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How to Become a Professional Swimming Athlete from swimmingfederal's blog

Swimming is one of the most famous sports in the world. It is also a favourite pastime for many people who are health conscious. Pursuing swimming as a hobby and as a profession are two different things. It takes an extra effort and training to become the best swimmer in the country. Having said that, it is not impossible to become a professional. By continuing your practice and inculcating a few simple steps in your daily routine, you can easily become one of the best swimmers in the country.


After all, even Michael Phelps was a lanky young man when he started to swim. However, he went on to become not only the most decorated swimmer but also the most decorated Olympian in the world. His life is an example for all that if you want to become the best and if you work continuously for the same, then you will become the best.


Start Early

When you think you want to become a professional swimmer, don’t delay by wavering in to other sports. Swimming as a sport is necessary to be taken seriously. Although the number of people pursuing swimming as a career is low, it is not easy to sail through the competition. The competition at the state and national level is cut throat. So, you need to start training as early as possible.

Starting at an early age is helpful in many ways. It also makes you fit and healthy. It helps in increasing the lung capacity and helps you to perform better in competitions and builds your endurance.


Get the Right Trainings

Starting early is important but more important is to know how to swim correctly. Swimming for fun and fitness is different from pursuing swimming as a profession. So, always get the right kind of training from the professional coaches and trainers who can help you to correct your swimming style. Swimming style and movements help you to become faster and better at swimming.


Swim Daily & Practice Continuously

Swimming just like any other sport takes time to master. Moreover, the peak speed of swimming can only be achieved by practicing continuously. You might have known about the famous 10,000 hour rule. According to Malcolm Gladwell, the famous author, the 10,000 hours of practice is a tipping point and at this point a professional would have had much practice than any other person in the field that it becomes almost impossible for others to be better than the professional.

So, right practice and consistency alone can make you the best swimmer. Becoming a professional is a mental state in which you believe and know that you have what it takes to be at the top.

Join a Professional Club or Association

Swimming as a career option is a long journey and in this journey you need proper support system. This is where the assistance and support from the clubs and association come handy. Join a professional club or association, from where you can get all the assistance and friendship that you need.

When your friends and close circle is also committed to grow in the sport of swimming, it helps you in the much needed motivation and camaraderie.


Compete in Competitions

This might sound like a no brainer but competing in competition is very important. It helps you to understand the ground reality. Only when you compete in competitions and contests, you will know the quality and class of the people who pursue swimming s a career. It helps you to understand the competition.

Similarly it helps you to test yourself against others. It also trains your mind to handle the pressure and anxiety of being in a competition. No matter how small or big the competition is, you should participate in it. The more competition experience that you get the better you get.

Further, swimming is not a rating sport like Chess, where you lose your ratings when you lose a couple of matches. In swimming, no matter how many sprints, you lose, when you win, you win Swimming Registration.

Become a Member of the Swimming Federation of India

Swimming clubs and associations can help you to hone your skills and craft but depending on the place of your residence there mightbe a number of clubs and associations. It is important to find the best clubs and join them. When you join the Swimming Federation if India, you get access to the premium information. You will get the list of official clubs that are affiliated with the SFI. SFI is the apex body for all aquatic sports in the country. Whether you want to pursue your career in swimming, water polo, diving or synchronised swimming, joining SFI and becoming a member helps you in many ways.


So, what are you waiting for? Become a member of SFI and pursue your career in swimming. Who knows, you could represent the Team India and win laurels ininternational events.

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