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Madden 20 Review: Gameplay Videos, Features and Impressions from freemexy's blog

Madden 20 Review: Gameplay Videos, Features and Impressions

One of the first things Madden 20 tasks players with doing upon initial boot-up is experiencing the return of the Pro Bowl to the series. buy madden coins

Given the waning popularity of the NFL's all-star game and its ever-changing format and locale, it was a bold decision on the part of EA Sports.

But Madden wouldn't be Madden without some bold decisions driving the franchise in new directions. Madden 20 goes this route by letting players implement themselves into the draft process via Face of the Franchise: QB1 and also overhauls the ratings system to make room for a new superstar system that has a profound effect on the outcome of every set of downs, let alone games and seasons. With Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes draped on the cover, Madden 20 isn't going as far as attempting no-look passes, but it does alter the experience enough to feel fresh and like the best on-field feel of any release in the series over the past few years.

One of the first things players will notice when hopping into Madden this year is simple—superstar players matter.

In the past, this simply wasn't always the case. But the introduction of the Superstar X-Factor feature, combined with a parsing down of the ratings across the board, means that one of this year's most oft-talked-about features is a big change for the better.

Playing against an elite pass-rusher like Cincinnati Bengals star Geno Atkins is notable because his trait is faster block shedding if he gets a win at the point of engagement. Houston Texans star wideout DeAndre Hopkins wins his aggressive catches in single coverage. Shades of these traits have popped up in the past, but the fact only 50 players have them means a discernible difference in game outcomes on a play-to-play basis.

While it is overshadowed by the superstars finally making a meaningful impact, general gameplay is also improved through sheer smoothness, particularly in the running game. Offensive lines seem to pick up blocks and assignments better, leading to an effectiveness on the ground that doesn't feel overwhelming.

Pass rush seems to be another area that received some polish. It's more fluid to jump the snap than before and get to winning engagements, though thanks to the ratings overhaul, the higher-rated players have a much bigger advantage than usual. These feature additions, especially the X-factors, make it so that a random 79 overall defensive tackle isn't blowing up the league's best running backs anymore or putting unpredictable, constant pressure on the quarterback. There has always been a bit of an RNG feel to which players were making plays and how. This feels like it has been addressed in a strong manner.

The passing game didn't go ignored, though, despite it already being in a great spot. Pump fakes feel more intuitive than ever and can be used as a change-your-mind decision at the last minute, yet they still affect defenders. And real-life releases have been implemented into the game and take some time getting used to, as they aren't reflected by a number rating. Some quarterbacks simply release the ball via mechanics faster than others, so it's nice to have the real-world feature to account for in every game. Click Here

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