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How to choose OCEAN GLASS plates, bowls, glasses to suit your dining table? from doydonifyi's blog

Setting the table to match the meal Most of them can be seen when dining in restaurants. Hotel or formal events and weddings, for example. Generally, table setting is not very popular for family dining. Due to the time spent preparing and a lot of equipment In this article, we're going to talk about how to set up a simple dining table that you can make yourself at home by choosing glasses and plates.

  1. Thai food table setting

    Thai food is a popular food to eat together with family. Therefore, setting a dining table for Thai food is therefore a table setting that is suitable for everyone in the family. Usually Thai food consists of rice. Side dish and soup with every meal Making the Thai table setting consists of plates and bowls. Choosing a Thai food dish should be a large plate. not too small And the selection of the bowl should be a large bowl. Wide and deep considering the number of people eating, and perhaps a small bowl to divide the broth. Every time a Thai food table is set up, what is indispensable is a glass of water. Drinking glasses should be chosen considering convenience. Table size and eating habits Therefore, choose a glass that is stable and strong.

  1. Japanese table setting

    Japan is a country where people like to have a side dish and soup every time they eat. Making the Japanese table setting consist of rice bowls, plates, bowls and soup cups. Choosing plates, bowls and soup cups for Japanese food It is recommended to choose a rice bowl that is lightweight. Handy size, easy to hold Because when eating Japanese food, people tend to hold a bowl of rice to eat. Plates and bowls should be selected according to the size of the food being loaded. For example, the side dish should be flat and shallow. The bowl for the sauce should be small and deep to suit the dip.

  1. European table setting

    European table setting in most restaurants uses multiple pieces of equipment due to different dining cultures. Most European dishes are usually served as courses with appetizers. Main dishes and desserts Make the tableware have many accessories such as spoons. fork and plate to keep enough to use But setting up a dining table for family meals doesn't have to be overkill due to the space at the dining table. For European dining, it is advisable to choose a plate that is large but not too small because European food is a one-dish meal. You can also add an atmosphere to a European dining scene simply by choosing a stemmed glass for drinking water or wine glasses.

The table setting often depends on the type of food we eat and what kind of food we eat. The table setting is different. However, setting the dining table is not only beautiful and organized. It also allows people to eat a lot of appetite as well. selection of dishes Bowls and glasses are indispensable in the dining table setting. For those who are interested in trying to set up a simple dining table by themselves at home, they can subscribe to Ocean Glass to receive news. More discounts can be made easily.

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