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How to relabel Chromebook’s keyboard from karenminton's blog

Ever since its introduction in 2011, Chromebook has become one of the most-demanded laptops/tablets all over the globe. The device runs on a Linux designed Chrome OS in the operating system department. No matter how you look at it, Chromebook is distinctly different from your traditional laptops, and we do not mean due to OS only.

The most distinct physical difference would be the Chrome feature keyboards. It halls a wide variety of Chrome-designed functions that replaces numerous keys such as F1 and Caps Lock. Depending on your work style, this could either be really handy or equally disastrous.

In case you are not pleased with Chromebook’s keyboard arrangement, then do not falter as we are here to help you out. There are a handful of changes you can apply to your Chromebook to significantly enhance your performance.

Begin with heading into the Keyboard window under the Chromebook’s settings tab.

  1. Locate the Clock present on the rear right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap it once.
  3. Press on the gear-shaped option that shows up on the panel.
  4. Now slowly scroll downwards towards the Device subhead.
  5. Locate and press on the keyboard key.
  6. You will now receive the compilation of keys you can personalize:
  7. The Assistant key (Pixelbooks exclusive)
  8. The Launcher key (also known as the Search key)
  9. The Escape key
  10. The Ctrl key
  11. The Backspace key
  12. The Alt key
  13. You can reassemble one of the following options to the keys:
  14. Launcher (the Chrome OS app drawer and search prompt)
  15. Assistant (on devices with Google Assistant)
  16. Caps Lock
  17. Alt
  18. Escape
  19. Ctrl
  20. Backspace
  21. In order to remap any key, you need to tap on the box beside it.
  22. Choose the function you want to assign to the key.

For instance, you can change the Launcher key to a Ctrl. In case you would like to keep the Launcher key, you can assign any other key to avail of the Ctrl option. If you own any other Chromebook than Pixelbook, then you would know that the device has a dedicated key for Google Assistant. You can gain easier access to the Assistant by assigning the Launcher Key or even an Escape key for the function.

The most notable keyboard function you make like to notice is, “Treat top-row keys as function keys.” The key is located under the compilation of customizable keys. If the key is activated, then all the special keys on the top row – the going back commands, page reloading, window maximization, etc. – will go back to the standard F-keys style. You can still gain access to the special keys; however, now you would have to press down the Launcher key first. This would unlock all the special keys for you to function.

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Daisy Martin is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

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