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ngnan Jiali, once a sm from ylqylq's blog

Recently, the heart has often risen unreasonably with a sad and sorrowful feeling, and the helplessness of the incompetence can not be dismissed for a while. This reminds me of the scenes of snow and ice disasters in most parts of southern China in the past few days... So there is a cold wind blowing into the body from the cuffs, and I have been drilling into my heart, and my heart is so cold and cold! Imagine the Jiangnan Jiali, once a small bridge and a winding corridor. How can you bear the chilly bitterness of this blizzard? I wondered how the smoke and rain paintings that once made me want to enter the country and the dreams, and how to resist the "North Winds and Hundred Grasses, Hu Tianla, the Snow" attacked the 170,000 passengers who were stranded in the Guangzhou Railway Station. In the open-air plaza, accept the baptism of the blizzard; think of the hundreds of electronically controlled trains that stop between the Jingzhou-Guangzhou line and the Hengyang line, the silver helmets, the silver sculptures, and the snow sculptures that grow silently; think about the high-voltage lines and towers Parliament Cigarettes. The maintenance workers used wooden sticks to continually beat the ice that was shining and chilling, and the heart was filled with infinite sadness and emotion. "Thousands of miles of ice, thousands of snow drifting" has been praised as the grand scene of the winter in the north, He Zeng Thinking of the beautiful scenery, delicate and gentle south, the competition also changed the shame and embarrassment of the past, and played the romantic and wild whirlwind dance, blizzard spring and spring? No matter how snowy and picturesque the image of the South is, it will not make me happy, but only grief and sorrow! It seems as if a person who is innocent, quiet, comfortable, and comfortable, suddenly suffers from cold reception, deception, and even sorrow. It is heartbreaking and uneasy. The sudden rain and snow disaster in the south made her unprepared enough to prove that her defense consciousness was abnormally indifferent and even lacking. Her prevention and control measures were extremely weak and almost no Wholesale Cigarettes. And the rain and snow disaster in the north is so rude and rude Online Cigarettes. He did not submit any transcripts of words and words. It seems that Tiangong and the South have made a big joke! Last year, I still sighed the "No Snow in the Winter" in the north, but I hope that this year's South will stir up the heavy snow, and the endless days... Helpless, the South has finally hid the face of the Yanliu Painting Bridge. The daughter of the wind curtain Tsui curtain had to dress up the Han River snow willow and Yushu Qionghua in the south, and the mouth rushed to trace the northern mountain dance silver snake and the original Chi wax. Nature is really unpredictable, and there is no fixed number. Facing the snow in the south, no one can understand my grief. No one can understand the injustice of nature. No one can understand the incomprehensibility. Can report
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