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'MapleStory' finally got its villain after waiting ten years from Bale's blog

Nexon announced that "MapleStory" will launch a long-term free-to-play MMO game in North America in 2005, and will eventually launch a villain that plays a key role in its narrative. Black Mage comes with a new release in North America. The update was released in South Korea this summer.

Players of level 200 or higher have completed their fifth career promotion, which has been added to each class update and will be able to access two new areas in the "Telebris" area of ​​"MapleStory": The painful maze and the final Tenebris area are called Limina. Once the Maple Alliance collects enough determination to ignite the spark of the decision, the Dark Wizard's Boss battle will appear. This is reasonable, and the final amount of Maplestory M Mesos is also very much related to this.

But it is difficult to hurt him, he will not be killed in a battle. Now in the form of Big Boss, Black Mage's health point is actually shared between all servers and players and requires players on all servers to attack. Only when his health is not good enough can he adopt another form, in which he can exert new strength. The final stage of this narrative may come next year.

In addition, the update adds a new defensive task to the game. First, the Flame Bird supports seeing the player summon the Flame Bird to defeat the monster. Twilight Defense, a new multi-role mission that uses cannons from the top of the castle wall, with 2-4 characters uniting enemies. Finally, in maritime battles, players must defeat enemies on board for a limited time. Then you will get the corresponding amount of MS M Mesos, and then use these coins to buy the items you need.

This update exemplifies the sequel to the popular 2D Nexon role-playing game that combines the colorful "MapleStory" universe with the "Minecraft-like" 3D block universe.

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