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Everything you need to know about Intel’s 12th-gen hybrid chips from freeamfva's blog

Everything you need to know about Intel’s 12th-gen hybrid chips

After talking up Alder Lake for more than a year, Intel has released all of the CPUs in its 12th-gen range. This new generation brings the same slew of performance improvements you’d expect out of a typical CPU generation but also marks the first time Intel has used its 10nm manufacturing process on desktop and the first slot-in CPUs with a hybrid architecture.To get more intel latest news, you can visit shine news official website.

There’s a lot to talk about with Alder Lake, especially after Intel revealed the rest of the range at CES 2022. We rounded up everything you need to know about 12th-gen Alder Lake processors, including how much they cost, what kind of performance you can expect, and how they work with new Z690 motherboards.The first batch of Alder Lake chips arrived on November 4. The company announced them during the Intel Innovation event on October 27, revealing six new CPUs to kick off the range. They’re split into three groups of two, with a K-series and KF-series model available for each SKU:

Intel announced a further 22 Alder Lake processors at CES 2022, but the company hasn’t revealed pricing details yet. These chips support the rest of the range, offering locked variations of the above models, as well as inexpensive Core i5 and Core i3 options.

The prices we know about are much lower than we expected. Earlier leaks pointed to prices nearing $1,000 for the flagship chip. At least in the U.S., Intel didn’t raise prices much over 11th-gen chips. The i9 and i5 models have seen a slight bump, while the i7’s pricing is the same as the previous generation.

The leaked box was real, too. The box designs are mostly unchanged from the previous generation, however, the flagship Core i9-12900K comes slotted inside a golden wafer replica in the box, confirming an earlier leak.

Outside of the golden wafer with the Core i9-12900K, the six chips listed above don’t come with anything but the CPU. The other 22 CPUs announced during CES come with one of Intel’s redesigned Laminar CPU coolers.Intel now has 12th-gen desktop processors from 16 cores down to only two, offering options across the price and performance spectrum. Although Alder Lake is known for having a hybrid architecture, only about half of the chips come with a mix of performant (P) cores and efficient (E) cores. Here’s a look at the desktop range:

The balance of P-cores and E-cores is different for each model. Only the P-cores support hyperthreading, so the i9 model comes with 16 cores and 24 threads, the i7 model comes with 12 cores and 20 threads, and so on. Chips without the hybrid architecture come exclusively with P-cores, which support hyperthreading.

Frequency-wise, it’s hard to lock Alder Lake down. The P-cores and E-cores run at different frequencies, so there isn’t a single number to reference. With Intel’s updated Extreme Overclocking Utility (XTU), you can tweak the P-cores and E-cores independently to dial in an overclock.

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