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What are the characteristics of best best led downlights? from Mahmudul Hasan's blog

Best led downlights refers to luminescent components using led light source, long life, environmental protection, energy saving is its remarkable characteristics, but many people do not know what characteristics of best led downlight brands. Let's take a look at the characteristics of best led downlights.


9 features of best led downlights


1. Best led downlights ultra-long life, the actual life of LED more than 50,000 hours, several times or even dozens of times of the general light source.


2. Best led downlights have high purity and bright and rich colors. At present, LED products almost cover the entire visible spectrum, and high color purity. The traditional way to get color light is an incandescent lamp with a filter, which greatly reduces the light efficiency.


3.LED tube Lantern Festival, economic, maintenance free.


4. best led downlights have strong luminous direction, high utilization rate of luminous flux, and small size, which makes it easy to design the appearance of LED lamps and control the distribution of light intensity.


5.there is no mercury in the light source, the beam does not contain ultraviolet light. LED is a solid light source, green environmental protection, especially suitable for perfume shops, jewelry stores, museums, art galleries and other professional places, can meet the special requirements of their display of goods on lighting.


6. solid luminescence, good seismic performance, solid and reliable.


7. The best led downlights is not limited by the starting temperature and can be started temporarily, usually for several ms, and can reach the full luminous flux output temporarily.


8. dynamic color control, light and shade adjustable, three color LED combination can use PWM to achieve color change.


9. Best led downlights can be powered by dc and low voltage, which is safe and reliable.


How to choose household indoor best led downlights and lanterns?


Best led downlights brand Suggestions to consider the first "simple" products for the principle. The lamp ACTS the role of should rise to make the finishing point in the room. Too complex modelling, too multifarious design and color, all do not suit the room with concise design. Should choose and buy next convenient the LED lamp that preinstalls, most people have experienced the awkwardness that changes bulb of absorb dome light: step on a table, step on a chair, hold one's head high 90 degrees, raise double arm overhead to 2.5 meters tall even taller canopy. When choosing lamps and lanterns, should consider to change bulb is convenient. The room appropriate that does not have chooses droplight, because droplight lamp mouth arrives the distance of the ground is lesser.


Best led downlights brand


Of course, energy saving is also very important, LED lamps are basically with the concept of energy saving, energy saving bulbs save electricity, lighting and good, also do not emit heat, apply to multi lamps. Energy-saving bulb is standard screw mouth mostly, and droplight has two kinds of caliber, one kind is standard, can use energy-saving bulb; One is non-standard and cannot use energy-saving light bulbs.


Moreover, we should consider the safety principle of the product and choose the LED lamps from the regular manufacturers. Normal products are marked with total load, according to the total load, can determine the use of how many watts of light bulbs, especially for the head of the chandelier is important, that is, head number × each bulb watts = total load. Additional moisture is big, should choose waterproof lamps and lanterns.


The integral style that lamp ACTS the role of and the room should coordinate, and the many lamps and lanterns of same room, should maintain colour to coordinate or design to coordinate. Be like the rectangle balcony of wooden wall, wooden ark, wooden top, suit to hold a rectangle lignograph lamp. The rectangular hall that is equipped with iron art table, metal tube glass eat desk and chair suits to install the droplight that material of material of material of a rectangular metal tube. The bedroom that has door handle of aureate ark, aureate a light, suit to contain aureate lamp. The collocation that learns clever coordination lamps and lanterns, let each family show warmth more.

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