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The Importance of Using a Class 100 Cleanroom in Data Recovery from Mohammad Daniyal's blog

When a physical malfunction affects a hard drive, the data can largely remain on the drive, but it becomes Dry Needling in Brisbane from your computer's operating system. If you hear clicking from the drive and you are armed with a screwdriver, it can be tempting to open up the drive to see where the issue may lie. However, this will almost certainly result in the drive being completely destroyed, unless the drive is opened in a professional 'cleanroom'.

A cleanroom is a room or environment where dust particles in the air are carefully controlled. A cleanroom is designed to minimize the dust, aerosol microbes, chemical vapors and airborne particles that are prevalent in normal working environments, but are usually invisible to the naked eye. It takes seconds for these particles to land on an open hard drive, potentially ruining the drive and the data upon it.

Different hard drive file systems store file data in different ways. For example, one damaged cluster in a drive formatted using Mac HFS+ can cause all of the data on the drive to be irrecoverable. As drives have become more and more advanced, more data is stored in each tiny section of the drive. This means that as drive designs improve, the use of a clean room when performing data recovery becomes more and more important.

Cleanrooms are given different ratings based on how filtered the air is in the environment. The main rating systems in use are the US FED STD 209E cleanroom standard, the ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standard and the BS 5295 cleanroom standard. All of these specifications have different levels which denote how clean the air is. When using the ISO 14644-1 standard, the cleaner the air - the lower the ISO class.

Normal air is deemed ISO9, and typically contains around 8 million large particles per micrometer. In contrast to this, a Class 100 cleanroom is ISO5, and contains less than 832 large particles per micrometer. This is deemed safe for hard drive recovery.

With hard drive recoveries, it is commonly dead skin on the platters rather than general airborne dust that can cause the drive data to become irrecoverable if a cleanroom is not utilized. Those working within the cleanroom performing recovery should be wearing correct protective clothing, and the room's filter must be constantly checked and maintained through the use of particle counters. Staff usually enter the cleanroom through an airlock and wear protective gear at all times.

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