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Rot regarding wooden windows: a good outcome or simply fixable. from Jhon Smith's blog

Wooden windows are often positioned by sellers as probably the most reliable and durable. Generally speaking, that is true, but sometimes, the frame begins to rot well before the expected end of service. Incidentally, an urgent reaction to what is happening could solve the issue without significant costs. ARGO carries out Window Repair quickly and efficiently, and most of all - for little money.

Any amount of rot may be restored?

Professional Window Repair offered by ARGO suggests that the client needs help in any situation, even probably the most difficult one. Actually, obviously, not every part of the window may be saved - that's why the owner's quick response is important. You can usually fix the window that the rot did not have time for you to destroy completely. In this case, the damaged part of the wood is just cleaned or cut out. So as to not leave a gap, the vacated space is either full of a specially cut piece of wood or covered with a unique putty.

However, in addition, it happens that the specific situation is neglected. For instance, if the window sill in the middle is rotten through and through, trying for connecting the two halves hard enough is a waste of time. In this situation, Window Repair Service specialists will just replace the old part of the window with a new one. This really is definitely cheaper than changing the entire frame.

What if the rot in the window is really more, and it hides beneath the paint?

This kind of phenomenon would result in very undesirable consequences because rot has a tendency to spread. For this reason, the technology involves the complete removal of rot. If the window is painted, the Window Repair Company will first eliminate the paint completely to get an adequate picture of the present frame condition. The rot found beneath the paint must certanly be removed a hundred percent, even the slightest traces of it should not remain consequently of the repair.

"Reverse" painting is allowed to be section of a package of services called Home Window Repair. Strictly speaking, after installing the "patches", painting is typically required, because some difference in shades is noticeable even most abundant in careful selection of material for repair. Because of this, you will need to ignore simple lacquered wood, but from all other points of view, you will still have a chic wooden window that performs its functions in full.

The length of time does it take to completely repair rot?

A consumer who ordered the restoration of a wooden window will need to show patience because this kind of repair is not a priori quick. The point is not the workload of the masters, but the very fact that they have a hard task, consisting of a big quantity of sequential actions. Many of them require a wait that can not be accelerated in just about any way.

First of all, the specialists who reached the scene must eliminate the frame and completely disassemble it. Then a paint is carefully taken off the outer lining of the wood because that is the only method to draw accurate conclusions about the present state of the product. Then a damaged wood is removed and the remaining frame is sanded. It does take time to make patches of the right size. Since staining is typically required, specialists also perform this procedure, after that your paint must dry. Coloring is carried out in stages and several layers, they pass to each next stage and layer only after the already applied paint has dried. In the end, it remains to gather the window and install it in its rightful place. Window Repair Service

The strategy of simple calculations helps to understand that there surely is absolutely no need to rely on the re-installation of the restored window on the same day. Probably, the repair won't be completed even the very next day - only specialists who have already reached the website and have observed the scope of work can tell the precise dates.

I'm sure I'll correct it myself faster - why do I want specialists?

Professional window restoration assumes that the item will retain its ability to do its basic functions and remain aesthetically pleasing. Actually, a specialist renovation means refusing to put in new windows for another a decade, or even more. Put simply, you can watch for a while the ARGO employees rebuild the frame because the effect won't disappoint.

Some craftsmen really try to fix wooden windows with their own hands, but it's naive to believe you can do it faster. It is possible to speed up the process, but only with a lack of quality, plus a beginner will likely violate the technology. Again, the process of removing paint may be dangerous for households and the amateur master himself, therefore, it's not really worth carrying this out at home.

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