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Growing up with Bible reports and the TV and movies, you come to learn about maniac's. As an adolescent I knew that master and madness were very strongly related. Small did I know I would one day become insane. Insanity... being out of your mind... delusional... having thoughts of grandeur... misled by evil spirits... possessed by demons... calling the dead... visits to heaven and hell... viewing wicked spirits... seeing chinese sword breaker angels... viewing Jesus... viewing people out from the Bible... all in Part OneWriting five pages without editing aside from a proofreader... writing a warning from Lord to a nation... being sent from demons... having demons talk to you... having a demon imagine to be the Sacred Heart and tell you lies and strong you to complete things that you suppose are Lord letting you know to do... keeping up for three days and three evenings without sleep... sleeping for just two days straight... being so frustrated you can not even rinse outfits, shower, shave or cook for yourself... all in Portion two

They are all experiences I have had as a Christian with schizoaffective disorder. That is Manic depressive (Bipolar disorder) and Schizophrenia bundled into one illness.One point I have found in the church is that FEW persons realize psychological illness. I also haven't met a created again Religious in the intellectual wellness companies I have been part of and so I am in limbo.

One time about five months ago when I was in clinic I prayed for a Schizophrenic patient to be able to hear from Lord, and requested her to repeat about four phrases that I might have Lord speak to her. The information was a note I needed to listen to from God but didn't have the religion to question Him myself as my very own head was in a bad position with misleading tones planning rampant. She was half way through the next sentence and holes were loading down my face. Lord gave me a very reassuring and encouraging concept of wish in the center of my crisis.

The in-patient who shipped the message was surprised that I was therefore affected and said that she was therefore in deep love with the voice that had spoken the message to her. She claimed the voice was so soft and therefore saturated in love and therefore dissimilar to the comments that talked to her. I told her that she can generally ask Lord to talk with her and He'd comfort her.Everybody thinks Schizophrenic people are possessed. Every you have half answers. Question exactly the same believers to throw the demons out of the people and they're first to admit they have not got the gift.

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