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Mortal Kombat 11: Sub-Zero Ends Up Becoming Invisible Due To A Glitch from karenminton's blog

Even though extensive attention is given to latest entries like Geras and The Kollector to the Mortal Kombat 11 title, still the classic playable characters have received their fair share of awesomeness as well. As many Mortal Kombat 11 tier list for competitive gameplay features classic’s like Scorpion and Raiden at top and fans beloved Sub-Zero at tire B.


But to a surprise fan, favorite Sub-Zero is undergoing with a glitch which has resulted in making him invisible during a live match. Surely this glitch is proving to be a great advantage for players during a match as their opponents fail to see their character if the glitch is in-acted properly.

It is essential to understand that the glitch associated to Sub-Zero is not very easy to activate as it requires some specific steps for a player to make the character disappear from the screen, and surely gamers can even assure their victory if the trick is in acted correctly and the glitch is activated.

The new invisible glitch in the Mortal Kombat 11 is quite difficult to activate, still, at times this glitch gets activated due to sheer coincidence and unwillingly by a player. Due to extreme complexity in activating this glitch, it is also likely that many gamers may actually never have witnessed this glitch of Sub-Zero getting disappeared from a match.

To enable the invisible glitch for the Sub-Zero character, gamers will first have unlocked the taunt, namely Ice Klone which can be obtained by accomplishing two different challenges specially designed for Sub-Zero in Towers of Time mode.

As the player completes the special two challenges using the Sub-Zero character, they will automatically unlock the Ice Klone taunt. The two challenges require players to stand in a corner and win a round and win in a particular predicament.

After completing both the task, players will be able to use the taunt in the next match and witness the Sub-Zero getting disappeared after using the taunt. Many are suggesting that the taunt temporarily removes the character from the screen, still due to a glitch in the game the character does not appear until the opponent hits him by using any of their moves. But as the character gets disappeared, it becomes very hard for the opponent to find Sub-Zero, which ultimately lays victory to Sub-Zero character.

Still, the Ice Klone move is only available in Mortal Kombat 11 custom loadout or in Blast Chilled tournament mode which helps in limiting this glitch and does not impact the regular gameplay.

Let’s see if the developers end up removing the said glitch in the near future as the developers have previously hinted that they are looking forward to introducing a patch which would resolve some of the minor in-game bugs and glitches. So players can try this unique move as soon as possible to experience this weird but entertaining interaction.

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