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Window replacement or window repair? We all enjoy new things, but we can't always afford the "new" portion. The window repair oklahoma city experts have assisted hundreds of homes with window repair and replacement, which is frequently a more cost-effective option than planning a window remodel. You may increase the energy efficiency of your house and eliminate problems like room draughts, cloudy glass, sweating window panes, and mildew by fixing your existing windows.

1. Rotting Window Frames - If this hasn't occurred to you yet, you can prevent it by priming and painting your window frames, as well as limiting their exposure to water. If your window frames show indications of deterioration, you may hire a handyman to replace them or use epoxy to patch them.

2. Stiff Window Parts - It's inconvenient to have a window that doesn't open and close easily. Thorough cleaning and the application of WD40 to your window hinges and clasps may be all that is required. Older homes' windows are frequently painted shut at some point, so wiping off the old paint and beginning over can help them perform better.

3. Drafty Windows - No one wants to sit near a window if it makes them feel claustrophobic. A draughty window might indicate a more serious problem, such as decaying wood, but it can also be caused by something as simple as cracked and peeling caulking or loose weather stripping. By caulking the crevices around your windows, you may prevent draughts while also saving money on your home's energy bills.

4. Broken Windows - If you have a single pane window in a wooden frame, the experts can cut glass sheets to fit and have your local handyman replace it. The window must be carefully disassembled if it was in an aluminium or vinyl frame. It is critical to obtain precise measurements in order to achieve the desired results.

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