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Sleep Apnea remedies and other commodities by patients from Monika sharma's blog

Positive air pressure devices with a mask are used for treating moderate to severe sleep apnea.  The intermittent air is pressured snugly into the throat of the person via a mask worn over the mouth. An increase in air pressure results in the blocking of airways in the individual while sleeping. There are other sleep apnea remedies available to cure the disorder efficiently.  However, CPAP is not designed for treating snoring but it does cure the disorder along with obstructive Sleep apnea. 

Oral Appliances

Oral appliances are becoming popular among people as they are getting aware of the effectiveness of the product as compared to other non-invasive ventilation methods used for treating Sleep apnea and snoring. These appliances are approved by the FDA for treating sleep apnea as snoring. These devices are easy to wear and can be worn over the mouth just like other devices like orthopedic masks etc. Oral appliances are used for treating the upper jaw in the forward direction so that the tongue and muscles could be kept open. It will prevent them from collapsing and keeping the airways open.

Advantages of Oral Appliance Therapy

Oral appliances therapy is one of the most effective non-invasive ventilation methods. It is preferred over other methods are because of the advantages listed below- 

  • Comfortable to wear.

  • It can be worn easily

  • Makes less noise 

  • Easily portable 

  • It can be taken along while traveling. 

  • Easy to maintain. 

Custom made oral therapy devices and other boil bites- 

However, few devices can be used for treating sleeping disorders bought from a drug store and other online websites. They are not FDA approved. Therefore, every time you think of buying one, you must buy an original product. 

When these appliances are not fitted properly they can cause unwanted irritation on the face and adversely on the mouth result in worsening sleep apnea.

If you snore loudly and think you might have sleep apnea then you must undergo a test and seek your primary care physician for your queries.  If you're diagnosed with sleep apnea your oral therapy device must be fitted by a professional dentist specialized in sleep dentistry. 

Adjustments towards oral therapy- 

These custom made devices are made adjustable according to your needs and are more comfortable. Your doctor might be there to calculate your overall progress. It is extremely important to consult your dentist regularly for discussing your symptoms and comfort with the device. It usually takes one to two nights to get used to the oral appliance, however, your doctor will guide you to be comfortable with it. They also guide you about maintaining your device properly. 

Types of Oral Appliances

Mentioned below is the type of custom made oral appliances-

Neuro-stimulation Therapy- 

Some are not able to use the CPAP while having sleep apnea, in those cases the most common Obstructive sleep apnea treatment is suggested. There are different therapies available for you if you're going through severe and moderate sleep apnea. Neuro-stimulation therapy is one of them.

6. Nasal Spray

Nasal decongestants are likely to improve your nasal health hence helping to snore. But for further treatment of the jaw and airflow one must undergo the surgery. 

Surgery for adults- 

Surgery always helped in curing snoring however it cannot cure sleep apnea. Because which part of the jaw is obstructing airflow. The reason being even after many trustworthy tests the surgeon is not able to find the exact area of the jaw to be modified. There are chances that if surgery won't be able to treat that particular area of the mouth properly causing more issues, definitely a different treatment is required.

There are many sleep apnearemediesavailable like positive air pressure therapy, oral therapy, and surgeries.

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