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bring me a little comfort from ylqylq's blog

In the early summer season, the hot air has caused me to feel hot inside, whether it is my study, or my life is like the hot wind, which makes me feel uneasy - a test that is doomed to fail makes me fall from the cloud. The bottom of the valley. Yes, I failed, I have to bow in front of reality. But fortunately, the only thing that can bring me a little comfort is the quiet sky in summer night: the moon is like a brow, the stars are like dreams, and I am proud of standing on the stage Cigarettes Online. The colorful spotlights are my beautiful clothes. Bright eyes are my colorful halo. I smiled lightly toward the piano, slowly raised my hand, sat down gracefully, and slowly played a very difficult piece of music: suddenly looming, unpredictable; suddenly soft and twirling, such as the silent night in the jaundice The tweet; suddenly and quietly soothing, can capture the jumping notes in the breath of the breath; suddenly and quickly, such as rushing to the wild innocent teenager; suddenly in the proverb, smiling, burning... a very difficult song was I am so familiar with the volatility of the tactics. At the end of the song, the piano remnantly floated on the stage, and the endless applause sounded from the stage, and the picture turned, a quiet wind filled with huge rain particles coming to me, everything was so calm, no A little indication. But I was still cruel to the proud of me on the stage, wearing a beautiful and colorful, I came with a colorful halo, I was caught off guard: they ruthlessly blew the enduring applause, blowing my pride, getting wet My neatness, disrupted the piano's reverberation. There is only me on the stage, a lonely me, a arrogant and trampled one, I have an ear, mixed with the wind, the sound of rain, the reproach, the voice, the snoring. In the face of this sudden and unexpected failure, I silently bowed my head - I can't accept it, I can't bear it. I can only solve this noisy in the simplest way. The picture turned again, my eyes are the stage of my past, so glamorous, but so enviable. I slowly and reluctantly raised my head to meet the baptism of this storm - this struggle is long and difficult, but I am painful but happy. "I will succeed in the end!" I shouted loudly when all the pictures were fleeting Newport Cigarettes Coupons, leaving me looking up at the stars in the summer night. At this time, I was only cheerful: the original starry sky is a deep dream Marlboro Lights, and the colorful night sky is the place to prove the dream! All the heat is wiped out, and all the uneasiness is gone. Martin Luther King said: "If your dream is still standing, then nothing will make you fall." Yes, I will be for my innermost dream, for the next time I am not failing, brave To struggle, this process is difficult, but it is the only way to success and realize your dreams!
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