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ent temples are looming in from ylqylq's blog

At the beginning of the Mianshan, the car has been away for a long time Panshan Road, has always felt that the tour should start slowly from the foot of the mountain, but now it is always going high. Since ancient times, there have been "the wise man is happy, the benevolent Leshan." What is the benevolent state of Mianshan in the heights? Just walking into Mianshan, I saw the lush Mianshan in the mountains and clouds, and the spring water hangs down from the top of the mountain. The ancient temples are looming in the peaks Marlboro Lights, and the steep escalators under the hills seem to spread from the clouds. Although the heights are not overwhelming, Mianshan is in the mid-air of 1,300 meters above sea level, and it is painted with a touch of green mountains and green water, which is rich and lush. There are many thousand years of pines and cypresses growing in the steep mountains of the Jiegong Mountains. The two famous ones are the "child mothers and cypresses". They stand on the top of the mountain with high enthusiasm. They are like a pair of dependent mothers and children, silently telling the long and rich history of Mianshan. . During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the meson pushed the son of Jin Guogong to wander outside for 19 years, and suffered all the hardships, even cutting the meat and soup to the full ear. However, when Jin Wengong regained his country as a monarch, he remembered the meson pushed back to Mianshan. Jin Wengong repented and went to Mianshan, trying to burn the mountain and force the meson to push. The towering peaks, enjoying the bathing of the sun and rain, stand straight up, and the tranquility contains infinite depth. The meson pushed against such a mountain, but it was lonely and broad, straight and deep, just like the heart of his noble and open-minded scholars, who would rather die than die and resolutely choose to stick to Mianshan. Jie Gong��s ��Zhong Yu Qing Lie�� infested every inch of Mianshan��s land and raised the children and grandchildren of Mianshan. The county at the foot of Mianshan was changed to "Jiexiu County". At the foot of Mianshan, the custom of eating cold food to commemorate the meson was pushed, and the farther and farther away was passed through the simple customs of the country. People have passed down the story of meson pushes from generation to generation, and the heart is engraved with infinitely beautiful Mianshan. Walking through the mountains, you will always experience the heavy historical contemplation of the philosophers. The heavy life faces the mountains, only the emotions, only the awe. The shape of a mountain is often formed by natural conditions, and the integrity of a mountain is affected by the subtle influence of the mountains Mianshan has a thousand years of history, the vicissitudes of the mountains, the ruins of the mountains. At the beginning of the reform and opening up, the son of a farmer in Yi'an Town, Jiexiu City, was a farmer entrepreneur who was in the midst of a prosperous period, and Ji Jiying decided to invest heavily to repair Mianshan Online Cigarettes. A famous scenic spot on Mianshan is a squatting rock. It is a self-contained mountain in the steep mountain peaks. It is suddenly open and steep, and there is always a sense of squatting in it. The development of Mianshan tourism is also very difficult. The private tourism is the first move. The transformation of coal enterprises is difficult. However, Mianshan��s son has no choice. Mianshan��s son��s heart is already full of answers. Just look at the millennium. The pines and cypresses only walked away in the steep and open ridge rock Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and Mianshan has already smiled against the wind. The Mianshan restoration project was carried out as scheduled, and the landscape was built in the mountains. After five years of operation, Mianshan gradually revealed her original beauty and dignity. The prosperous development of Mianshan tourism far exceeds the expectations. All kinds of comments in the society are like the wind passing through the gorge Marlboro Gold. The singer has left the singer's voice for thousands of years, and he is as unswerving as the Mianshan of thousands of years. Mianshan leans against the cliffs and pulls out the slow green mountains and green waters. The steep mountain roads are full of flowers and plants. It seems to be a landscape painting across the air, enjoying the sun bathing, overlooking the city flowing down the mountain. The nobleness of the mountains!
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