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Why do some cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm have a break? from freemexy's blog

We all know that good quality Heavy Duty Cable Ties will be not easy to break. It is easy to find the break usually happen in the nylon cable ties. So why will the break happen for the zip ties? 1. Most cable ties will break in winter. As we all know, plastic zip ties are made by Nylon 66. The low temperature resistance is not as good as the high temperature resistance. The working temperature is from -40℃ to 120℃.

If the temperature is colder, it is easy to happen the break. Winter’s temperature is cold. When the temperature comes to be lower than the -40℃, the break may happen. If we want to solve this problem, we can choose the special materials. The material should be cold resistant. And it need to have good consistency with the Nylon 66. And we can also change the Nylon 66 by the other kind of nylon material. 2. If the ties you buy is the secondary recycled product, it is easy to break. Someone always prefer the cheaper cable ties 370mm x 4.8mm. But they may not know the products they buy may be made by the secondary recycled nylon.

These kinds of products are very easy to happen the break, no matter it is cold or not in the temperature. The manufacturers will give these recycled nylon products beautiful packages. These products are through many times of heat and shaped. The structure of the molecule have changed. And the performance has been reduced heavily. Moreover, they will be through the degradation and oxidation. The function of the nylon are totally different with the new nylon material. In addition, as we all know all the good nylon cable ties will have nice flexibility. And in general, nylon will have the moisture absorption of 3% to 8%. If the nylon is recycled, the moisture absorption of the nylon is damaged. And kinds of boiling and steaming will do nothing to make the the recycled nylon to absorb the moisture.

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