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Absurdity is everything that's poor and hazardous for the human being. Although many people think that absurdity is merely an irrational state of mind or even a silly action, the fact remains that absurdity is the lack of balance due to the predomination of evilness in a individual's behavior. For this reason absurdity produces violence.I cared about learning just how to heal a psychological disease because I had learned a lot of absurdity in to my anti-conscience, that is the crazy part of the individual conscience. My father was schizophrenic. When I became a young person I noticed that my behavior was like his behavior.

I learned the meaning of dreams with seriousness, concluding that only Carl Jung's approach to dream model really translates their meaning. I precisely followed Jung's advice, becoming a specialist in desire interpretation following subsequent dream therapy based on his approach for four years.Then, I maintained to carry on his research and obviously start to see the anti-conscience, which can be the crazy area of the human conscience he could not see with the knowledge he had. Jung was very afraid of the as yet not known content of the individual psyche when he knew that there is craziness within our brain. However, he didn't know where it could be. This is the reason he was also afraid of the unconscious mind that creates our dreams.

I solved every thing following obtaining the unconscious sanctity, and after exploring the satanic side of the individual conscience. We're basically wild primates, who possess a huge satanic conscience that works against our human conscience. This is why I called it anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is constantly attempting to destroy the individual area of our conscience to be able to get a grip on our behavior. can uncover the living of the anti-conscience since I was very well-prepared by the unconscious brain in order to be able to get this to discovery when I became 28-years-old. การค้นพบใหม่ๆ2020

I first noticed that I had another character, that was ridiculous, when I experienced a sad car incident, when I was 15-years-old. I missing the coordination of my actions and my storage for a specific period of time. I also lost my intelligence, my past personality, and my religiosity.Everything accomplished changed for me personally following this tragic accident, specially since my conscience was invaded by my anti-conscience and I turned neurotic.My neurosis obliged me to follow a practice in order to protect myself from what was bad. I respectable numerous signals that apparently protected me within my house. For example, a certain rug must be in a specific position, otherwise'anything bad might occur '. If the carpet wasn't as it should be I couldn't feel relaxed; I'd to repair its place to be able to assure that nothing poor could happen.

There were many items within my house that began having this odd symbolic indicating for me after the accident. This is a key routine since I realized that when my mother or my partner would see me correcting the position of the carpet all the time (or performing different issues that I considered essential to ensure that I would experience protected from the thing that was bad) they'd think that I was crazy. I realized that what I was doing was absurd and that I had to hide it from everyone.This was my first contact with the absurdity I had inherited, that was rather strong. So, I saw from an early era that I had another personality that was absurd.This second character exists inside everyone. It's responsible for generating most of the psychological disorders observed in the individual race.Strange instances of an individual who have numerous people and become murderers without understanding what their second personality does when it controls their behavior can eventually be explained. People inherit a crazy conscience from beginning, which includes an independent functioning.

Our anti-conscience is our satanic character, which didn't learn to be individual, such as the small element of our mind that has human features and loves goodness. Once the anti-conscience controls to ruin our human conscience and control our conduct, we become monsters.The anti-conscience is our next personality, but it may also produce numerous personalities. We should eliminate it through consciousness the quickest possible. This is performed through dream therapy in a couple of months of psychotherapy when someone is regular, frustrated, or neurotic. If she or he suffers from an extreme mental illness his psychotherapy might take years, but he will be cured.

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