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ExileCon 2019 is held in Auckland, New Zealand. This is the first time GGG has set foot in its own brand conference and has been used extensively as a platform to showcase its 4.0.0 patch, which will be released later next year.

Although POE 4.0 should not compete directly with Diablo IV as the developer hopes, this is still a milestone in the history of the game. From the way players get POE Currency, it can be seen that each update will change accordingly. This is also an adjustment made in conjunction with player opinions.

The all-digital version of Path of Exile appears approximately every two years and exists as an extension that changes the existing paradigm. In version 3.0 released in 2017, POE added five new bills, bringing the total to ten, and eliminated multiple levels of difficulty in exchange for a challenging experience.

The exact details of the new changes to Path of Exile 4.0 are still being kept secret, but we do know a few things: the game will have no new engine, the size of the patch so far, and the internal discussions between developer Chris Wilson and his team, Discuss the impact of size.

Although Grinding Gear Games' 4.0 promotion is brilliant, it is worth mentioning that the release of this version is expected to be achieved at least before the end of 2020. The game has been released for the first time in December this year, version 3.9, and many subsequent versions will follow. release. It is expected to update between 3.9.0 to 4.0.0 throughout the year. Of course, players definitely need the Path of Exile Currency during the period. I suggest to get it at IGGM. I have been buying from this website this year. They have maintained a good style and provided me with many benefits and convenience. I trust their website.
Recent data on Twitch and Steam indicate that the new transformation league of the action role-playing game Path of Exile has been well received. Let's see why.

What is Metamorph? In the new alliance, you start hunting monsters, and you can collect the essence from each defeated opponent. Finally, you combine these essences to create a unique boss opponent that must eventually be defeated, and then you get the corresponding amount of POE Currency. Related updates have also improved the balance of long-range weapons and added new equipment that affects almost all classes.

How to receive Metamorph? As the number of players on Steam shows, the new league may rise again. According to Steamcharts, the average number of simultaneous active players in November was 12,077. Now with the start of Metamorph, this number has risen to 17,792. An increase of more than 47%. The maximum number of simultaneous participants is 117,757. That's almost as high as the previous record in December. This shows that the new league has attracted many players. It can also be seen on Twitch that with the advent of the new league, interest in Path of Exile has risen sharply.

What's wrong so far? The previous leagues have not been well received by players. Mistakes and performance issues particularly plague the synthesis, which caused Path of Exile to lose player numbers. Developers have now shown that they have returned to altitude.

What is the most popular in the new league? Players are very passionate about new game mechanics that can create boss monsters. There are many possible combinations to create boss monsters, which make each battle special. Besides, this time the balance adjustment is also very recognized, especially for long-range fighters. Not only are remote games more fun, but the loot and Buy POE Currency dropped are also better.

So Metamorph did it right and made sure Path of Exile is back on the path to success after a disappointing final league.

Game developer Grinding Gear Games recently responded to a game publication with its latest game Path of Exile 2, reacting to its rivals, Diablo 4, among others.

Speaking with popular game publication GameSpot, Chris Wilson, founder of Grinding Gear Games, discussed their reaction to the opening of Blizzard Entertainment's next issue of Diablo 4. He said other companies are working on new action role-playing games, and Blizzard is gambling. Blizzard's possible game design decisions may be of great benefit to their games, or they may hurt their development. Players will not know the answer until they play the released game.

Comparing Diablo 4 with their video games, Wilson says they are 90% of the time. Its popularity proves this claim, as well as millions of viewers watching the ExileCon event, 1400 diehard fans flying to New Zealand to watch in person, and many players, have been buying POE Currency. He boasted that the changes they made for their games were carefully designed to increase the number. The new campaign is much better than the old one.

The new skill system allows players to do everything previously impossible while making it easier to understand and solve many confusing problems. Wilson said that competitors may release 100% of the games, but there are too many new, untested global decisions that could be wrong.

Some people have asked if Coulson has considered attracting a wider player base. He replied that if that didn't in any way compromise what made their games well-suited for hardcore players, then they would try to attract a wider player base. The second title is a great opportunity, but they don't want to degrade any system that players currently like. Ideally, their games will be easier and deeper than they are currently. At the same time, if players need a cheap and reasonable POE Trade Currency, I think IGGM is the most suitable choice. Their website is currently doing 6% discount activities around Christmas.
Path of Exile has a rare gem. Billions of micro-transaction titles have already appeared in this type alone, creating a new era of games. About Path-Exile micro-transactions, each purchase usually climbs to hundreds. US dollars. However, the Path of Exile has been working tirelessly to provide a lot of content for free, which does not require transactions.

Their user-friendliness has been the studio and their titles since its launch in 2013, which leverages Blizzard's extremely bad experience struggling in Diablo III, focusing on dungeon crawling, loot and characters A small number and percentage can be adjusted for endless power.

This spirit continues to this day, just like every Christmas. To thank their players, everyone logged in today can enjoy free POE Currency and some expendable microtransactions, which will add MTX to your storage. You can find the "North Star Mystery Box" in the game's micro-transaction store and immediately scroll through the POE Items. The Polaris Mystery Box usually costs 30 points and costs 10 cents per point.

If you want to attribute Christmas's darling to Grinding Gear Games to support their impeccable work at Path of Exile, you can take a few coins, put your exiles in several Polaris boxes, or directly Customize your character with items as you wish. All micro-transactions will continue until the game server is down, so don't worry too much about spending some hard-earned money on Grinding Gear Games, you can frankly rely on it.

Their core support package is also available, although they don't bring any special benefits in the game except to make your exile look cooler than all other exiles. Supporter packs range in price from $ 30 to $ 480 and are all used to support one of the most popular free games available, you may be generous and buying POE Orbs at MMOAH will not disappoint you, Christmas During the period, every order on their website can enjoy a 6% discount!

Grinding Gear Games has every reason to be proud of what it has achieved in 2019, and the company's founder, Chris Wilson, said the release of Path of Exile 2 to the caring crowd at ExileCon is the perfect way to mark it.

Wilson said in an interview with Gamepot that he started crying almost at some point, which is the mood of the entire game. "It's much better than we expected. There are a hundred moving elements and everything fits perfectly together. There is a lot of energy and participation between players and developers. This is a very special thing for our team On the weekend, they still buzz a few weeks later, "he said.

When asked what he thought of the release of Diablo 4, Wilson said that making action role-playing games can often become a company's gamble. Balancing depth and simplicity is hard to get right, but Path of Exile goes the other way. For POE Currency players will occasionally find it difficult to obtain, but everyone will find ways to obtain it through regular channels.

If you need to prove this, consider GGG's mobile version of Path of Exile, and players do like it. Without disappointed faces or embarrassing questions, they enjoy sharing their feedback.

Wilson mentioned that GGG is considering using Stadia as a "Path of Exile" because the technology is clearly in its infancy and there is no reason why people with slower machines should not enjoy Path of Exile with the rest of us. 2020 will be even better! Of course, on the occasion of the New Year, IGGM has made a large discount to celebrate Christmas. Every order on the website can enjoy a 6% discount. This is not limited to Buy POE Orbs. All products participate in this event! Quickly search IGGM on Google and go to the website homepage to buy!
Path of Exile 2 release date approaching, the game is produced by Grinding Gear Games announced during ExileCon this year, along with the long-awaited sequel to the trailer.

With the official release of the trailer opened the familiar dark and terrifying enemy of the veil, the game will take you to a whole new world to explore. There are too many unknown things waiting for us to explore, the first book Path of Exile fans are waiting to experience Path content Exile 2 provided off. While fans also do their best to get more POE Currency, which is a very good sign.

Although "Grinding Gear Games" Path of Exile indeed released the official trailer 2, but because the game seems to be still in the early stages of development, so there is no set release date for the highly anticipated sequel.Developers say, Path of Exile Beta 2 version could begin in late 2020, although the Beta version may also be postponed to a later date. Due to the expected release date of the beta, Path of Exile is likely to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2021.

Fans are eager to wait for the sequel by continuing to play the original game without worrying, as Grinding Gear Games assures players that the three-month expansion cycle of the original Path of Exile will continue during development. If players need POE Exalted Orb, I recommend buying at MMOAH. Christmas is here. All products on their website have a 6% discount! Come and buy now!

At the ExileCon conference in New Zealand, Grinding Gear Games officially announced the arrival of the Path of Exile 2. Developers have even described Path of Exile 2 as a game that can be closely linked to rival game Diablo IV. Although Blizzard has increased its budget for its precious franchise, it seems that Grinding Gear Games is full of confidence, claiming that "any kind of company with a lot of money can easily produce beautiful graphics".

So, what do we expect from Path of Exile 2? Can GGG bring new features that have not yet been completed? Will POE Currency and POE Orbs be as important as they are now? The following is the relevant information that has been learned so far.

1. Beta testing will begin in late 2020. Although there is no exact release date, Grinding Gear Games has said that it may be released when the PS5 and Xbox Scarlet are available. Therefore, we can expect that once these two consoles are officially launched, Path of Exile 2 can be played. We can expect the first beta of Path of Exile 2 to begin in late 2020.

2. Path of Exile 2 is not a complete sequel. POE 2 is not meant to be a completely new game, and Chris Wilson, the co-founder of Grinding Gear Games, emphasizes that. Path of Exile 2 will implement a new skill system, with more upgrades for you to choose and graphics improvements. If you've been playing the original Path of Exile for many years, rest assured, as all cosmetics in the game will also be inherited, as will the items and characters you've accumulated.

3. Path of Exile 2 will be free. This is not surprising, as Path of Exile itself is a free game. Grinding Gear Games has been a developer for several years and they have been listening to the community for announcing that everything is free, which is simply generous. Path of Exile 2 will launch seven new action battles for players to experience and will be held 20 years after Kitava the Endless.

4. Some beautiful graphics. Frankly, Path of Exile is not perfect in some ways. Path of Exile 2 will feature a new coating as it will have new lighting models and physically-based rendering capabilities to make the world look realistic. Thanks to these new models and animations, the colors of the characters will also become more vivid.

In short, thanks to better graphics and a new skill system, Path of Exile 2 shows great promise and looks like a major improvement over the already good ARPG. What do you think of this highly anticipated "update"? Will the way of growing Path of Exile Currency such as POE Chaos Orb change? You can enter the official forum for discussion.
Action role-playing game Path of Exile's new Metamorphosis Alliance has been well received. Let's see why.

What is the deterioration? In the new alliance, you start hunting monsters. It sounds relatively small. However, you can collect the essence from every losing opponent. Finally, you combine these essences to create a unique leader opponent that must eventually be defeated. Related updates have also improved the balance of long-range weapons and added new equipment that affects almost all classes.

Judging in the current situation, the newest league may be handed a lot of praise. According to Steamcharts data, the typical number of active players in November was 12,077. With the start of the revolutionary expansion Metamorph, this number has risen to 17,792. The maximum quantity of simultaneous participants was 117,757, which's almost as high since the record of last December. At the same time, data demonstrate that the amount of players buying POE Currency on IGGM is gradually increasing, which indicates that the modern league has attracted many players.

It can also be seen on Twitch that with the advent of the new league, interest in Path of Exile has risen sharply. On December 14th and 15th, PoE had nearly 139,000 viewers, and it has become the most viewed game on the streaming platform.

What makes the new league particularly popular? Players are passionate about new game mechanics and can be used to create superior monsters. The possible combinations are very large, which makes each battle special. Also, balance adjustments are popular. Especially long-range fighters. Not only are remote games more fun, but loot or POE Exalted Orb are also better. Of course, this time also played a very stable role in the operation of the new league.

"I love this league more than ever," Rove Hamel said on the official forum. Although it hasn't appeared in the game yet, it's particularly attractive to most people: Grinding Gear Games announced the automatic Extraction function. This will automatically remove the essence of the monster. Metamorph did it right and made sure the Path of Exile is back on the path to success after a disappointing final league.
Now that all games are playable, the PlayStation Blog reminds me that Path of Exile is waiting to return to my game list as soon as the game has just released its latest update. The conquerors of Atlas changed the endgame in some substantial way and provided long-term players with some much-needed changes and challenges. The addition of five exiles who successfully defeated Atlas expanded the world but did not lose a bit of humanity in the process.

Developers are introducing a new POE Currency called Catalysts, which will enable you to enhance rings and amulets. There are modifications to new equipment and old projects. As always, there is always something to attract you to re-create a new character.

This is only part of the new update. To stay fresh, you can sample from the enemies found in the Transformers Challenge Alliance. You can take these samples and build your nightmare boss. Each sample will cause the boss to change form and use the enemy's ability, and if the ability to create exceeds your ability to bear, it may cause you many difficulties. This is a good idea, it further reinforces the concept of player choice, which is at the core of the Path of Exile player experience.

Path of Exile became my game of the year. This is a truly free game and has several systems that allow you to build and adjust characters in very interesting ways. New and old content is updated every three months, so there is always something new to see or do. After each update, it will attract more players to play the game, and also purchase POE Trade Currency, which is what every player will do.

Path of Exile, a free action role-playing game by Grinding Gear Games, is excited to introduce much new content. In addition to expanding the conquerors of Atlas, a new Metamorph League will be added. Path of Exile 3.9 will include new Atlas mechanics, five new senior bosses, a new category of POE Currency, powerful support stones, processed bows and arrows, new items, Metamorph testing alliance and more!

In this mode, the player can defeat the defeated opponent and unlock various rewards by defeating the opponent, thereby creating a boss. The boss's eyes, lungs, heart, brain, and liver will all adapt. Each part has its characteristics. These range from increased means of attack to increased life regeneration.

With the advancement of the Metamorph League, players can find catalysts for improving accessories. It is also possible to fight the Atlas leader to use their parts to create the ultimate leader. The war against Atlas is over. Defeating the Exiles of the Ancients poses a threat to Reclast. Zana locked them in Atlas, but their strength continued to increase and they would soon find their way out.

Starting December 13, PC gamers will be able to enjoy the Path of Exile in the Transformers and Atlas Conqueror series, but Xbox One or PlayStation 4 owners will have to wait until next week. But players don't have to worry, you can buy POE Items while waiting, just in case it is troublesome when you need it temporarily.
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