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Why is everyone moving to Organic Foods? Why should you too? from akhiltejus's blog

Today you can find every second or third person suffering from chronic and rare

health problems they never expected or even heard of before. It's not a surprise

why or how these problems affect us so frequently. The answer is as simple- ‘the

food we have been eating throughout our lives!’ Though there are numerous other

reasons behind these health problems, you will not deny the fact, that the most

commonly faced problems are related to the type of food we eat.


So what is wrong with my food? Where to buy organic food online in India? Let

us first understand, what is the concept of ‘organic foods’ and find the answers


How Organic Foods are grown?

Organic farming techniques require the use of organic manure, also called bio-

manure or bio-fertilizer. These fertilizers are made from the dead and decaying

plant matter, cattle excreta (dung), and most of the kitchen wastes.


These organic materials are subjected to composting techniques with the help of

earthworms and several other things. After composting is complete, we have the

biofertilizers ready for use in the agricultural fields.

Biofertilizers are rich in nutrients necessary for a healthy crop and are also free

from synthetic chemicals. The crops grown using organic farming are highly

nutritious. Other food products like fruits, dry fruits, wild nuts, spices, honey, etc,

are also grown and harvested using organic farming techniques.

Moreover, using organic manure doesn’t cause any harm to the soil-fertility and

keeps the pH of the soil ideal for healthy produce. You can buy organic food online

in India from a trusted dealer.

What is wrong with my food? How is Organic Food

better than conventionally grown food products?

There are evident cases where mass populations are suffering from chronic,

malignant, and other diseases due to high chemical contents in food products.

Organic foods are a healthy and safer choice as they do not have any synthetic

chemical content.

It is also a fact that when a crop or any food product is grown using organic

farming techniques, the foods tend to contain high quantities of nutrients.


Organic health juices are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, tannins, and

natural sugars, which prevent the complications of refined sugar use. Moreover,

organic juices help fight many diseases due to their immunity-boosting effects.

Many organically grown superfoods, like chia seeds, flax seeds, quinoa, black rice,

millets, etc are enriched with high nutrient content and helps strengthen the body

and the mind. Naturally grown fruits, dry fruits, cereals, honey, etc should be our

first choice for a healthy and disease-free life.

It is a wise option to always buy organic foods over the regular ones. You can buy

100% certified organic foods online from a renowned provider. Organic food

products should not only be an option but a must in today’s age, where almost

every eatable item is contaminated and is causing diseases and disorders, rarely

heard over the past decades.

Where can I buy Organic Foods online in India?

India, as a whole, is now shifting more and more towards organic foods. You can

find certified organic food dealers online, where you can buy highly nutritious

organic food items of your choice. Chandigarh Organics is one of the best and a

leading provider of certified organic foods in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, and

all over India.

You can buy a variety of organic foods online anywhere in India from Chandigarh



We are providing the following food products which are 100% certified organic

and are the most loved products by our customers:

Organic Seeds

Organic Pulses

Organic Flour

Organic Spices

Organic Oils

Organic Health Juice

Organic Immunity Boosters

Organic Tea and Coffee

Organic Dry Fruits

Organic Wild Nuts

Organic Wild Honey

Organic Sugar and Jaggery

Organic Pickles

There are dozens of different food products in all of the food categories listed

above, which you can get delivered to your doorstep. Order now, and get free

shipping in Tricity.

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