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As a hardworking SEO, you are confronted with many different tasks every day, which you have to categorize, prioritize, structure and then implement. In addition to researching promising keywords , organizing the appropriate content and the corresponding on- page optimization , new links are also determining our rankings.

Anyone who downlaod a large number of different projects knows how complex it can always be to keep an eye on the right link mix, the most important KeyWords and the required deep links. Because if you want to build an organic link profile, you should keep a healthy relationship between start and subpage links, build some strong, some medium and some weak links, alternate between links from articles, forum links, blog comments, profiles, bookmarks etc. and also continuously Push projects.

This primarily requires a high degree of order , requires a certain organization and can be decisively accelerated by delegating some link building tasks.

But besides the actual implementation of the link building, an SEO must also keep an eye on the budget, control the traffic, monitor its rankings and the competition and so on. In order to make the link building part more effective and efficient, to always keep an overview and to be able to outsource the link building, we developed the link manager linkbird out of our own needs , as the core functions of which are the following:

• Create and evaluate unlimited links, projects and link builders
• Regular backlink check and alert when expanding
• Link exchange partner management by tags and e-mail distribution list
• Exact evaluation of link profiles according to link text, link type, PR, subpage etc.
• Monitoring of budgets for link exchange and Link purchase
• Control of internal and external link builders

Below is a small introduction to the tool, which I spiced up with some screenshots - i.e. SEOs and link builders: sit back and enjoy.

1. Add and archive links
The first step in using linkbird is to properly archive the links that have been set. The entry is self-explanatory and is child's play. However, behind the small "?" There are also tool tips that explain the functions in detail and, in particular, simplify outsourcing to external or less experienced link builders. It is important that the data is entered correctly, since the link profiles of individual pages and link builders will be created later on.

2. Evaluate links as individual If the link has been entered, it can be viewed in detail in the link overview and evaluated as individual: Using the many different filters, you can also make a precise selection here and linkbird, for example, only display the links to Project X from Linkbuilder X, only display purchased links or only output links from web catalogs - the combinations are almost unlimited, so that every statistical request can be satisfied.

3. Evaluate and control the link profiles of the projects
The project overview is very interesting and important for the evaluation. Here, all projects or each project can be evaluated individually and appropriate steps taken for further link building. Questions like "Which KeyWord should we link more often?", "Do we have too many links of the same type?", "Do we need a few high-PR links?" Or "Why does this subpage rank so well all of a sudden?" can be answered here:

If you work carefully here, with just a few clicks you can evaluate exactly which KeyWords you should focus on this month, whether you overdid the bookmarks or whether you should also go a little bit to the bottom of the page.
The one-off or monthly budget invested in the respective projects can also be tracked and evaluated with linkbird:

4. Outsourcing the link building
It is advisable not only to build links for your projects alone, but to scale the small links and the organic link building a little faster with the help of external or internal link builders. Linkbuilder Controlling enables each linkbuilder's work to be precisely evaluated and monitored: Each link builder can be broken down by project and then by link type, so that it is easy for SEO to be able to control and implement the billing and control of the work perfectly.

For a clean process, every employee can also decide whether he or she should

• Master or Linkbuilder has rights
• Should have a weekly report with links set by him
• Has access to the orders in the link acquisition

The performance of each link builder can also be evaluated by the time course and this can be controlled accordingly.
All in all, the linkbird link manager and backlink checker is the perfect tool for every SEO who wants to take their link building to the next level - regardless of whether they work alone or in a team.

The gained overview (the effect when you import your links from Excel files into the tool is terrific), the possibilities to outsource the link building and more time for the strategy, the automatic backlink check and simply being able to control everything open up completely new ones Opportunities and inevitably ensure better use of the available link juice.

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