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How to Disable Web Notifications in Browsers from karenminton's blog

Same as your phone apps, your web browser can also send notifications. Some notifications are useful while some are frustrating. In that case, you can choose the website from which you want notifications in your device. You can block notifications from different browsers. Use the process given below.

Turning off Web Notifications in Google Chrome

The process to turn off web notifications is almost the same for Android, Windows, and Mac users. Here are the steps that you can follow for turning off web notifications in Google Chrome:

1. The first step is to launch the Google Chrome browser in the particular device that you are using to get started with the process.

2. Then, click or tap on the three vertical dots present at the top right section of your screen and choose Settings from there.

3. Now, visit the bottom section of the page and click on Advanced and then Content settings to disable notifications.

4. You will have to select the Notifications option and toggle it off to stop receiving web notifications further.

5. There is even an option to turn off notifications from a few particular websites as well.

6. You are destined to see the blocked websites on the ‘Block’ section and unblocked ones in the ‘Allow’ section.

7. Block, edit, or remove the existing websites clicking the three vertical dots with the websites’ name in the Allow section.

8. If you can’t figure out whether to keep or disable the website, it is better to remove from the list.

To get the notifications back, you can allow the website from the blocked list, if you blocked earlier. For removed websites, go to the removed website and subscribe to start receiving notifications again. Click on the padlock logo adjacent to the URL bar to manage notifications.

Turning off Web Notifications in Mozilla Firefox

You are likely to receive web notifications in your Firefox browser also. If you don’t know how to disable or remove them, here is the process:

1. Enter ‘about:preferences#privacy’ in the URL bar to go to the preferences section of Firefox browser in your Mac or PC.

2. Find the ‘Permissions’ option over there by scrolling down, then ‘Notifications,’ and click on the Setting button available on the right side.

3. You will see the list of the websites that give you notifications from time to time. To block any particular website from the list, change the Allow option into Block and don’t forget to click the Save Changes button present on the right corner.

4. If you use Firefox browser in the phone, it is necessary to visit the particular website that you want to block. You will have to tap on the padlock with the link and then manage notifications from ‘Edit Site Settings.’

5. After tapping the option, you will have the ‘Notifications’ option with a checkbox. Tap on the ‘Clear’ button present at the bottom section of the window to unsubscribe successfully.

Turning off Web Notifications in Microsoft Edge

In Microsoft Edge browser, click on the three dots present on the top right side to access the main menu. You will see the Over Edge section, find ‘Settings’ over there and then ‘View Advanced Settings’ to move further. Now, there will be a ‘Notifications’ option on the menu. Go to the ‘Website Permission’ section through it to control the websites. You can easily disable notifications from every website that you wish. 

Turning off Web Notifications in Safari

The process is a bit different for Safari. You need to go to Safari Preferences and find the ‘Websites’ option on your mac for disabling notifications. Click on the same option and go to ‘Notifications’ to see the list of websites. The browser lets you select either ‘Allow’ or ‘Deny’ option. Once you select the ‘Deny’ option, you won’t see Safari notifications.

If you are wondering about disabling notifications in iPhone or iPad, you can’t do it as no website notifications are received in them!

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