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  New York City Football Club's DP winger's car is so much better than you think.

  Now FIFA 20 has been successfully out for a little over one week. But already, I have already poured more hours into Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs than a 27-years old would want to admit.

  According to the current situation, my FUT squad is pretty unremarkable. But we have gotten lucky by packing an untradeable Clément Lenglet card upon launch, my team mostly features mediocre to slightly above average cards, for example, 79-rated Vinicius Jr., 83-rated Alvaro Morata, and 83-rated Pablo Sarabia among some others.

  But on the bench, I have a pretty special card and I have to confess that is a true beast off the bench late in games, and, that would be Alexandru Mitrita!

  The DP winger in New York City Football Club only has a 75-rated base card, and the lowest rating a gold player can have in FIFA. But his 81-rated in-form — earned with his first-half hat trick against Atlanta United last week, is a much better choice than it would appear to be.

  Even though Mitrita only has three-star skill moves, but he has an extremely useful 5-star weak foot and that making him a true threat in the box with either foot. Also, the Romanian has 90 pace — which is way overpowered at the time being. And despite having only 71 composure, you should know that the Mitri is always a threat off the bench against an exhausted defense.

  Apparently, since Mitri is not only a Romanian player but also an MLS (Major League Soccer) player, it will be very difficult to squeeze into any kind of formidable Starting XI. But if you have 10k legit FIFA 20 coins you're willing to part with, then you should know that he is absolutely worth the investment as a late-game substitute that can cause some chaos in the attacking third.

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