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Pokémon Sword and Shield: How to find Rarest Pokémon in Galar from karenminton's blog

In order to complete or fulfill various missions in “Pokémon Sword and Shield,” you have to search for the powerful Pokemons scattered somewhere in the Galar region. It’s difficult to locate them as they are considered as rarest of rare. No matter how tough it may seem, it is possible, and we will help you do so. Here is how to get

1. “Sinistea”

“Sinistea” is very difficult to search and has only one percent possibility of finding it. It is usually found in the region called “Glenwood Tangle,” and its Phony appearance has the possibility of only ten percent.

In case you got a blue colored patch at the lowermost side of your Pokedex, then it means that you have got the authenticated form of “Sinistea.” If not, then it is recommended to keep searching one of the two forms. This Pokémon will evolve into its two different forms.

2. “Dreepy”

It is considered among the most powerful Pokemons throughout the game as it holds with the features of “Pseudo Legendary” Dragon.

If you wish to search “Dreepy,” then you will need to find it in the region of “Lake of Outrage” throughout the “Wild Area.” It has very little chance to get its offspring to spawn.

3. “Ditto”

It is also found in the region of “lake of Outrage” as this region provides a spawning environment for these Pokémon. The chance of its spawning is about twenty percent in over-world attacks.

In case, you wish to catch for “High IV” percentage, then search for the “Ditto” as it is more compatible for breeding in almost environments. After getting the “Ditto,” then move towards the closest Pokémon center for its breeding with any other rarest Pokémon.

4. “Rotom”

It is like “Dreepy,” as it also found in the area “Lake of Outrage.” Pray that hopefully it’s raining or thunderstorm as this Pokémon could be only found in these two environments. Take the help of your surfing bike to cross the mentioned lake. There was the chance of two percent for its spawning. When you catch the “Rotom,” then try to collect its “Rotem Catalogue” from the “Wynton Gym.”

5. “Charmander”

Charmander is very hard to catch as it appears after when you are about to finish the game. If you have completed all the stages of the game, then follow these instructions to find “Charmander” :

  1. Go to the uppermost part of the “Route 1” to find the Hop’s House.
  2. Go to the Hop’s bedroom.
  3. Now, you will find “Charmander” just to the left side inside the Pokeball. Charmander will develop to “Charizard” when you reach level- 36.

Note: If you wish to breed more “Charmanders,” then breed with “Ditto.”

6. Finding Eevee through Evolution

Pokémon catching is a very difficult task, and they can be found as per their compatible environment and weather. In the “lake of Outrage.” one can catch Eevee in considerable forms and numbers. According to weather, Eevee can be found somewhere in the ground inside “Lake of Outrage.”

7. “Dhelmise”

Despite the aquatic habitats, the “Dhelmise” is one of the powerful ghost or grass type of mon Pokemon. One can catch it after winning in the battles like “Stony Wilderness,” ” Bridge Field,” ” Dappled Grove,” and “Giant’s Mirror.” These all are hard to win.

You might catch Dhelmise from “Circhester Bay” in the way of route-9 in any weather conditions. It also has the chance of only one percent of its spawning.

8. “Milotic” and “Feebas”

“Feebas” is considered one of the ugliest Pokémon in “Pokémon Sword and Shield” and it can evolve to “Milotic.”

Raid battles can catch it in “East” and “West” sides of “Lake of Outrage.” It can be found on any of the “Fishing Spots” somewhere around the lakeside at Prof. Magnolia’s house located at Route-2. The chance of catching Feebas is only one percent.

9. “Deino”

The only method of catching this Pokémon is trade. In case, you are playing “Pokémon Sword,” then you can obtain this one via trading to someone after winning it in the raids of battle like “Giant Mirror” and “Dusty Bowl.”

It will develop to “Zweilous” and its chance of getting it is only two percent. As an exclusive Pokémon of Sword, it can be found in the rainy weather.

10. “Goomy”

Goomy is the Pokémon that is considered as a counterpart of “Deino” available in “Pokémon Shield.” It is also found via the encounter of the non-overworld. Its chance of finding is only 2 percent. One can catch or find it through the raid battles of “Rolling Fields,” and  “Axew’s Eye.”

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