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OSRS Inferno as well as obsidian armor from Xiao Yueyue's blog

It has been confirmed that OSRS Inferno and OSRS obsidian armor all will be released on June 1, few hours later. The new obby armor only costs 1.4m on release, RuneScape gold so don't overpay for it. Besides, here is a brief introduction of the new armor stats. It is worth to buy with rs07 gold.Inferno release timeWe all know that OSRS Inferno as well as obsidian armor will be released on June 1.

But no one knows the approximate time. Usually update is coming around 12:00 GMT. As this is a big update, it would be delayed a little bit in order to make sure the update goes as planned.What rewards will players get from OSRS Inferno?It is well known that the new inferno cape will be rewarded to all winners. Besides, players will also have a chance to get OSRS obsidian armor from farming little tzhaar monsters. OSRS obsidian armor is dropped by monsters and sold in shop, just like other Obby items. It is said that a player buys a new obby armor body for 126k tokkul.

Tokkul is made by selling chaos rune to shop at 9 tokkul/chaos rune, and Chaos Runes are 100 ea from packs. That is to say, the new obby armour body only costs 1.4m on release. So don’t overpay for it!What will the new OSRS obsidian armor be good for?With the use of killing tzhaar mobs, OSRS obsidian armor has 10% damage and accuracy boost on obby weapons, as well as 3str bonus on platebody and 1 on legs. Thus, the legs will be the only leg slot giving a dmg increase for melee in the game other than tassets.

Note: All players have to show a fire cape to get into the new city, and give it up to unlock the ability to attempt the inferno of runescape 07 gold.To fully prepare for OSRS Inferno and the release of OSRS obsidian armor, we have cheap rs07 gold for sale with time-limited discount code “RS7J”. Good luck!The mmogo Team New Additions with Vic the Trader Back & Cheap RuneScape Gold

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Feb 7 '18
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By Xiao Yueyue
Added Jan 19 '18



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