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Primal Water Farming Guide for WOW TBC from sociomi's blog

There are two areas for Primal Water cultivating in Terrokar Forest. The essential, and most likely the best spot generally, is Skettis. There are heaps of undeniable level Water Elementals in the Skettis Lake. Other than that, the Eels in the River close to Shattrath likewise drop Mote of Water, however their drop rate is lower. 

Base Water is all over Nagrand 

There are huge loads of Water Elementals in Nagrand, which makes it an awesome spot for cultivating Primal Water. On the off chance that one of the spots is excessively brimming with individuals, you can simply switch areas. The drop rate on the Elemental Plateau in the north-east is the most elevated of the zone, however there will consistently be individuals there. 

Coilskar Point, Shadowmoon Valley 

While there are not a great deal of Elementals here, Primal Water can in any case be gained in Shadowmoon Valley. The elementals are around the watery spaces of the area. They do Buy WoW Classic TBC Items have a marginally higher drop rate than the lower-level other options. 

The Lagoon, Zangarmarsh 

The Eels in the Lagoon of the Zangarmarsh drop Primal Water too, which very few individuals know. In Addition, the Bloodthirsty Marshfangs around the Lagoon can likewise drop Motes of Water. This makes the spot incredible for cultivating Primal Water at lower levels.

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