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ly feel that our life is like from ylqylq's blog

The day before yesterday, when I went to the country, I attended the funeral of a classmate's mother. After returning from the countryside, I often remembered the departing mother and remembered the special trip to my hometown. My heart would be so sad, alone, and killed more. Sitting in front of the computer, I want to write some words for the mother who left, but I don��t know where to write it. In the face of this long river, I only feel that our life is like a small boat drifting in this long time. Doing ourselves as the master, let us grow up in the long river of the years, old age, is this the helplessness of life? I sighed gently Cigarettes Online, and asked in our hearts that we know that life and death are natural laws, but how can we resist the grief of losing our loved ones in front of death? I have had the feeling of losing my father, I can better appreciate the grief of losing my loved ones. So, every time I come back after the funeral, I can��t stand a tear and grief, and gently tell myself: live well, Living is a kind of happiness! Living is a joy that God has given us. So this time I returned from the funeral of the country, which caused me to think infinitely about my life. In this world, we started the pursuit of life and time from the moment we wow the ground, but where is the fate of life? For us, we ourselves will never see the last full stop of this life. Therefore, some people believe in the afterlife and send their love to the afterlife, but I don't believe it. I don't want to comfort my sadness. I support those who do their own life in this world, no matter how ordinary or great Cheap Cigarettes, in life. On the journey, we leave our love and smile to the people around us and leave it to this society. At the moment we leave our lives, there may not be too many regrets! Perhaps this is the breeding of this thought in my heart. I walked in the center of the text and gradually calmed down with the distant night. I remember that when I returned to the country on that day, it was already six o'clock in the afternoon, the sky was overcast, and the smashing color will be the whole. Surrounded by small villages, the trees that are submerged in the smog, the house, the improvement is so low. Even the noisy neighbor dog seems to be speechless in this sky Newport Cigarettes, just knocking on the tail, wearing a tide of moisture on the path in the country! The sparrow also hides far away, and does not know where to fly, and the one who is with him is just a cold wind with chill! Although the winter is about to call the curtain, the chill that can be called is like the greetings of old friends. I can't help but blow from the far northwest, always blowing into my heart, my arms, and my bones... People always have a feeling that they will stay in a certain place. In a corner, if you
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