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In 2019, Google announced that the ranking in search results a mobile-friendly factor will affect and that they will use mobile indexing! What does this mean? This means that if your website is not mobile responsive, you can lose Google ranking! Now no one can ignore or delay to have a mobile-ready website, the effect may lose the ranking and visibility of the site! Starting July 1, 2019, the default mobile indexing will be activated by Google for all new sites (new on the Internet or previously unknown to Google SERP). Now this will be the default mode with which Google will analyze all new sites. Google introduced new “Speed” reports to the Google Search Console to confirm that the speed factor will be more and more important for website rankings. Google provides preferential treatment for websites that load fast and to have a responsive site is the best solution for optimizing mobile pages for faster loading.

Why should you make your website mobile ready

Is your Joomla CMS website mobile responsive and friendly? Otherwise, it is necessary to ensure readiness for working with mobile devices as a priority. The way people view Web and access sites have changed a lot. In the past, using a single device people used to visit sites, which was usually a desktop computer or laptop, but now that has all changed. Now people browse and visit sites using several devices, including tablets and smartphones, computers, so it is very important to provide your website, visitors, with the best quality of service on all devices.

  1. The latest version of Joomla 3 is ready for mobile-friendly by default;
  2. Web site visitors expect to see a website which will adapt a device which they are using;
  3. On all device screens including tablets, computers, and smartphones, you want to provide website visitors with the best possible experience;
  4. According to Google, 91% of people move between devices to achieve their goals, whether it’s PCs, smartphones, tablets or TVs;
  5. In April 2015, Google announced that it would upgrade the algorithm to reward mobile-friendly sites on SE listings. It was also announced mobile-friendly labels that appear next to sites when people search for something using their mobile devices;
  6. According to Nielsen, 85% of American teenagers own smartphones and more than 92% of them use them to search the Internet and watch videos;
  7. Website visitors expect the website to automatically adapt to the screen size.
  8. Tablet spends 50% more than PC users - according to the data from users of the Adobe state;

While building your Joomla site you must have encountered one of these conditions. A responsive, mobile-friendly template is very important, considering that almost 71% of your visitors are required to view it on their mobile device. So why should your site menu be non-responsive and mobile friendly? Now one of the elements that provide a response to the menu in the way the menu is displayed. Thus, if the main navigation menu is presented as a list on a desktop device, a hamburger menu on a mobile can be displayed on the same menu.

For about half of all website traffic on the Internet are mobile traffic users, nowadays almost every Joomla theme advertises itself as being responsive at present. But there is one thing - "responsive" which simply means that your site will adapt to different devices, f.e. tablets, mobiles, computers, but this does not automatically mean that your mobile device visitors will have a lot of experience, and this is what you really need to take care of.

Nowadays the essential component of any successful website is Navigation menus. Simply saying, they help visitors navigate on the website, which improves the flow of your site, encouraging visitors to stay on your website longer, achieve your conversion goals and consume more of your content - all good things, to say in other words.

Moreover, navigation menus are an integral part of the overall design of your website - in the end, they are displayed on each unique page. Remember: A visually impressive navigation menu simpy can make an average looking website look wonderful, and the reverse is also true, of course.

So styling and building your navigation menus is not a decision to undertake lightly - from a navigational or an aesthetic perspective.

Joomla Mobile Extensions

There are many Joomla mobile extensions listed in the Joomla Extensions Directory, Mobile Display category. We will show a few of them that convert your mobile-friendly website and improve your UX website.

JF Mobile Bar

One of the best Joomla Mobile extension is JF Mobile Bar. This is a beautiful Joomla mobile toolbar, login and menu plugin. The concept is based on Google's material design. It makes it easy to access the menu items of the site on mobile or tablet devices, it also has a beautiful "User Login Form" function, which makes your site flexible and professional. This toolbar module is designed for mobile devices, but it can also work on computers and tablets. In the module, it is possible to configure almost everything: the logo of the login panel, the device where you want to view, the icon of the FAB button. This module also supports popular social network extensions - JomSocial, Kunena, NewsSocial, and Community Builder.

JF Mobile Menu Pro

Another best tool is Joomla mobile menu - called JF Mobile Menu Pro. Need help with a mobile website? Do you need a mobile menu plugin to help your visitors? This module is the best Joomla mobile menu. Give your mobile phone visitor easy access to the content of your site using any tablet/smartphone/desktop device.

JF Mobile Menu Pro is a unique Joomla mobile module. It can also work as a simple vertical Joomla menu in any position of the template. This module makes it possible to create an amazing high-speed menu that looks like a mobile application and gives your users an excellent experience with mobile devices. It is compatible with many menus and can be styled directly in the interface.


Especially considering that more and more users are viewing your Joomla website on mobile devices, you need to make sure that it loads quickly on these devices as well. In developed countries, while most desktop users will have a broadband connection, this may not always be true for users on the go with a 3G connection. Even if a responsive template is used, the way the site is viewed is adapted to the screen size, but the resources loaded are the same as the resources of the desktop user. Do not forget about it. This requires several best practices, so this is a subject that goes beyond Joomla SEO.

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