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Latin American Cuisine - A Colombian Breakfast from Deborah Jefferson's blog

In this article, I will discuss the cooking of Colombia, explicitly the morning meal that is eaten in Medellin, Colombia. You will likewise take in some supportive Spanish words, for example, how to state egg whites and egg yolks in Spanish.

At any rate once per month and here and there two times per month, I will get an email from a client who needs to find out about the way of life of Colombia, particularly about "Paisas," the general population of Medellín, Colombia.

I could continue endlessly always enlightening you regarding Medellín. A great many people consider Medellín, Colombia as the city that was once known for being the most perilous city on the planet (only 20 years back - amid the standard of previous tycoon medicate dealer, Pablo Escobar).

Be that as it may, today Medellin is a city with rambling tall structures, wonderful spring-like climate, well disposed individuals, a night-life (which I appreciate significantly more than real urban areas in the U.S. for example, New York, Washington, D.C. furthermore, Atlanta) and, obviously, a city with strikingly wonderful ladies all over. In any case, in this email, I will just discussion about "el desayuno paisa" (breakfast of Medellín).

Incidentally, a run of the mill breakfast in Colombia fluctuates starting with one city then onto the next. Be that as it may, this is a regular "desayuno" (breakfast) in Medellín or "desayuno paisa":

1. Huevos con aliños (additionally called "huevos con hogao")

"Huevos" are eggs. What's more, "huevos con aliños" comprise of "huevos revueltos" (fried eggs) with "tomate y cebolla" (tomato and onion).

Incidentally, when I lived on the shoreline of Colombia, in a city called Barranquilla, the term that they utilized for fried eggs is "huevos pericos."

While we are on the subject of "huevos" here are two or three words that English speakers frequently state wrong in Spanish. Time and again, I have heard a local English speakers utilize an exacting interpretation when alluding to "egg whites."

You don't call them "los blancos de huevos." And when I originally begun learning Spanish, I once called the yolk "the yellow of an egg" actually. Here are the right words:

a. Claras de huevo (egg whites - truly "clears of the egg")

b. Yema de huevo (egg yolk)

Back to the run of the mill "desayuno paisa"...

2. Arepa de maíz con mantequilla - Corn arepa with spread. An arepa is a tortilla made of ground corn batter and it is well known in both Colombia and Venezuela.

3. Quesito - a white, new, delicate cheddar.

4. Calentao - this is a blend of the "frijoles" (beans) that are left over from the prior night and the "arroz" (rice) that is left over from the prior night.

5. "Salchicha" (wiener) or "Chorizo" (zesty hotdog) or a cut of "Carne Asada" (flame broiled meat). Also, the barbecued meat can be a decision of either "vaca, puerco o pollo" (hamburger, pork or chicken).

6. Bistro con leche (Coffee with drain) or "chocolate" (hot chocolate) or "jugo" (juice).

In an eatery, this "desayuno" (breakfast) costs about 6.000 or 7.000 Colombian pesos. About $3.00 or $3.50 U.S.

Coincidentally, today I cooked a run of the mill "desayuno paisa" for me and my "novia" (sweetheart). Of course, I avoided the "arepa" and put a few cuts of "container" (bread) in the "tostador" (toaster) and made "tostada" (toast).

I think I am one of only a handful couple of individuals in Medellín who possess a toaster. Furthermore, of course, my "novia" did not eat the "tostada" and she cooked an "arepa" for herself on a little "parrilla" (flame broil) over the "estufa" (stove) and covered it with "mantequilla" (margarine), and afterward she put two or three cuts of "quesito" (new, white cheddar run of the mill of Medellin) to finish everything.

I revealed to her one day that I am will cook her a "desayuno" Gringo-style:

Blueberry hotcakes or waffles or, french toast with turkey bacon. A morning meal which I for one incline toward over "desayuno paisa" any morning. Which clarifies why at any rate once per week I go to the McDonalds here in the first part of the day so as to eat flapjacks covered in "jarabe" (syrup) and "mantequilla" (margarine). Also, don't give me a chance to begin on the amount I miss New York pizza or a Philly cheddar steak.

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