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When I first came to elementary school, I could hear the grown-ups all the time. "Now these single-children are spoiled and will never grow up." I don't accept it. Who said that we are not big, I want to Let the adults see if I have grown up. One day, I was writing homework. I came here and brought us a bag of things. There are two jeans, one for me, one for my mother, one beautiful little bag and one pair of sunglasses. And smiled and said: "My sister is good to me!" Xiao Yan also said with a smile: "That is of course Marlboro Lights, who makes you my sister!" Two people chatted with words, almost when I did not exist, I was angry The bag is carrying the bag of things. Looking at it, I suddenly had an idea. I quietly took the things that Otaru brought to the hut and started to change. I put on my newly acquired jeans, put on my leather jacket, and put on my mother��s High heels wear sunglasses and look in the mirror: cool! I thought to myself: "I won't grow up like this." I walked very hard to my mother. My mother's high heels were too bad. I had to walk on the wall. My mother and Xiaoyan saw me and scared. After a jump, I opened my mouth into an O shape. I was very happy. They were designated to be scared by my "grow up". I asked my mother if I grew up? When the mother heard it, the water that had just been drunk almost didn��t spit it out. Haha laughed and said, ��Just... you are still like this... still called growing up?�� I��m angry, I put on my slippers and ran into the house. However, Xiao Yan sees this situation is not the right trick to use thirty-six meters right away - go! Xiao Yan said: "Sister Carton Of Cigarettes, I will come again the next day, and go first." Mom nodded and said: "Yes." He sent away Xiaoyan. Mom doesn't care about me. I was sitting in the house and thinking: What is growing up? One day I found out that I grew taller. I ran over and asked my mother: "Mom, am I growing up?" Mom shook her head and said, "No." After the New Year, I was one year older. I asked my mother: "Mom, I am not growing up." Mom still said: "No." I always wondered how I always grew up in my mother's eyes. Not big, I graduated from elementary school. I went to my mother to show my graduation certificate to my mother I asked my mother what questions I often asked: "Are I growing up?" Mom said with a smile: "You have not grown up yet." I really couldn't help but ask: "Mom, what is growing up in your eyes?" Mom answered slowly: "obedient, sensible, and responsible..." I didn't listen carefully, I felt like listening to the book. . Another day, my mother bent over and helped her to wipe her body. She was so sweaty. I saw the sweat that my mother had shed. I couldn��t understand why my mother had to work so hard. Suddenly I thought of what my mother said when I graduated. I grabbed the towel in my mother's hand and rubbed it with my mother. My mother looked at me and smiled and said the words I wanted to hear when I dreamed: "You finally grew up!" I shouted happily: "I grew up, I finally grew up." At that time, I really realized the meaning of growing up, and I grew up like this.
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