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  Now just as we predicted before, FIFA 20 Team Of The Group Stage has officially begun with many SBCs in just a few days. The one that most gamers are likely to do is the SBC of Juan Cuadrado, who has already moved to RB, where he usually plays for Juventus. In order to add him to your own squad, here is everything you need to know about how to complete the Team Of The Group Stage Cuadrado SBC in FIFA 20.

  This SBC is quite cheap, coming in at just 30K FUT 20 coins or so, but unfortunately, this card is not great at all, especially as an RB.

It has just received a plus one upgrade, and with no significant boost to defending. Therefore, it would still only be useful as a winger. What's more, even at a cheap price, it is not really worth it. And now, here are the Team Of The Group Stage Cuadrado SBC requirements.

  First Of All: Let's Take A Look At The Unique Juan Cuadrado:


  The Very First One Is: Serie A Players: Minimum 1

  The Second One Is: Team Chemistry: Minimum 65

  The Third One Is: Team Of The Week Players (TOTW): Minimum 1

  The Fourth One Is: Team Rating: Minimum 83

  Take Note: Here Is How To Complete Team Of The Group Stage (TOTGS) Cuadrado SBC In FIFA 20 Game

  If you determine to do this SBC (Squad Building Challenge), then it's quite easy. Since you just need 65 chemistry, which means you can use players from a few different nations or leagues, as long as you get some links.

  If you use some players from the very same league and nation in certain positions, then you will be able to do pretty much whatever you like in the rest of the squad. The Bundesliga and Serie A are both great for making 83 rated squads.

  If you do not go for a Serie A contingent, then you really should just use a cheap goalkeeper to meet the requirement, and please make sure to use a TOTW player from the active FIFA 20 squad, cause they stay much cheaper by being actively packed.

  Then, you can slip those players in wherever you like in the squad. You probably will not need to get any links to them at all.

  And there it is, that's everything you need to know about how to complete the Team of the Group Stage (TOTGS) Munir SBC in FIFA 20. For more tips, such as farming FIFA 20 coins and some other guides, you can click here and we believe this website will help you a lot.

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