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The term Massage Therapy can refer to any number of practices or combinations of Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, acupressure, reflexology and more. But in general, massage therapist jobs involve full or partial body massage to relieve and relax muscles, and to produce relaxation overall. The purported benefits of massage therapy are relaxed muscles, better circulation, quicker recovery for sprains and other injuries. The actual benefits, other than it feels good, and helps you relax have not been clinically determined.

Massage used to be a luxury associated with high end spas and resorts. Today, however, health and fitness clubs commonly have massage therapists on staff and massage readily available for their members for a nominal fee. Primarily, massage therapy is seen as an alternative therapy, that is believed by many to be a valuable tool in alternative care and preventive care. And of course it is obvious to anyone, that massage therapy is relaxing and can help in alleviating physical stress suffered by people who sit for days at desks and in front of computers.

Massage therapy is intended to produce both physical and mental benefits through manipulation of soft tissue. Many therapists also employ application of steam and dry heat in their methods. There are many different methods therapists use in the manipulation of tissue. Each of these techniques is purported to produce a physical, mental, or emotional effect. The ever popular sports massage is used as a deep massage method after a person has engaged in hard athletic activity and needs relief from sore or bruised muscles. Another therapy called Rolphing involves very deep intense pressure applied to parts of the body to "bring the body back into alignment". They believe that this can help with emotional disturbances, though no clinical evidence of this has ever been produced.

In preparation for massage therapy jobs, high school courses such as fundamental science, anatomy, and biology gives the student a good foundation and understanding of the body to help understand the purported uses and benefits of this field. Other classes that help students develop excellent communication skills are also essential. Massage therapy is an intensely personal physical service that requires putting the client at ease in a somewhat uncomfortable setting, with them being usually either fully or partially nude. Massage therapists should, themselves exude health and have good strength in their arms, hands, and shoulders. A person pursuing massage therapy as a career will likely become certified by one of almost 1000 state licensed massage schools in the U.S. A couple of major erotic massage London agencies encompass most of those. The schools include at least 500 hours of classroom instruction and the training takes about a year to complete. Also, students may, if they so choose to pick a specialty within the field such as rehabilitative massage.

Licensing for massage therapy jobs varies by state, with some state Medical Boards requiring that at least 500 hours of training are completed before an applicant can be recognized as massage therapists. Consequently going into the field, a school should be chosen that meets the applicants state requirements for the practice and licensing of massage therapy.

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