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Fucked the neighbor's sister-in-law in her own house from Hotelwali ClickLute's blog

After my sister's marriage, I became lonely. The pleasure I got from fucking my sister, I did not get that pleasure from fucking my girlfriend. But the hunger for cock ends only after it goes into the pussy

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.One day a sister-in-law came to live in the house adjacent to our house. Sister-in-law's name is Suman, and her daughter's name is Anvi. Suman's age is 32 years, full body, breasts are 38″, waist is 34″, and ass is 40″. Suman's ass shakes a lot when she walks.

Anvi is 7 years old. Seeing Suman I started feeling the desire to fuck her. And the penis also started aching. I had never fucked such a fat woman. So I was feeling a little scared too. But I applied my mind, and started talking and playing with Suman's daughter.

Even Suman did not stop Anvi from playing with me. Whenever Suman had to go out, Anvi used to stay with me. Now I also went to Suman's house and started playing with Anvi. Suman also started talking openly with me.

Whenever I came home from Suman's house, I used to go to the bathroom and shake my penis to calm it down. One day I went to Suman's house. Anvi was playing inside the room, so I also started playing with Anvi. After some time my eyes remained wide open. Suman came out of the bathroom. Suman was completely naked, and both her breasts were hanging.

Suman's pussy was completely clean. Perhaps Suman had just come after cleaning her pussy. Suman was also shocked to see me in front of me. My penis had become fully erect. Maybe Suman also saw my erect penis.

Suman then suddenly started running towards the other room. Anvi was busy playing, so I also followed Suman. I went inside the other room. Suman had started wearing salwar. As soon as I went inside, I placed my lips on Suman's bare back.

Suman moved forward but I gathered courage and took Suman in my arms and luckily both of Suman's breasts came in my hands. I started kissing Suman from the neck. I had often read that if you want to prepare a fat woman for sex quickly, then you should kiss her ears properly.

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Then I started kissing Suman's ears and pressing her breasts. At first Suman kept trying to distance me from herself. But as soon as I started sucking Suman's ear, Suman's breathing started increasing. I kept kissing Suman for a long time. Then I also pulled down Suman's salwar.

I pulled Suman and made her lie on the bed. Now I also became completely naked. Suman's face lit up after seeing my penis. Without wasting any time, I placed my mouth on Suman's pussy and started licking it. When I started caressing the clitoris with my tongue, Suman started pressing my head into her pussy.

After a long time, Suman's pussy released water which I licked and drank. Suman became calm now, but my penis was yearning to enter Suman's pussy. So, without wasting any time, I took Suman's big breasts in my mouth and started sucking them. Then I placed my penis on the mouth of Suman's pussy and gave a jerk.

A slight scream came out of Suman's mouth. I removed Suman's breasts from my mouth and placed my lips on Suman's lips, and again pushed her aside. The penis went inside tearing Suman's pussy.

Suman writhed in pain, but regardless of Suman's pain, I agreed by inserting my penis inside her vagina.

Suman's face had turned red. I slowly started moving the penis back and forth in the pussy. After some time Suman held me in her arms. I understood now that Suman was completely ready for sex.

I started fucking Suman's pussy very hard. Suman also started responding to my every push by raising her ass. I was pressing Suman's big breasts with both my hands, and started inserting my penis into her pussy. Suman orgasmed once again. Now the sound of cock entering the pussy was clearly heard in the room.

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Hearing the sound of both of us having sex, Anvi came inside. Suman got scared after seeing Anvi, so I said to Anvi-

Me: Anvi finish your game quickly, otherwise I will not play with you. I will finish my game with mom and come back. Now you go.

Anvi went out of the room after listening to me. Suman's heart was beating very loudly, which I could clearly see. So I started kissing Suman's lips. Now I started inserting my penis into the pussy with great force. Suman started telling me-

Suman: Hurry up, Anvi will come again.

Now I started fucking Suman's pussy at a very fast speed, after some time I also came out, I released all my semen in Suman's pussy. And started kissing Suman, Suman also started kissing me. Then we both separated and Suman cleaned her pussy.

I went naked to see Anvi from inside. Anvi had fallen asleep while playing a game outside. Suman had just started wearing her clothes. I again held Suman and started kissing her, then Suman said, do it later, it will become difficult if Anvi comes.

I caught Suman naked and brought her outside and pointing towards Anvi I said that she has fallen asleep. Suman came back to life. Without wasting any time, I put my penis in Suman's hand and Suman started shaking my penis. I told Suman, now take it in your mouth and suck it, only then it will become erect.

Suman said come inside but I did not agree and sat on the sofa. Now Suman sat under the sofa and Suman took my penis in her mouth. As soon as the penis went in Suman's mouth, my penis started getting erect again. Suman took my entire penis in her mouth and started sucking it. After some time, my entire penis became completely tight.

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I signaled Suman to come inside and then we both came inside. As soon as I came inside, I asked Suman to become a mare. Suman became a mare, I again inserted my penis in Suman's pussy and started fucking her by holding her waist. Suman started moving ahead of my every stroke.

While fucking Suman's pussy, I said: Suman, your ass looks good to me without any cock. What a nice bulging ass you have.

So Suman said: Yes, my husband only fucks my pussy and your penis is also bigger than my husband's penis. I am having a lot of fun having sex with you today.

After listening to Suman, I started inserting my penis very fast into Suman's pussy. And in between he would press Suman's hanging breasts hard. Suman was also fully supporting me in sex. After some time, my cock again filled Suman's pussy with its fluid.

Now Suman put my penis in her mouth and cleaned it. Then we both wore our clothes. I came to my home. Please tell me how you liked my story.

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