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sparsely loose, occasionally from ylqylq's blog

his is a lonely and quiet winter, even the wind is quietly wrapped a few drops of cold water, cold and rushing to face, so that the pedestrian's face hurts and itchy, and then scraped a few pieces of dim yellow leaves Satisfied disappeared. In the night, the sky is still a little bright, and there are only a few pedestrians on the road walking in the sparsely loose, occasionally a car with bright white lights whizzing away - such a night, who will pay attention On the stone bench next to the road, sitting on a stone girl with a stunned stone chair placed under a common green tree in a city. This tree has been around for a few years, and the yellow leaves are like blessing cards on the wishing tree. It��s hustle and bustle, and it��s far from the distance. In this snow-free city, it also shows some winter warmth. A cold wind struck, the tree sighed a few times, and fell a few pieces of the yellowest leaves down: this cold city, countless love and hate, hateful resentment Wholesale Cigarettes, life The net ugly, but there are a few people Newport 100S, it is easy to live for themselves The leaves float floating and floating, as if they are struggling in the air, the girls look at them in pieces, but finally they are helplessly sinking. Down, I can't help but sigh: You are in the tree, although it is inconspicuous, but there are always similar people, friends, and trunks to provide you with warm protection, why bother to give up everything to do a duckweed at the end of the future? ? The girl asked gently in her heart, but Ye Er was lying on the ground silent, another wind blew, wrapped them on the ground and rolled, and the sound of cheerful "shasha" sounded, so the girls knew their answer: for dreams, We just have to be brave to chase. Thinking this way, a gentle smile spread out on her innocent face, and the small mouth of the blush was slightly opened, revealing two small rabbit teeth coming out, and the two sharp eyebrows that had been wrinkled were also made into the willow tips. Child, the water in the eyes of the spirit is black and bright, revealing the infinite freshness of the girl straight up, she is still worried about her sister: the sister is so gentle and delicate, she is married, she has confidence in life Can she still find her own happiness? My sister's husband is a man who has no conscience. The sister is so good, but he is outside to raise some people who are not clean. How strange the marriage is, obviously to keep the life, but always forced the separation, the men who can not be tied are not good things, the girl thought. But my sister once mentioned a very good boy. If he is with him, will it be another ending? The girl still remembers her face when she mentioned him at that time. My sister said: He, it looks silly, but it is very smart and considerate to the girl. I told him to do whatever he wants! When it comes to this, my sister thinks like something, and there is a mysterious smile on her face. But they finally missed each other, because the two never broke through the layer of paper. My sister later asked his friend, only to know that he was also pregnant with Sima Xiangru at that time, but at that time, the time has passed, and things are wrong, it is better not to know each other, rather forget. Although the fate is destined, but man-made is also a very important factor, I will not let the fate slip away from the fingers, the girl's heart secretly decided. I said that there are several lovely boys on the way to the class... What do you think? The girl��s face is flushed and she screams that her mobile phone is ringing. It must be called by her mother. It��s a bit late, it��s time to go home. How warm is the family, my mother also made dumplings tonight, and the hot and painful dumplings are best eaten. My sister is a strong person. She doesn't need to worry about it. I just want to support her as always. This warm home is her eternal dependence. The girl took the call and jumped to the house.
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