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What do You Need to Eat to Lose Weight? from Susan Walk's blog

Many of us are thinking about how to lose weight and become more attractive and confident. One incentive for this might be to buy a smaller dress, you need to "put it on". What do you need to eat to lose 3-5 kg in 20 days? 2 kg "hidden on both sides", 1 kg-lower abdomen, two kg-hips! How to change your lifestyle to achieve your goals? Ready-made practical advice for you!

What should you eat to lose weight?

The important thing is not only what to eat, but how to do it.

You must have breakfast. For a person, breakfast is an opportunity to "start" the body in the morning.

Don't starve to death! Judging from the fact that you only eat once a day (usually only dinner), you will not lose weight, but you may suffer from serious digestive diseases.

The last meal is before 19:00. Modern nutritionists believe that you should stop eating after seven o'clock in the evening. In this case, sleep should start at 22:00.

Forget about starchy foods and sweets-these main enemies just make us fatter.

To lose weight, you don’t have to eat expensive and sustainable foods. Just right, healthy food is not expensive. You can buy vegetables, fruits, herbs in the market, and for meat, you can eat cheap chicken.

It is possible to lose 3-5 kg in 20 days. The most important thing is motivation, proper nutrition and an active lifestyle!

In less than 20 days, what do you need to eat to lose weight?

We have decided how to eat. Now let us continue to research specific products. The most satisfying foods contain protein, but they usually have no obvious appeal. You can add natural fruits, vegetables, and herbs to your meal.

List of foods that speed up metabolism

Chicken or turkey breast;


White fish;

Egg white



All of these can stabilize blood sugar levels and keep you full for a long time.

Healthy low-calorie food

Red cabbage;

Red grapes;


Lettuce leaves;





Rich foods contain protein, but they are usually not very tasty, but you can add natural fruits, vegetables, and herbs to them.

Important note: What do you need to eat to lose weight?

Always eat breakfast! You can eat porridge, apples and kefir, and croutons of sugar-free tea, but you need the first meal at the beginning of the new day.

Lunch is mandatory. Moreover, if you do not eat dinner, you should enjoy an afternoon snack around 4:00 pm, for example, made of lettuce leaves and cherry tomatoes, olive oil seasoning, and chicken breast.

Use fruit or dried fruit instead of candy.

You can go to the supermarket and buy chicken breast and fresh cabbage.

Motivate yourself or ask someone close to motivate you. Perhaps, after losing weight in the New Year, your spouse will give two air tickets to Thailand or a new fur coat as a gift. The clearer the motivation, the greater the desire to achieve the goal!

Proper nutrition + exercise = guarantee of ideal body. If you don’t have time to go to the fitness room, please take advantage of the online courses of professional coaches, which are very useful for exercising at home.

Proper nutrition combined with exercise and sauna!

Go to the hot tub or sauna regularly and you will definitely lose weight! In the remaining 20 days, go to the sauna room 5 times and you will see the real results. In the sauna room, be sure to take procedures (peels, body wraps, massages...) that help speed up your metabolis.

Proper nutrition combined with exercise and sauna/hot tub will definitely have good results. The most important thing is to motivate yourself, don't stop here, be more persistent, and you will achieve your goals! Follow our advice and be more confident, and you will succeed!

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