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Laser Hair Removal Makes You a Smoother Operator from seopages444's blog

Most of us, especially females want to eliminate unwanted hair from their body - mostly due to cosmetic reasons. There are many temporary hair removal products available over the shelf in the market. The temporary hair removal products vary in effectiveness and can keep hair off for as much as 4 to 6 weeks. But if you are looking for permanent hair removal then you will have to look at either electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal. Electrolysis is considered to be cheaper but unless done by a professional, permanent hair removal cannot be guaranteed. Laser hair removal is considered to be expensive but a very effective way of hair removal. Removal of hair beneath the skin is also known as laser performed epilation and was experimentally done from 1970's. Laser hair removal came into the market in 1990's.

Laser based methods of hair removal are known as phototricholysis or photoepilation. A xenon flash lamp gives out intense pulsed light which is used to damage the hair follicle thereby preventing growth of hair. But the process is not entirely a laser treatment. Selective photothermolysis is the main idea behind laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is considered to be less painful than electrolysis and hence it has been preferred over electrolysis. But one has to consider that the tolerance to pain varies from person to person and hence laser hair removal cannot be termed to be a complete painless procedure. There have been reports where some have said that it is as painful as waxing and some have even shed a few tears during the process.

Laser hair removal has to be done by a professional as it involves a lot of variations. The intensity of the light has to be adjusted based on the type of hair, the length of the hair and also the depth at which the hair root and hair follicle exits. It is a process that needs regular adjustments for it to be effective. The advancements in laser hair removal equipments is substantial and that means the latest equipments would be more effective and also less painful when compared to the earlier equipments. It is advisable to go to a certified doctor for laser hair removal as if it is not done properly the pain involved would be greater. If your tolerance to pain is less then you have the option of asking the doctor to give you some topical anesthetics or medicines. Off later a gel has been used which is known to diode laser hair removal machine pain during laser hair removal.

Following laser hair removal your skin can be red and slightly sore. Hence it is advisable to keep the treated skin area away from the sun for a few days. Also you can apply some lotions and creams that contain aloe vera to help remove the soreness. Many people feel that laser hair removal is a cosmetic process. But the fact is that laser hair removal is considered to be a medical process and as all medical procedures even laser hair removal have some risks, dangers and side effects. But they are known to be not that significant. However, proper precautions with after treatment care have to be taken so as to ensure that all is fine after the treatment. The doctor performing the treatment would be able to give you advice on pre and post treatment care. Do follow the doctors instructions and enjoy the benefits of having removed your unwanted hair, thats Laser Hair Removal.

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