Saudi Arabia is also involved in Mining industry, real estate, automotive and oil and gas industry being the largest contributor for the economic condition in the country.

ISO 22000 is one search International standard published by international organisation for standardization. ISO 22000 standard generally called as food safety management system. Particular International standard fulfils the requirements of any organisation with respect to maintaining the hygiene condition of food until it reaches the customer. The implementation of food safety management system in any organisation will help the organisation to balance the hygiene condition and elevation of toxic level in the food substance by providing the solutions many stages of food chain. ISO 22000 standard provides the Assurance that the organisation is certified with the topmost security with respect to maintaining the food and the management system with respect to each process in every department of the company. The food safety at any level of food chain must be taken care because it will lead to bad situation wearing both the customer and the organisation existence will be at risk. The organisation must ensure the safety of food during each process activities products and services that are related with the food packaging storage and distribution. The policies that are published during the initial stages of implementation of ISO 22000 standard will certainly help the organisation to setup the objectives for each employee in the company.

Regardless of the size of the organisation ISO 22000 Certification in Saudi Arabia the implementation of any ISO standard in the organisation improve many aspects of better administration. When it comes to ISO 22000 standard, the food safety management system will help the organisation to provide safe products and reliable services. National standard implementation in the organisation specifies the requirements for the food safety and improve the management system in a better way. The food hazards that are caused by many external factors are completely eliminated or minimise to the level of safety when the food safety management system is implemented in the organisation. Before the human consumption of the food the status of the food must be inner consumable order this is determined by the factors that are operating the food safety management system in the organisation. If any organisation is having ISO 22000 certification, the client will automatically have a confidence on the organisation with respect to food safety. The departments in the organisation that the improvement can be observed are manufacturing sector, analysis for food process, packaging of the food and many other departments. The process improvements that are implemented during food safety management system are analysing the percentage of contamination, providing the safety measurements for the employees, elimination of possible hazards on food, the design of the process in order to protect the food from poisoning, balancing the hygiene condition of the food and many other measurements are taken in order to ensure the safety of food.

Why we Recommend to Choose Factocert as your Consultant partner?

The best answer for this question is provided by Factocert is that we strive in cultivating industry best practice. Believe in achieving ISO certification with the unique Consulting Technology. Considering the implementation of CE marking certification in any organisation we consider it as a passport to the European Union area where in the manufacturer must make sure the product is certified and have the affixation of CE mark on the product. We help the organisation to achieve this phenomenon easily with our expertise advice from our Consultants. Cyber security is the most important factor to be considered in any information security organisations we help the company to strengthen information security wall around the clock. This will ensure the organisation will never come under risk which will be making the company to be in a vulnerable position with respect to securing their information sources. The capability maturity model integration is generally called as CMMI is a proven set of global best practice when it comes to Factocert we believe in establishing this integrated module with the robust framework. The improvements that follow after this will have a tremendous change in the progress of the organisation. This will help the organisation to have better tomorrow.

The food safety management system implementation in the administration of any organisation provide the assurance for the client and the interested parties every activity e, which process, the products and the service rendered by the organisation are up to international standards. Applicability of international standard will provide the competency in the Marketplace so that the competitors will have a slight fear or the alertness when the organisation steps forward for the purpose of any tender for projects. ISO 22000 standard help the organisation to demonstrate the capability of monitoring controlling and documenting every process that will lead to the delivery of food to the consumer. Each process ensured and safety measurement chart provided for the food for the purpose of consumption.


isocert Mar 12 '20 · Comments: 9 · Tags: 9001, iso
nguyen tam

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nguyen tam Jan 13 · Comments: 8
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afun88in123 Feb 13 '22 · Comments: 8

La sociedad en su conjunto se enfrenta a importantes amenazas y retos

medioambientales y las organizaciones deben dar respuesta y contribuir a la

creación de valor en un contexto competitivo salvaguardando el ecosistema y la

sostenibilidad del planeta así como su propia continuidad.

En la gestión empresarial se incorporan dos importantes conceptos, Desarrollo

sostenible y Economía Circular, que son objeto de análisis y estudio en este

curso. Asimismo, se profundiza en las interrelaciones existentes entre

responsabilidad ambiental, competitividad, retos medioambientales, desarrollo

sostenible y nuevas oportunidades de negocio por parte de las organizaciones.

Este Curso universitario de especialización presenta un estudio conceptual de

la sostenibilidad, el cambio climático y de los diferentes retos medioambientales a los cuáles se enfrenta la sociedad y sus organizaciones, así como la puesta en valor de estrategias y herramientas de gestión avanzadas (huella de carbono, huella híbrida, análisis del ciclo de vida, ecoeficiencia, ecoetiquetas,....) que son utilizadas desde las diferentes organizaciones para contribuir al Desarrollo sostenible y a la Economía Circular.

El Objetivo de este curso es la capacitación en la gestión del desarrollo

sostenible de las organizaciones, así como enfrentarse a los retos y desafíos que

conlleva la construcción de la Economía Circular (modelos de negocio

sostenibles que repercutan beneficios al Medioambiente y la sociedad, y

también de riqueza para la empresa y los trabajadores).

Los resultados del aprendizaje son:

- Obtener una visión global del medio ambiente para la gestión eficaz del

medioambiente y alcanzar un desarrollo sostenible en la empresa.

- Adquirir conocimientos, técnicas y habilidades en el uso de herramientas

de gestión de aspectos ambientales.

- Adquirir los conocimientos generales del estado actual ecológico del


- Valorar los efectos del cambio climático.

- Desarrollar las actitudes y adquirir las capacidades que permitan l

colaborar en hacer que las cosas mejoren, contribuyendo así a la

conservación del planeta.

- Analizar las principales amenazas del planeta desde el punto de vista de

los contaminantes y la actividad humana y análisis del impacto ambiental

- Desarrollar actitudes vitales y sociales ante los retos ambientales

- Aprender a usar la herramienta de valoración de la sostenibilidad de las

actuaciones del hombre en materia de cambio climático: cálculo de la

Huella de Carbono

- Desarrollar estrategias para reducción de la huella de carbono mediante

absorciones de C02

- Abordar los retos de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS)

contenidos en la Agenda del Desarrollo Sostenible de las Naciones Unidas

para el año 2030 (Agenda 2030) y su acción en las empresas.

- Aprender a identificar oportunidades para crear valor sostenible en las

estrategias corporativas relacionadas al impacto ambiental.

- Comprender las tendencias en sostenibilidad que tienen las

organizaciones y las prospectivas a futuro de las mismas.

- Adoptar estrategias de sostenibilidad en el contexto de la Economía


- Manejar herramientas empresariales avanzadas de diagnóstico y gestión

ambiental sostenible y de valoración medioambiental.

Más info: Técnico en Sostenibilidad y Economía circular

Aula social

Profit from Fun88 In will be dispersed evenly, and the bonuses will be put to good use as well.

afun88in123 Feb 10 '22 · Comments: 8
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afun88in123 Feb 8 '22 · Comments: 8
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