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When fans of the NFL tune in for the first round from zhangzk's blog

 Draft most of them are seeing a lot of these players for the first time. But for an NFL franchise Dawson Knox Jersey , the process of selecting a draft pick, especially a first round one, starts seven months, or more, before the draft Brian Burns Jersey , when scouts and front office personnel begin looking at the college ranks to find that diamond in the rough.The process can be grueling and painstakingly detailed but in the end, each team has a war room and inside that war room lies the key to the entire process, the draft board. The draft board is built after all of the scouting, interviews, research Greg Little Jersey , and debating over who should be ranked where. It is the bible to many teams and that board is their own. It is how they make their picks when they are on the clock.The moment a team decides to make their picks without consulting that board is when mistakes happen and this is something that can occur more often than you would think because of all the chaos inside the war room. Coaches, owners, and scouts sit around coming up with arguments about who to take and when but when the clock goes live, they have 15 minutes.It sounds like enough time to make a selection but it is just not that simple. The 15 minutes flies by when all of the war room is talking and debating about who to take. Trades are a key factor in this chaos because other teams might move ahead of yours to take a player you always wanted. This leaves teams with a frantic 15 minutes to come up with a new plan.Some of them work out, others do not. So let’s take a look at the worst draft picks from every year since 1999. Training camp is but a few weeks away so we will soon be introduced to tons of pictures and videos of grunting Will Grier Jersey , sweating, heaving, angry, and overall ugly as sin NFL players as they make their way through what can be a very grueling part of the overall season for many players. This can be unpleasant for the players but also for the fans as we struggle to glean any and all information we can about the state of our teams viewed through the prism of giant dudes looking really messed up and disfigured.While there are some very structurally pleasing males that play America’s Game (I’ll always have a serious bromance for you, Jason Taylor) Christian Miller Jersey , there are also some really, really ugly dudes that are just completely broken in the face. These guys are often scary, menacing, confusing to look at or just overall dopey as heck. It’s almost as if some of their faces have been altered in molten lava or genetically mutated via a radioactive disaster that rendered them into unstable beasts incapable of normal human expressions. It’s frightening.We’ll attempt to go through some of the NFL’s more ‘facially challenged’ players in the following list. Some of you may find this offensive or unnecessary or just plain mean but I urge you to look through the list, take notes and stay vigilant. These heinous creatures are amongst us and we can never be sure of their desires pertaining to the eating of our children or elderly. There is still time to stop them. The power is in our hands; do not shirk from this global responsibility.

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